Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service

Infobox UK Fire and Rescue
name= Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service

area= Hampshire
start= 1 April 1948
BM= John Bonney
bm_label= Chief Officer
stations= 53
HQ= Leigh Road, Eastleigh, Hampshire.
FA= Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority.

web= [http://www.hantsfire.gov.uk/ Hampshire FRS]

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service is the statutory fire and rescue service for the area of Hampshire, on the south coast of England. The services' chief officer is John Bonney. [ [http://www.hantsfire.gov.uk/theservice/organisation/cfo.htm Chief Fire officer of FRS] ] [ [http://www.hantsfire.gov.uk/ Statutory FRS/area covered] ]


Hampshire fire and rescue service was formed on April 4 1948, as a result of the Fire Services Act 1947. Previously, a new law had been passed requiring all local authorities to make provision for firefighting under the Fire Brigades Act 1938. Many meetings and discussions were held prior to the services creation in 1948 by the Hampshire fire service committees, to discuss who would be appointed the role of chief fire officer and how the service would be structured. Because the FRS was expanding, the service was under increasing pressure to open a service HQ. The FRS was originally hoping to use and acquire "North Hill house" located in Winchester for usage as the head quarters. However the building was owned by the Admiralty at the time and therefore the service was not allowed to buy the premises. In May 1948; the admiralty gave up the premises and allowed the service to operate it. However twenty years later in 1968, the service HQ moved to a floor of Ashburton Court, as well as the control room. In 1997, Hampshire county council lost control of the FRS after years of owning it. [ [http://www.hantsfire.gov.uk/history History of the service (creation/major changes)] ]


The service operates 53 fire stations, the majority of these however are retained, but there are also whole-time and two day-manned stations. Currently there are:

* 42 Retained stations
* 9 Wholetime stations
* 2 Day-manned stations [ [http://www.hantsfire.gov.uk/theservice/organisation/yourlocalstation/yourlocalstationaz.htm Stations in operation (wholetime/retained etc)] ]

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