Aglaulus or Agraulos (Ἄγραυλος) is a name attributed to three figures in Greek mythology.

*Aglaulus, daughter of Actaeus, king of Athens. She married Cecrops and became the mother of Erysichthon, Aglaulus (see below), Herse, and Pandrosus. [Apollodorus, iii. 14. § 2] [Pausanias i. 2. § 5]

*Aglaulus, daughter of Cecrops, who was driven to suicide for ignoring a warning from the goddess Athena

*Aglaulus, daughter of an incestuous relationship between Erectheus and his daughter Procris. Aglaulus is also known as Aglauros (most commonly), Aglaurus, Aglaulos, Agraulus, Agravlos, or Agraulos. "Agraulos" ("countryside flute") was probably the original form of the name, with the "r" and "l" commonly switched to produce the prevalent "Aglauros" form.


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