Languages of Colombia

Languages of Colombia

Colombian Spanish — Spanish is the official "'language of Colombia.

Sign Languages

* Colombian Sign Language
* Providence Island Sign Language
* Colombian numerals

Indigenous languages

The languages of the country's ethnic groups are constitutionally recognized as official languages in their territories. In places with non-Spanish linguistic traditions, bilingual education is obligatory. More than 60 aboriginal languages exist today. Among others:

* Arawakan languages
* Bora
* Cocama-Cocamilla
* Cocoma
* Cofán
* Cuiba
* Guahibo
* Guayabero
* Huitoto (linguistics)
* Kuna
* Macaguán
* Minica Huitoto
* Murui Huitoto
* Paezan languages
* Playero
* Páez
* San Andrés-Providencia Creole
* Ticuna
* Uw Cuwa
* Wayuu

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