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company_name = THUS plc
company_type = Public (lse|THUS)
foundation = 1994 (as Scottish Telecom)
location = Glasgow, Scotland, UK
key_people = William Allan (Chief Executive), Phil Male (Chief Operating Officer), John Maguire (Chief Financial Officer)
industry = Telecommunications
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num_employees = 1,657 (31 March 2005)
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THUS plc is a telecommunications operator based in Glasgow, Scotland, one of the alternatives to the UK incumbent BT.


THUS began life in 1994 as Scottish Telecom, an offshoot of the privatised energy company Scottish Power. It was founded by Rod Matthews who remained the Chief Executive until 1999, when it was floated on the London Stock Exchange as THUS, with Scottish Power retaining a majority shareholding.

In 2002, THUS was demerged from Scottish Power in a deal which effectively wiped out the majority of the company's debts, placing the company on a sound financial footing. The demerger also led to the creation of THUS Group plc, a holding company which owns THUS plc. All shares held in THUS plc became shares held in THUS Group plc.

In 1998, THUS acquired Demon Internet.

In 2006, THUS acquired Your Communications and Legend Communications.

On 28 May 2008, Cable & Wireless announced their intention to purchase THUS with an offer of 165p per share. This first offer was rejected [cite web |url= |title=THUS: Rejection of Cable & Wireless Proposal |publisher=THUS |date=2008-06-06 |accessdate=2008-06-29] on 6 June.

On 30 June 2008, Cable & Wireless announced that it had acquired a 29.9% stake in Thus and tabled an improved offer of £329 million, or 180p per share. [ [ C&W makes offer for Thus] ]

On 1 Oct 2008, Cable & Wireless completed the takeover of THUS. The company is now known as "THUS, a Cable&Wireless business".

Company information

THUS plc and THUS Group plc are both Scottish companies registered at Companies House in Edinburgh. Both companies have their registered office in Glasgow.


> National Network built on Nortel Optera LH DWDM Infrastructure.

> 160 Wavelength Capable

> 10Gbs/wavelength

> Multiple 10Gbs SDH layers based on Nortel Connect DX platform.

> Lower order SDH Layers for VC-12 granularity.

> Cisco based MpLS Network 10Gbs capable.


THUS is a supplier of telecoms and Internet services to businesses, and, through its Demon brand, supplies some services (most notably Internet services) to home users. Major customers include its former owner Scottish Power and Southern Water (which was also once a Scottish Power subsidiary), as well as Glasgow City Council, GCap Media, BSkyB and HSBC.

Until recently, THUS also provided call centres for businesses, but sold its call centre operation to Response Handling Ltd in August 2004.

As an alternative telco in the UK, THUS is often involved, either alone or in conjunction with other telcos, in complaints made to the UK regulator Ofcom about alleged monopolistic practices of BT.


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