Thane (Juneau)

Thane (Juneau)

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latd=58 | latm=15 | lats=51 | latNS=N
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population_as_of = 1990
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timezone = Alaska (AKST)
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area_code = 907
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Thane is a neighborhood in the City and Borough of Juneau in the U.S. state of Alaska. Located along Gastineau Channel, it begins one mile (1.6 km) south of downtown Juneau and consists of approximately two dozen homes spread over five miles (8 km). All the homes are located on Thane Road, which comes to a dead end about six miles (10 km) from downtown; there are no side streets. It was named for Bartlett Thane, Manager and Director of the Alaska Gastineau Mining Company.

The only electric link for Juneau travels through Thane from the Snettisham hydroelectric dam. Avalanches knock out this power line somewhat routinely [] , forcing the local power company, Alaska Electric Light & Power, to keep a series of reserve diesel generators on standby.


Thane was founded in 1881 as a result of mining operations in the vicinity. Since World War II the population has steadily declined with the curtailment of mining activities. It is now a residential area (DeArmond, 1957, p43-44).


The community was named in 1914 for Bartlett L. Thane, 1878-1927, general manager of the Alaska Gastineau Mining Co. which had its mill here. Thane was born in California and went to Alaska in 1897. The name Sheep Creek, which was the original miners' name for the town, was published by United States Coast and Geodetic Survey in the 1901 Coast Pilot, but was later changed to Thane by the United States Board on Geographic Names.


Thane lies on the eastern shore of Gastineau Channel, Convert|4|mi|km southeast of Juneau and Convert|6|mi|km northwest of Point Salisbury, Coast Mountains.


Juneau assesses personal property and real estate taxes, and distributes a portion of collections to settlements within the Borough. Tax rates are generally low.fact|date=September 2008


Radio and television broadcast are available either via satellite or from local broadcasts in Juneau, Alaska.fact|date=September 2008


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