White male

White male

In sociology, a white male is a male member of the White ethnic group, which includes people of European descent. In the United States, where Caucasians make up a majority of the population, this demographic group is disproportionately represented in the nation's "elite" -- meaning highly educated, wealthy individuals who hold top positions in the government and the business world. cite book | last = Thompson | first = William | authorlink = | coauthors = Joseph Hickey | year = 2005 | title = Society in Focus
publisher = Pearson | location = Boston, MA | id = 0-205-41365-X
] This can be seen as resulting from a combination of the more general white privilege and male privilege. However, "white males" are one of the few sociological groups in the United States which do not receive institutionalized racial or sexual preferences in government or academia.

Race and gender

A number of environmental, historical, and social factors converged to lead Europeans to superior power and prosperity worldwide in modern times. [Diamond, Jared. Guns, germs and steel. ISBN 0-393-03891-2]

Cultures universally set different roles for males and females. Generally, men are significantly favored in traditional law and practice. Men (including black men, etc.) hold most senior positions in the U.S.

Prosperity and status

White males have been shown to be hired and promoted more than female and minority canidates with similar backgrounds.cite book|last=Hine|first=Darlene|authorlink=|coauthors=William C. Hine, Stanley Harrold|year=2006|title=The African American Odyssey|publisher=Pearson|location=Boston, MA|id=0-12-182217-3]

As the largest group in the United States, white males continue to dominate the nation's elites. Jewish Americans are more overrepresented in top corporate offices.cite web|url=http://www.motherjones.com/news/feature/1998/03/zweigenhaft.html|title=Mother Jones, the Changing Power Elite, 1998|accessdate=2007-01-20] cite web|url=http://pubdb3.census.gov/macro/032006/hhinc/new06_000.htm|title=US Census Bureau, Household income distribution, 2005|accessdate=2007-01-20] cite web|url=http://pubdb3.census.gov/macro/032006/perinc/new03_152.htm|title=US Census Bureau, Personal Income for Asian American males|accessdate=2007-01-20] There is considerable discussion of the extent to which being a White male may affect one's life chances, especially in light of the socio-economic success of Asian Americans. Yet, European-American males continue to dominate the demographic composition of the US congress and the nation's boardrooms and may well continue to face enhanced life chances.cite book | last = Thompson | first = William | authorlink = | coauthors = Joseph Hickey | year = 2005 | title = Society in Focus
publisher = Pearson | location = Boston, MA | id = 0-205-41365-X


*In 2005 the median gross income for an American in the labor force with earnings and above the age of 25 was $32,140 per year.cite web|url=http://pubdb3.census.gov/macro/032006/perinc/new03_001.htm|title=US Census Bureau, Personal Income distribution, Age 25+, 2005|accessdate=2007-10-30]
*The mean and median income for White American males over the age of 25 with earnings was $54,365 and $40,479 respectively.cite web|url=http://pubdb3.census.gov/macro/032006/perinc/new03_129.htm|title=US Census Bureau, Personal Income of White American Males, Age 25+, 2005|accessdate=2007-10-30]
*When White Hispanic males are excluded, the mean and median income of White non-Hispanic males rises slightly to $58,215 and $42,399 respectively.cite web|url=http://pubdb3.census.gov/macro/032006/perinc/new03_130.htm|title=US Census Bureau, Personal Income of non-Hispanic White Males, Age 25+, 2005|accessdate=2007-01-20]
*The mean and median income for Asian American males, age 25+ with earnings was $58,266 and $42,359 respectively.cite web|url=http://pubdb3.census.gov/macro/032006/perinc/new03_134.htm|title=US Census Bureau, Personal Income for Asian American males|accessdate=2007-10-30] This is slightly higher than White males 25+, and very close to non-Hispanic White males 25+.
*Both groups outperformed Black American males, age 25+ with earnings, whose mean and median income was only $37,586 and $30,539 respectively.cite web|url=http://pubdb3.census.gov/macro/032006/perinc/new03_132.htm|title=US Census Bureau, Personal Income for Black American males|accessdate=2007-10-30]
*All three groups (White, Asian, and Black males) outperformed White American females, age 25+ with earnings, with mean and median incomes of $32,878 and $26,661.cite web|url=http://pubdb3.census.gov/macro/032006/perinc/new03_255.htm|title=US Census Bureau, Personal Income of White American Females, Age 25+, 2005|accessdate=2007-01-20]

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