Rome II Regulation

Rome II Regulation

In Conflict of Laws, Rome II is the European Union "Regulation on the law applicable to non-contractual obligations". The intention is to create a harmonised set of rules within the European Union to govern choice of law in disputes about torts and delicts arising from non-contractual obligations, analogous to the rules established for contract disputes by the Rome Convention of 1980.

Initially submitted by the Commission in July 2003, an amended text was finally adopted on 11 July 2007.

To accommodate concerns earlier raised by the European Parliament at Second Reading stage in January 2007, the Commission is mandated to draw up a study by December 2008 on applicable law in defamation disputes, which have been excluded from the Regulation. This is in addition to their preparing a report within 4 years on the results of practical application of the Regulation, including a specific study of its effects in road traffic accident disputes.

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