Stanfield Organization

Stanfield Organization
Stanfield Organization
Founded 2004
In United States Baltimore, Maryland, United States
Founded by Marlo Stanfield and Chris Partlow
Years active 2004-2008
Territory West Baltimore
Ethnicity African American
Criminal activities Drug dealing, conspiracy, money laundering, and murder
Allies New Day Co-Op and The Greeks
Rivals Barksdale Organization

On the fictional television drama The Wire, the Stanfield Organization is a criminal organization led by Marlo Stanfield. The Organization is introduced in Season Three of The Wire as a growing and significantly violent drug syndicate. Marlo has established his organization's power in West Baltimore's main streets in the shadow of the dominating Barksdale Organization, which was more concerned with conducting its activities in the Franklin Terrace Towers. The Stanfield Organization violently clashes with the Barksdale crew after the latter is forced to move on from the demolished Franklin Terrace Towers and tries to reclaim the streets. Marlo's is the only crew in the area not to let itself be absorbed into the feared Barksdale gang, and a turf war breaks out. The Stanfield Organization is apparently the underdog, but fallout from the strain of the war combined with a successful investigation by the Major Case Unit manages to destroy the Barksdale Organization at the end of Season Three. By Season Four, Marlo's crew has become the most powerful drug organization in West Baltimore, and forms an alliance with the New Day Co-Op while ruling its streets through fear. In season Five, after a period of aggressive expansion which culminates in Marlo seizing control of the Co-Op, a series of arrests and deaths destroys the organization. It is, arguably, the most violent and ruthless of the drug trade organizations portrayed in The Wire.



The Stanfield Organization

Marlo Stanfield

Stanfield is a rising gang leader who gets into a turf war with the Barksdale Organization, becoming the key West Baltimore drug kingpin following Stringer Bell's death and Avon Barksdale's arrest. Stanfield is played by Jamie Hector.

Chris Partlow

Partlow is Marlo Stanfield's second-in-command in his drug dealing operation. He is played by Gbenga Akinnagbe.

Monk Metcalf

Monk, a trusted lieutenant, played by Kwame Patterson
  • Played by: Kwame Patterson
  • Appears in:
Season four: "Boys of Summer"; "Soft Eyes"; "Refugees"; "Alliances" (uncredited); "Margin of Error;" "Misgivings" (uncredited); "That's Got His Own" (uncredited) and "Final Grades."
Season five: "Unconfirmed Reports", "Not for Attribution", "Transitions" (uncredited), "React Quotes", "The Dickensian Aspect", "Took", "Clarifications" (uncredited), "Late Editions", and "–30–."

Monk is a lieutenant in the Stanfield organization, and the third most recognized leader of the Stanfield Organization. Monk is shown throughout the series in dual roles as both an occasional enforcer but mostly as the organization's drug supply-coordinator. In contrast to Snoop or Chris, Monk was tasked by Marlo with non-combative goals, such as handing out money to school children to enhance Marlo's street reputation, and keeping crew chiefs organized. Monk is also responsible for all phone activity in the organization and largely acts as an intermediary between Marlo and the rest of the organization. His non-combative role as a lieutenant hardens him as much as the enforcers, however, and he rarely displays any understanding for anyone outside the organization or anything that impedes their status. Monk shows such hostility when Michael Lee leaves his corner unattended for a day. Monk is responsible for making the organization aware of the camera that the Major Crimes Unit was using to spy on Marlo. When Dennis "Cutty" Wise attempts to talk to Michael Lee about his conduct at Cutty's gym, Monk shoots Cutty in the leg for refusing to back off, only refraining from killing him at Michael's insistence. At the end of Season Four, Monk is partly responsible for the death of Preston "Bodie" Broadus as he sees him with Jimmy McNulty and reports it to Marlo, who then orders Bodie's death.[1]

Monk is handed the responsibility of wholesaling drugs to the entire west side of Baltimore by Season Five, when Marlo assumes control of the New Day Co-Op following the murder of Proposition Joe. This recognized status as the top lieutenant within the organization makes him one of nine active targets listed on Omar's hitlist. His role expands to being Marlo's second in dealings with the Co-Op, and being responsible for resupplies with The Greeks. He also continues occasional enforcer work when he is involved in a drive-by shooting against a rival crew with Snoop and O-Dog. Due to the wire tap investigation, Monk is arrested when pulled over and a whole re-up supply of drugs is found in the trunk of his SUV. He is responsible for persuading Marlo that Michael may be a snitch, though this initially angers Chris. Monk and Cheese's bail chances are initially reviewed by Maurice Levy as likely; however, after Levy's private deal with Rhonda Pearlman, Monk's chances of bail are out of question, as an earlier charge in 2004 as well as the amount of narcotics found in his SUV effectively gives him an nonnegotiable sentence of up to 20 years in prison.


