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Zechariah (or its many variant forms and spellings) may refer to:


*main|Zechariah (given name)
*main|Zacharias (surname)

;Prophets, saints and popes
*Zechariah Ben Jehoiada, martyred son of the High Priest in the times of Ahaziah and Joash
*Zechariah (Hebrew prophet), a prophet of the kingdom of Judah
** See also the "Book of Zechariah" in the Bible
*Zechariah (priest)/St. Zachary, the father of St. John the Baptist
** See also Islamic view of Zechariah
*Pope Zachary (741-752), Greek-Calabrian Catholic saint and Pope
*Pope Zacharias of Alexandria (1004-1032), Coptic Pope

*Zechariah of Israel, king of Israel and son of Jeroboam
*Zacharias I of Makuria, c. 722, Nubian ruler
*Zachariah (Khazar), 9th century Khagan of the Khazars
*Zacharias III of Makuria (c.822-c.854), Nubian ruler

;Other people
*Zachary Boyd, 16th- 17th century Scottish Religious Writer
*Zacharias Rhetor or Scholasticus, 6th century bishop of Mytilene, author of the "Historia Ecclesiastica"
*Zacarias, a Brazilian actor, regular cast member of comedy film series Os Trapalhões
*Zacharias (klepht), Zacharias Barbitsiotis (1759-1804), Greek klepht
*Zakaria Abdulla, Kurdish singer known as Zakaria
*Zachariah Selwyn, American singer-songwriter, actor, and writer
*Zachary Farro, drummer of Paramore


*"Zachariah" (1971 film) starring John Rubinstein
*"Z for Zachariah", a 1975 children's novel by Robert C. O'Brien
*"Zachary", a 1990 novel by Ernest Pintoff


*Zacarias, São Paulo, a municipality in Brazil
*Zachary, Louisiana, a town in the USA
*Az-Zakariyya, an abandoned Arab village in Israel
*Zekharia, a moshav in Israel
*Sdot Micha Airbase, an airbase near Zekharia, formerly known as Zekharia Airbase
*Saint-Zacharie, France
*Saint-Zacharie, Quebec

ee also

*Zechariah (biblical)
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