Policy Council of Guernsey

Policy Council of Guernsey

The new Policy Council was elected on 7 March 2007, following the election of a new Chief Minister. [ [http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/guernsey/6411639.stm BBC NEWS | Europe | Guernsey | Morgan will not seek re-election ] ]

The Policy Council of Guernsey consists of the following:

*Chief Minister: Deputy Mike Torode
*Deputy Chief Minister: Deputy Stuart Falla
*Minister of the Treasury & Resources: Deputy Lyndon Trott
*Home Minister: Deputy Geoff Mahy
*Minister of Health & Social Services:Deputy Peter Roffey
*Minister of Education: Deputy Martin Ozanne
*Minister of Commerce & Employment: Deputy Stuart Falla
*Minister of Culture & Leisure: Deputy Peter Sirett
*Minister for the Public Services: Deputy Bill Bell
*Minister of the Environmnent: Deputy David de Lisle
*Social Security: Deputy Diane Lewis
*Minister of Housing: Deputy Dave Jones


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