Savino Bratton

Season one: "The Target" (uncredited); "The Detail" (uncredited); "Lessons" (uncredited); "Game Day"; "The Cost" and "The Hunt".
Season five: "More with Less" (uncredited), "The Dickensian Aspect" and "Took".

Savino is one of five prominent enforcers of the Barksdale Organization in Season 1. He is shown as a cocky, but loyal soldier to his crew, evident by his lack of reluctance to take the fall for one of the organization's mishaps with the police and spend time in prison. Savino was not as involved in the more delicate violent operations of the organization compared to fellow soldiers Marquis "Bird" Hilton and Anton "Stinkum" Artis, but was still important enough to conduct business under his chief enforcer, Roland "Wee-Bey" Brice. Savino was one of the members present during D'Angelo Barksdale's court case to intimidate anyone in the courtroom looking to cause complications or trouble. Savino was notably the only upper-tier member of the Barksdale Organization not actively targeted by Omar Little, as he was not directly involved in the murder of Omar's boyfriend Brandon Wright. However, he was soon caught up in the covert investigation into the crew by the Major Case Unit when he was involved in the shooting of Detective Greggs and Orlando.

After the Barksdale crew realizes Orlando was cooperating with the police, Savino met with Orlando and Greggs— who posed as Orlando's girlfriend —and together they drove to a secluded location for a drug buy. Savino left the car, ostensibly to pick up Orlando's drugs, allowing enforcers Wee-Bey Brice and Little Man to reveal themselves and shoot into the car. Before the shooting, Savino tried to signal them about Greggs' unplanned presence, only intending to kill the turncoat Orlando, but the darkness made them unable to see him and they followed through with the plan, killing Orlando and severely wounding Greggs. Afterward, warrants were written for Savino, the only person involved in the shooting known to the police beforehand, and he turned himself in after an unproductive manhunt. Barksdale attorney Maurice Levy argued that Savino was merely intending to defraud Orlando—selling him baking soda instead of cocaine— and was unconnected to the shooting, forcing the District Attorney to charge him with distributing false narcotics, which only carries a maximum three year prison sentence. When the police try to convince him to turn evidence on the Barksdale crew, Savino cockily says "I can do the three. Ain't no thing."

By Season 5, Savino is one of three remaining Barksdale survivors alive and not imprisoned; by this time his three year sentence was up and he was released from prison, soon operating as a soldier in the Stanfield Organization. It is not explained or explicitly revealed if he wished to remain loyal to the crumbled Barksdale Organization. Savino involved himself in the Stanfield crew's hunt for Omar after the latter returned back for the death of Butchie and narrowly escaped an ambush attempt by Chris Partlow, Snoop, O-Dog and Michael Lee.

Savino's activities were soon recognized and he was eventually ambushed in a corner by Omar Little, who after a brief conversation, killed Savino with a single gunshot to the head, in revenge for the torture-murder of Butchie by Chris Partlow and Snoop. Omar identified him as a past Barksdale soldier and, knowing his violent history, refused to accept Savino's explanation that he was not present at the incident, reasoning that if Savino had been there he would have joined in with the others.

After Omar's own death, the police found his "hit-list" and discover all the upper-tier members of the Stanfield Organization he planned to kill. Savino's name was the only one crossed out, which means he was ultimately the only major casualty of Omar's gang war, and ironically the last casualty of his past hatred of the Barksdale Organization.

Felicia "Snoop" Pearson

One of the chief enforcers in the Stanfield Organization, along with Chris Partlow.

Michael Lee

Michael Lee is a soft-spoken middle school pupil who gets taken under the wing of Stanfield and Partlow in season four and trained as a soldier. Michael is played by Tristan Wilds.


