The Best American Poetry 1995

The Best American Poetry 1995

"The Best American Poetry 1995", a volume in "The Best American Poetry series", was edited by David Lehman and by guest editor Richard Howard. [cite book |author=Lehman, David and Howard, Richard (editors)|title=The Best American Poetry 1995 |url= |accessdate= |accessyear= |accessmonth= |year=1995 |publisher=Scribners |location= |language= |isbn=978-0684801513 |pages= ]

For this edition of the series, Howard announced that "poets whose work has appeared three or more times in this series are here and now ineligible, as are all seven former editors of the series" [cite book |last=Howard |first=Richard |editor=Lehman, David and Howard, Richard |title=The Best American Poetry 1995 |year=1995 |publisher=Scribners |chapter=Introduction |pages=16 |isbn=978-0684801513] .

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