Beneš is a common Czech surname. The feminine form is Benešová. It may refer to:

* Edvard Beneš (1884-1948), leader of the Czechoslovak independence movement and the second President of Czechoslovakia
** Beneš decrees, a series of laws enacted by the Czechoslovak government of exile during World War II in absence of Czechoslovak parliament.
* Vojta Beneš (1878-1951), Czechoslovak educator and political leader and brother of Edvard Beneš
* Juraj Beneš, Slovak opera and orchestral composer
* Josef Beneš (1902-1984), linguist
* Václav E. Beneš (1925-), mathematician and probability theorist, developer of the Benes network
*Alan Benes, Major League Baseball pitcher
*Andy Benes, Major League Baseball pitcher
*Elaine Benes, Julia Louis-Dreyfus' character on "Seinfeld"
*Alton Benes, Elaine Benes's father on "Seinfeld"
*Marijan Beneš, Yugoslav boxer
*Carrie Beneš, New College of Florida Professor of Medieval Studies, born in Toruń, Poland

ee also

* Benes network, a type of switching network used in telecommunications
* Benesch

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