Treaty of Paris (1259)

Treaty of Paris (1259)

The Treaty of Paris (also known as the Treaty of Albeville) was a treaty between Louis IX of France and Henry III of England, agreed to on December 4, 1259.

Henry agreed to renounce control of Normandy (except for the Channel Islands), Maine, Anjou and Poitou, which had been lost under the reign of King John. Henry was able to keep the lands of Gascony and parts of Aquitaine but only as a vassal to Louis. In exchange, Louis withdrew his support for English rebels.

The agreement resulted in the fact that the English kings had to pay homage liege to the French monarchs and therefore they remained French vassals. The situation did not help the friendly relationship between the two states, as it made two sovereigns of equal powers in their countries in fact unequal. According to professor Malcolm Vale, the treaty of Paris was one of the indirect causes of Hundred Years War.

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