List of Entertaining Comics publications

List of Entertaining Comics publications

"EC Comics" was a major publisher of comic books in the 1940s and 1950s. The letters EC stood for both Entertaining Comics and the earlier Educational Comics. EC's "Pre-Trend" titles are those published by Max Gaines and his son William Gaines, who took over the family business after his father's death in 1947. In 1950, EC found success with their "New Trend". The "New Direction" group was a response to the Comics Code Authority. "Picto-Fiction" was a short-lived line of heavily illustrated short story magazines.


*"Animal Fables"
*"Animated Comics"
*"Crime Patrol"
*"Fat and Slat"
*"Happy Houlihans"
*"International Comics"
*"International Crime Patrol"
*"Land of the Lost"
*"Modern Love"
*"A Moon, a Girl...Romance"
*"Moon Girl"
*"Moon Girl and the Prince"
*"Moon Girl Fights Crime!"
*"Picture Stories from the Bible"
*"Picture Stories from American History"
*"Picture Stories from Science"
*"Picture Stories from World History"
*"Saddle Justice"
*"Saddle Romances"
*"Tiny Tot Comics"
*"War Against Crime!"

New Trend

*"Crime SuspenStories"
*"Frontline Combat"
*"The Haunt of Fear"
*"Incredible Science Fiction"
*"Shock SuspenStories"
*"Tales from the Crypt"
*"Three Dimensional E.C. Classics"
*"Three Dimensional Tales from the Crypt of Terror"
*"Two-Fisted Annual"
*"Two-Fisted Tales"
*"The Vault of Horror"
*"Weird Fantasy"
*"Weird Science"
*"Weird Science-Fantasy"

New Direction

*"Aces High"


*"Confessions Illustrated"
*"Crime Illustrated"
*"Shock Illustrated"
*"Terror Illustrated"


Many of these titles have been reprinted during the past 30 years by publisher Russ Cochran, both independently published and in accordance with Gladstone Publishing and latterly with Gemstone Publishing.

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