Luo (surname)

Luo (surname)

Luo or "Lo" refers to the Mandarin romanizations of the Chinese surnames (Simplified Chinese: , pinyin: Luó, Jyutping: Lo4) and (Simplified Chinese: , pinyin: Luò, Jyutping: Lok3). Of the two surnames, is much more common among Chinese people.

In Cantonese, 羅 is usually romanized as Law and sometimes Loh, or Lowe, and 駱 is usually romanized as Lok although the more Western-appearing romanization Locke can sometimes be found.

In Vietnam, the name 羅 is pronounced La and 駱 is pronounced Lạc.

Prominent people

** Luo Guanzhong
** Xianglin Luo (Lo Hsiang Lin)
** Luo Ronghuan
** Luo Gan
** Lo Ta-yu
** Show Luo
** Luo Xiao Qian
** Justin Lo
** Helen Law Lan
** Dennis Law Sau-Yiu
** Hamen Lo

** Luo Binwang
** Gary Locke

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