Ralph (name)

Ralph (name)

Ralph is an English, Scandinavian and German male given name, derived from Old Norse "Raðulfr" ("rað" "counsel" + "ulfr" "wolf") through Old English "Rædwulf" and the longer form Radulf. [ [http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=Ralph Online Etymology Dictionary] It is often pronounced IPA| [rælf] but the traditional British pronunciation is IPA| [reɪf] . [ [http://alt-usage-english.org/excerpts/fxwordsw.html AUE: FAQ excerpt: Words whose spelling has influenced their pronunciation]

Variant forms include:
* Ralph, the traditional variant form in the English language.
**Ralph Bergmann, German volleyball player
**Ralph Gomes, Guyanese track and field athlete
**Ralph Ruppert, German record producer
* Raif, variant form which is a very rare male first name. [http://info.gcsu.edu/tip/archives/2007/H.M.S.PinaforeatRussellTh.html Raif Rackstraw from H.M.S. Pinafore]
* Raff, variant form which is a very rare male first name.
* Rafe, variant form which is a very rare male first name; it is pronounced IPA| [reɪf] , the same as the traditional but infrequent pronunciation of "Ralph".
* Ralf, the traditional variant form in the Dutch, German and Swedish languages "(although "Ralph" is also used as a given name in Swedish).
**Ralf Braun (born 1973), German backstroke swimmer
* Raoul, the traditional variant form in the French language.
* Raúl, the traditional variant form in the Spanish language.
* Raul, the traditional variant form in the Portuguese language.
* Raül, the traditional variant form in the Catalan language.

Raúl can also refer to:
* Raúl Castañeda, Mexican boxer
* Raúl Castro, President of Cuba and brother of Fidel Castro
* Raúl Diago, Cuban volleyball player
* Raúl González, Spanish football (soccer) player
* Raúl Naif, Palestinian football (soccer) player
* Raúl Quiroga, Argentine volleyball player

Raoul can also refer to:
* Raoul Island, the largest of the Kermadec Islands, New Zealand
* Raoul, census-designated place (CDP) in Habersham County, Georgia, United States
* "Raoul", song by alternative rock band The Automatic
* "Raoul", a shouting tradition of the Cannes Film Festival at the beginning of big screenings, possibly referring to the film director Raúl Ruiz. [ [http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/4765551.stm BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Reporter's log: Cannes Film Festival ] ]

Ralf can refer to:
* Sir Ralf of Bracebridge
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