My Road to Nowhere

My Road to Nowhere
"My Road to Nowhere"
Scrubs episode
Episode no. Season 6
Episode 8
Directed by Mark Stegemann
Written by Mark Stegemann
Production code 608
Original air date February 8, 2007
Guest stars

Elizabeth Banks as Dr. Kim Briggs
Van Epperson as Mr. Mariani
Jay Kenneth Johnson as Dr. Matthews
Sam Lloyd as Ted Buckland
Christa Miller as Jordan Sullivan
Travis Schuldt as Keith Dudemeister
Frank Encarnacao as Dr. Mickhead
Michael Ausiello as Obstetrician

Episode chronology
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"His Story IV"
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"My Perspective"

"My Road to Nowhere" is the 125th episode of the American situation comedy Scrubs. It aired as episode 8 of season 6 on February 8, 2007.



J.D. states that tomorrow is Kim's first ultrasound and that he won't be able to make it due to the fact that he has to find an apartment since he currently resides in a tent on his half-acre. Dr. Cox butts in and says, "Dorian." He explains how J.D. has been wrong about so many things, that instead of saying something is wrong, he will now say it's "Dorian." Dr. Cox says that it's "Dorian" for J.D. to miss seeing his baby's heart beat for the first time. He later goes on to explain that Jordan is also having an ultrasound and, for the first time, she will let him know the baby's gender. He says that Jordan is actually beginning to soften up.

Later, Turk asks Carla permission to take J.D. on a roadtrip to Tacoma to see Kim's ultrasound, to which she agrees to by saying, "Sure, I think not giving you permission to do this for your friend would be totally 'Dorian'." Then Dr. Cox enters the lobby angrily and asks why Turk told Jordan that Dr. Cox told him that Jordan was softening up. Dr. Cox explains that Jordan isn't comfortable with other people knowing that she actually cares for him. J.D., since he's going on a roadtrip, decides to round up Keith and Elliot to accompany him and Turk. But, unbeknownst to J.D., Carla had been convinced by Dr. Cox that she shouldn't let Turk do everything he wants every single time. But, the gang decides that they need a bigger ride for their road trip. So they take Dr. Kelso's RV that Ted was supposed to be cleaning.

Meanwhile, Turk and Jordan are having a conversation and, getting revenge at Cox for preventing from going with J.D., Turk states that if Jordan withheld the baby's gender from Dr. Cox, she could play him like her little "bitch-boy." Jordan happily agrees and decides to kick Dr. Cox out while she is getting her ultrasound. Dr. Cox finds out that Turk was behind it and, in revenge, throws Turk's cellphone across the hall, ricocheting off Dr. Beardfacé and into the elevator.

Meanwhile in the RV, The Janitor had been in the back taking a nap and didn't realize that the vehicle was moving, so he walks out and falls, rolling on the dirt road. The RV comes to a screeching halt, injuring almost everyone on board.

Back at the hospital, while Jordan is getting her ultrasound, she hears her doctor say, "Uh-Oh..." as he walks out. She then yells to Dr. Cox to follow him. He finds out that there is a urinary tract obstruction that could block the amniotic fluid. This means that they have to operate on the baby while it is still in the womb. Dr. Cox says he wants Turk assisting on the operation. When Turk declines the offer, Dr. Cox states that Turk would want someone in there too if it was Isabella.

Back in the RV, after the small incident, the gang arrive in Tacoma, but when they find out about Jordan's operation, they decide to go back. J.D. stays and tells them to send Dr. Cox his regards. J.D. walks into the hospital eager to see Kim's ultrasound. Unfortunately, Kim breaks the news to J.D. that she had a miscarriage. Back at the hospital, although Jordan's operation went fine, Dr. Cox is initially depressed at the thought that his unborn child is already facing complications, but Turk helps console him by commenting that the baby briefly gripped his finger when he was examining her, simultaneously revealing the unborn infant's strength and the fact that it's a girl. Later, J.D. is explaining how, without a baby in the picture, the best thing for he and Kim was to say goodbye, stay friends, and hope that their paths would cross again, while, unbeknownst to J.D., Kim is still pregnant, as we see her having her ultrasound at the end over J.D.'s narration.


This is the first episode to be produced by ABC Television Studios, the successor to Touchstone Television.


The episode received mostly positive reviews from critics. IGN reviewer give it the note of 7/10 (the third poorest episode of the season, however), stating the episode is "pretty good television", and praising both the ending and the story of Cox and Jordan's baby.[1]

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