  • Played by: Darrell Britt-Gibson
  • Appears in
Season four: "Refugees" (uncredited); "Corner Boys;" "That's Got His Own" (uncredited) and "Final Grades."
Season five: "More With Less" (uncredited), "Unconfirmed Reports", "React Quotes", "Late Editions"

O-Dog, real name Darius Hill[2], is a teenage soldier who is being trained to kill by Chris Partlow and Snoop Pearson in the fourth season. He is one of two prominent soldiers to arise from the second generation of Stanfield street recruits, the other being Michael Lee. O-Dog identifies closer with Snoop than Michael and consequently develops into a colder, more reckless soldier; this is in contrast to Michael, who seems to adopt Chris's lethal but cautious attitude. O-Dog is first seen delivering a package to Bodie, and through-out the season guarding Marlo and accompanying Snoop and Chris as muscle. He is one of the soldiers responsible for subduing Little Kevin and sending him to his death. He is also seen hanging out with Michael Lee when Monk Metcalf shoots Dennis "Cutty" Wise, showing little empathy for Cutty. In the season 4 finale, he is the chosen soldier to murder Bodie, and kills him with two gunshots to the head while Chris and Snoop distract him.[3][4]

By Season Five, he is recognized as a prominent enforcer under Marlo. His status within the organization makes him one of nine active targets listed on Omar's hitlist. When Marlo orders hits on a rival dealer's corner, O-Dog participates in it with Snoop and Monk, suggesting a drive-by. O-Dog is involved in an ambush on Omar Little and Donnie at Monk's apartment alongside Chris, Snoop and Michael; during the shootout, O-Dog is shot in the leg by Omar, using his trademark double-barrel shotgun. He is consequently relegated to the sidelines and is chosen by Chris and Snoop to take responsibility for their gun charges from the year prior. When the majority of leadership of the organization are detained in custody, O-Dog is shown regrouping with Snoop and Michael at the latter's apartment as one of the last remaining prominent members not caught. He is last seen here wondering if he still has to take responsibility for the gun charge after Chris is arrested for other crimes.


Bodie Broadus

Bodie was a dealer who came of age working for Avon Barksdale. After the Barksdale organization dissolves, he is briefly independent (supplied by the New Day Co-Op) until Marlo forces him to join his crew. He is shot after being seen having a conversation with McNulty, because Marlo suspects he may be a snitch.


Season three: "Time after Time"; "All Due Respect"; "Dead Soldiers"; "Hamsterdam"; "Homecoming"; "Reformation" and "Mission Accomplished".
Season four: "Boys of Summer".

Fruit is a prominent crew chief of one of Marlo Stanfield's drug dealing crews, and works closely with Jamal and Justin. He is identifiable by his ever-present Kangol hat. He is first seen negotiating with Dennis "Cutty" Wise over how to distribute a package of dope; he seems to be fair, but he later rips Cutty off, saying the package was taken by the police. Cutty protests, Fruit pulls a gun on him and forces Cutty to withdraw. Later in the season, his crew's territory is encroached upon by Bodie Broadus and his crew, which sparks the turf war with the Barksdale organization. Fruit is pressured by Marlo to force the Barksdale Organization away, and Fruit responds by gathering his muscle and beating most of the crew into submission with baseball bats. Cutty, now working for the Barksdale organization, takes part in the subsequent retaliation strike against Fruit's corner. Slim Charles kills one of Fruit's dealers, but Fruit escapes because Cutty is unable to bring himself to kill again.

In "Boys of Summer", the season four premiere, Fruit is seen leaving an afterhours nightspot with a woman, Patrice. He is then shot to death by a young dealer from Bodie's crew named Lex, the jealous father of Patrice's baby.[5] Fruit's death is shown as significant enough to enrage the Stanfield leadership, and make Marlo order an immediate retaliation hit on Lex.


  • Played by: Melvin T. Russell
  • Appears in
Season three: "Time after Time"; "All Due Respect"; "Dead Soldiers"; "Reformation" and "Mission Accomplished".
Season four: "Unto Others" (uncredited)

Jamal is a young drug dealer in Fruit's crew. He is often seen with Justin. Jamal took part in the beating of Puddin as part of a turf war between Stanfield and the Barksdale organization. His role in the beating earned him the respect of Fruit. Justin and Jamal later discovered the body of Stanfield drug dealer LaTroy and the two fled the streets in fear of their own safety.[5]


  • Played by: Justin Burley
  • Appears in:
Season three: "Time after Time" (uncredited); "Hamsterdam" (uncredited); "Reformation" (uncredited); "Middle Ground" and "Mission Accomplished".
Season four: "Soft Eyes"; "Refugees"; "Unto Others" (uncredited).

