David Vernon (professor)

David Vernon (professor)

David Vernon (born 1958) is the Coordinator of the European Network for the Advancement of Artificial Cognitive Systems and he is a Visiting Professor of Cognitive Systems at the University of Genoa. He is also a member of the management team of the RobotCub integrated working on the development of open-source cognitive humanoid robot.

Over the past 27 years, he has held positions at Westinghouse Electric, Trinity College Dublin, the European Commission, the National University of Ireland Maynooth, Science Foundation Ireland, and Etisalat University College.

He has authored two and edited three books on computer vision and has published over eighty papers in the fields of Computer Vision, Robotics, and Cognitive Systems. His research interests include Fourier-based computer vision and enactive approaches to cognition.

He is currently a Professor at Etisalat University College in Sharjah-United Arab Emirates, focusing on Masters programs by research in Computing fields.".[1]


Cognitive System Framework

His objective is to provide a framework to design cognitive system by elaborating a comprehensive and structured overview of the entire research area concerned with cognitive systems; referring to it as a pre-paradigmatic discipline.

He differentiates two global approaches: the cognitivist and the emergent. As the first one has its origins in cybernetics (1943-53) and is based on logical calculus immanent in nervous activity, the second one comes from the study of self-organized systems (1958), focuses on embodiment and can be refined in three subcategorizes: Connectionist, Dynamical, and Enactive.

While David Vernon is engaged in measuring up those four foregoing paradigms, it is clear that he is pushing the Enactive Systems Model forward to offer the framework by which successively richer orders of cognitive capability can be achieved, and by which the system itself will becomes part of an existing world of meaning (ontogeny) or shapes a new one (phylogeny).


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