Future Canadian amphibious assault ship

Future Canadian amphibious assault ship

The Canadian Amphibious Assault Ship Project is a project designed to give Canada a sealift, mobile command and control platform, amphibious assault capability. The program as envisioned would be a $1,000,000,000 program to purchase an amphibious assault ship that could deploy 1,000 troops. The envisaged ship is projected to be able to provide a helicopter platform. The force, which will include 800 soldiers, sailors and air force personnel, will be mainly focused on maritime operations, but will also focus on areas such as counter-terrorism.

Canada has studied the possibility of having a special force for a year, and sources told Gordon the military is now ready to move ahead with plans. No details were available about when the force will be operational.The program is to complement the Joint Support Ship Project.


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* Joint Support Ship Project

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