Spanish Sign language

Spanish Sign language

name= Spanish Sign Language

caption=SSL in Spanish manual alphabet
nativename=LSE, "lengua de signos o señas española"
fam1=Sign language, unknown origin, from other sign languages.
region=Undetermined central-interior region of Spain.
signers=more than 100,000

Spanish Sign language ("Lengua de signos o señas española") is a language used mainly by Deaf people in Spain and the people who live with them.

There are small differences throughout Spain with no difficulties in intercommunication, except in Catalonia (Catalan Sign language) and in Valencia (Valencian Sign language). Some linguists consider both these and Spanish Sign language three variants of a polymorphic signed language.

Its origin is unknown, but it is reported that there are influences from American, French, and Mexican sign languages. Besides this language has influenced other sign languages like Venezuelan Sign language.

Some signed interpretation is used in court or public events. There are several centres with courses of this language, specially for parents of deaf children and a committee on national sign language. This language has been used in various TVE programs like "En otras palabras" ("In Other Words") and this language has appeared in films like Tacones lejanos, where Miriam Díaz-Aroca plays the role of a conductor of a television news bulletin for Deaf people.


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