Justin is a young drug dealer in Fruit's crew. He is identifiable by his baseball cap, which he wears sideways (which was the subject of a brief conversation with Thomas "Herc" Hauk and Ellis Carver). He discovered the body of Stanfield drug dealer LaTroy with his colleague Jamal and the two fled the streets in fear of their own safety. Toward the end of season three, he gets involved with Dennis "Cutty" Wise and his boxing gym. At first, he resists Cutty's attempts to teach and instill discipline, but he eventually settles down and is seen sparring with (and losing to) a smaller boxer from another gym. In season 4, Justin continues to attend Cutty's gym and train as a boxer. As the gym grows, Justin develops a superior attitude to more casual users of the equipment. He provokes a fight with Michael Lee over use of the heavy bag when he is preparing for a fight but Cutty calmly breaks the pair up. Justin became more accepting of Michael over time and the two attended a professional boxing match along with Cutty. It is assumed as he is no longer seen, that Justin was successfully saved from the streets by Cutty's efforts.[5]


Little Kenard played by Thuliso Dingwall
Season three: "Dead Soldiers" (uncredited)
Season four: "Boys of Summer;" "Alliances;" "Margin of Error;" "Unto Others;" "Misgivings;" "A New Day;" "That's Got His Own" and "Final Grades."
Season five: "More with Less" (uncredited); "Not for Attribution;" "Transitions;" "React Quotes;" "Took;" "Clarifications;" and "–30–."

Kenard is a younger member of Namond Brice's circle of friends (also known as the Fayette Street Mafia). He is first seen in season three, where, following a prolonged gunfight at a Barksdale stashhouse, Kenard argues with his friends over which one gets to pretend to be Omar Little while re-enacting the gunfight.[6]

In season four, he is frequently seen hanging out with the Fayette Street Mafia, usually making fun of Duquan "Dukie" Weems. He works with Donut and Randy Wagstaff delivering flyers on election day. He also works with Namond, Donut and Byron selling drugs. Despite being the youngest of his friends he is consistently the most profane. Namond makes him his lieutenant and allows him to store their package of narcotics. After attempting to steal from Namond, Kenard is savagely beaten by Michael. However, in the Season 4 finale, Kenard is seen working on Michael's new corner with Dukie.[7] Kenard approached Roland "Prez" Pryzbylewski, who was watching Dukie from afar, for a drug purchase. While working on Michael's corner in season 5, Kenard and company are held at gunpoint by Omar who is in on a mission to terrorize Marlo Stanfield's corners in an attempt to lure him into the streets. Kenard is underwhelmed at the sight of Omar due to him being on a crutch because of an injury from a shootout with some of Stanfield's enforcers, including Michael. While in an alley with some friends, dousing a cat with lighter fluid, and apparently planning to light the cat, Kenard sees Omar approaching. The rest of his friends run while Kenard remains and then proceeds to trail Omar as he robs a Stanfield corner. He follows Omar into a Korean owned grocery store and shoots him in the head, instantly killing him. In fear, he drops the gun and flees. In the series finale, Kenard is shown during the closing montage, being led away by Detective Crutchfield, the detective in charge of investigating Omar's murder.

Little Kevin

  • Played by: Tyrell Baker
  • Appears in:
Season three: "Time after Time" (uncredited); "Hamsterdam" (uncredited); "Reformation" (uncredited); "Middle Ground" and "Mission Accomplished".
Season four: "Boys of Summer"; "Soft Eyes"; "Refugees"; "Unto Others" (uncredited), "Know Your Place", "Misgivings".

Little Kevin is a teenage drug dealer working for Bodie Broadus in season four. Kevin's nickname is a play on his weight; he is in fact the most obese drug dealer in their crew. He first appears telling Randy Wagstaff to send fellow drug dealer Lex to meet a girl, where Chris Partlow and Snoop are waiting for him. They then murder Lex. After Randy tells Detective Thomas "Herc" Hauk this, Herc and Dozerman brought everyone in Bodie's crew under 5'6" and 150 lbs, not realizing the nickname was ironic. When Kevin's identity is confirmed, he is sent to Central Booking after refusing to cooperate in Herc's interrogation. Marlo Stanfield then believes Kevin is working with the police; when questioning him, Marlo finds out that he involved Randy instead of acting on his own, and he is murdered by Stanfield's crew. While Bodie is unaware that Little Kevin betrayed Lex in an earlier episode, he is still livid because he strongly feels that Marlo killed Little Kevin "just because he could". Stringer Bell mentions Little Kevin by name in the premiere episode of season 1, when Stringer describes McNulty to Avon Barksdale, though it is possible this is not meant to refer to the same character who later appears in season 3.


