Eleanor of Austria

Eleanor of Austria

Infobox Portuguese Royalty|majesty|consort
name =Eleanor of Austria
title =Queen consort of Portugal and France

caption =
reign =16 July, 1516 - 13 December, 1521
July 4, 1530 – March 31, 1547
reign-type =Consort in France
Consort in Portugal
spouse =Manuel I of Portugal
Francis I of France
issue =Infante Carlos of Portugal
Infanta Maria, Lady of Viseu
royal house =House of Valois
House of Aviz
House of Habsburg
titles ="HM" The Dowager Queen of France
"HM" The Queen of France
"HM" The Dowager Queen of Portugal
"HM" The Queen of Portugal
"HI&RH" Archduchess Eleanor of Austria
father =Philip I of Castile
mother =Joanna of Castile
date of birth =November 15 1498
place of birth =Leuven
date of death =c.1558 (aged 60)
place of death =|

Eleanor of Austria, also called Eleonor of Castile (November 15 1498 – February 25 1558) was born Archduchess of Austria and Infanta of Castile from the House of Habsburg, became subsequently in turn Queen Consort of Portugal (1518–1521) and of France, also Duchess of Touraine (1547–1558) as dower. Named Leonor de Austria in Spanish, Leonor in Portuguese and "royne Éléonore" or Aliénor in French.

Born in Louvain as the eldest child of Philip the Handsome, archduke of Austria and Duke of Burgundy and of Joanna of Castile, Infanta of Castile and Aragon and later Queen of the named countries. Her siblings were: Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire, Ferdinand I, also Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, Elisabeth Queen of Denmark, Mary Queen of Hungary and later Regent of the Low Countries and Catherine, Queen of Portugal.

When she was young, her relatives tried to marry her to the King of England (Henry VII or Henry VIII), the French King (Louis XII or Francois I) or with the Polish King (Sigismund I), but they could not. Finally they married her to Manuel I of Portugal, after the proposed marriage with her cousin (the Crown Prince) did not occur. They married July 16 1518. They had two children: the Infante Carlos (who died as a child, born February 18 1520) and the Infanta Maria (born June 8 1521, and who was later one of the richest Princesses of Europe). She became a widow on December 13, 1521, when Manuel died of the plague.

Some time later as a widow, by the treaty called "La Paz de las Damas" ("The Ladies' Peace") she was married to Francis I of France on July 4 1530. They had no children.

As the French Queen she did not have any political power; however, she was used as a contact between France and the Holy Roman Empire. She was Charles V's favorite sister. She died in 1558 on the return trip from Badajoz, where she tried to make peace with her daughter Maria.


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1= 1. Eleanor of Habsburg
2= 2. Philip I of Castile
3= 3. Joanna I of Castile
4= 4. Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor
5= 5. Mary, Duchess of Burgundy
6= 6. Ferdinand II of Aragon
7= 7. Isabella I of Castile
8= 8. Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor
9= 9. Eleanor of Portugal
10= 10. Charles, Duke of Burgundy
11= 11. Isabella of Bourbon
12= 12. John II of Aragon
13= 13. Juana Enriquez
14= 14. John II of Castile
15= 15. Isabella of Portugal
16= 16. Ernest, Duke of Austria
17= 17. Cymburgis of Masovia
18= 18. Edward of Portugal
19= 19. Leonor of Aragon
20= 20. Philip, Duke of Burgundy
21= 21. Isabella of Portugal
22= 22. Charles I, Duke of Bourbon
23= 23. Agnes of Burgundy
24= 24. Ferdinand I of Aragon
25= 25. Eleanor of Alburquerque
26= 26. Frederick Enríquez, Count of Melgar
27= 27. Merina de Cordova
28= 28. Henry III of Castile
29= 29. Katherine of Lancaster
30= 30. Infante João, Lord of Reguengos
31= 31. Isabella of Braganza


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