  • Played by: Edward Green
  • Appears in:
Season three: "Hamsterdam" (uncredited); "Homecoming" (uncredited); "Middle Ground;" and "Mission Accomplished."
Season four: "Margin of Error" (uncredited).
Season five: "More with Less", "Not for Attribution", "Transitions", "React Quotes" (uncredited), "Took", "Late Editions", and "–30–."

Spider is a teenage drug dealer working for Bodie Broadus in season three. He also boxes at Dennis "Cutty" Wise's community gym. He is first seen at Howard "Bunny" Colvin's disastrous meeting with young drug dealers to convince them to move to his tolerant zones. Bodie later puts him to work in "Hamsterdam". He is one of the dealers robbed in the house jewellery set-up. Along with Justin he is singled out for fighting by Ellis Carver who introduces him to Cutty. Spider befriends Justin and becomes a regular user of the gym by season four. Cutty alienates Spider when he sleeps with his mother and shortly afterwards he returns to the corner. He is then seen in the same crew as Sherrod and later with Bodie's crew. After Bodie is murdered by one of Stanfield's crew members at the end of season 4, Spider is seen working under Michael Lee at the beginning of season 5. He beats up Duquan "Dukie" Weems in "React Quotes" after Dukie knocks down Kenard. Spider is last seen in the season 5 series ending montage as the new crew chief of Bodie's and Michael's former corner. [8][9] Spider's ending signifies the beginning of a new generation of drug lords and renewed cycle of the drug trade.



  • Played by: Norris Davis
  • Appears in
Season three: "All Due Respect"; "Homecoming"; "Slapstick"; "Reformation" and "Mission Accomplished".
Season five: "React Quotes"; and "–30–".

Vinson was an advisor to Marlo Stanfield, acting also as his personal bank, and also runs a rim shop where Marlo often operates. During season three, he gives Stanfield advice on how to deal with his rival Avon Barksdale when Avon is released from prison. He continues to counsel Stanfield once he becomes embroiled in a turf war with Barksdale. He also acts as a liaison between Stanfield and Proposition Joe as Joe attempts to negotiate an end to the turf war. It is Vinson who identifies Omar Little to Brother Mouzone on Mouzone's return to Baltimore seeking revenge. In season four, Marlo continues to use Vinson's rim shop as an occasional meeting place, though Vinson does not appear.[5] Vinson appears in season 5 in the episode "React Quotes" at a meeting at the rim shop berating Monk for wearing a bulletproof vest.[8][9] At the end of the series finale, Vinson is robbed and shot in the knee by Michael Lee.

Old Face Andre

Old Face Andre played by Alfonso Christian Lover

Andre is a West side convenience store owner whose store serves as a stash house for Marlo Stanfield. He gets into Marlo's debt when the stash is robbed by Omar Little. Marlo is unforgiving and takes Andre's prized ring as a punishment. When Marlo is robbed by Omar himself (losing Andre's ring in the process), he includes Andre in his plan to get revenge on Omar. Chris Partlow murders a delivery woman in the store, telling Andre to call the police and say Omar did it. At an interrogation with Detectives Crutchfield and Holley, Andre is given a photo array of suspects where he quickly identifies Omar as responsible. Detective Bunk Moreland believes Omar is innocent, and visits Andre's store. After seeing the crime scene, Bunk disproves Andre's identification of Omar. Holley and Bunk bring Andre in on a subpoena to court. Bunk asks the grand jury prosecutor what a perjury charge carries (10 years maximum) causing Andre to retract his original story. Andre looks to Proposition Joe for protection from Marlo, not realizing Marlo has recently joined Proposition Joe's New Day Co-Op. Andre grudgingly gives Proposition Joe ownership of his store in exchange for $2,000 and a safe ride out of Baltimore. Instead of taking Andre out of town, Slim Charles escorts him to a back alley where he is greeted by Marlo's enforcers Chris and Snoop. Chris rebukes Andre's plea to not hide his body in a vacant building but promises to keep it quick as they walk off into the night.[10]


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