Lorcan Foley

Lorcan Foley

Infobox soap character
name = Lorcan Foley
series =Fair City
first = 1999
last = 2006
parents = Carol Meehan (mother)
children = Lorcan Foley Jr.
spouse = Ali O'Shea (?-2006, widow)
residence =
portrayer = Killian O'Sullivan

Lorcan Foley was a fictional character in the RTÉ soap opera "Fair City", portrayed by Killian O'Sullivan.

Fictional character biography

Fostered by Kay and Malachy, it wasn't long before he went off the rails. He amused himself by breaking cars and taking part in joyrides. When his true mother, Carol, showed up as a drunken woman, Lorcan soon developed a close friendship with her. He killed Billy Meehan. Struggling to keep his crime a secret, Lorcan confided in his friend Pascal. Lorcan joined the Irish Army as a result. The first trial of Billy Meehan's murder found the innocent Leo being wrongfully convicted for murder. When Pascal was taken to hospital, he urged Lorcan to tell the truth. Lorcan went to the Gardaí and confessed everything. A few months later, Leo was released from prison. The second trial found Lorcan not guilty and he quit the Irish Army. Realising that his mother was now in control of "The Galley" and "Carol's Club", Lorcan saw his chance to become rich and Carol happily gave him the job of manager in "Carol's Club". Mick O'Shea was furious about this, as he was now taking orders from a teenager.

When Kwame started selling drugs in "Carol's Club", Lorcan was escatic. Believing that he could give his new girlfriend Ali everything that she wanted if he was rich, Lorcan allowed Kwame to sell drugs in exchange for half the profits. When Sylvester Garrigan ordered Mick O'Shea to kill a Ukrainian gang member, he used his niece Ali as bait. Her job was to distract the gang member, Alex, long enough for Mick's henchmen to arrive and terminate him. Unfortunately for Ali, she was forced to have sex with Alex to keep him in "Carol's Club".

When Lorcan found out about this, he slapped Ali and told Farrell to get rid of Mick. Mick reluctantly decided to leave Carrigstown, but he promised Ali that he would be there at her wedding. Lorcan forgave Ali and they both made preparations for their wedding. On Lorcan and Ali's wedding day, it became apparent that Kwame had been arrested by the Gardaí. Mick agreed to take the drugs, provided that Lorcan never orders him around again. Lorcan reluctantly agreed and the wedding went ahead. It wasn't long before Lorcan was caught up in another terrifying scenario. The killing of Alex came back to haunt Lorcan.

When the Ukrainian gang discovered that Mick had killed one of their members, they kidnapped Ali and threatened to kill her if he didn't assassinate Garrigan. Lorcan was horrified but he was eventually persuaded to help with the assassination attempt. Carol and Garrigan were in a car when Lorcan appeared on a motorbike with the shooter. As the shooter was about to pull the trigger, Lorcan realised his mother was in the car and rode off. The shooter's aim was put off and the shot wounded Garrigan. However, he survived the attack and ordered Farrell to find those responsible. The Ukrainians were furious that Mick goofed up but, realising that Garrigan would have all his goons on their trail, they released Ali and fled the country. After recovering in hospital, Garrigan discovered that Mick was behind the assassination attempt and forced Mick to amputate one of his own fingers as punishment for double-crossing him. Carol, in an attempt to protect her son from Garrigan's wrath, offered herself to him. Garrigan accepted and told her that Lorcan was safe. An undercover agent, Rory Goff, later infiltrated Garrigan's gang in 2006 and manipulated an unaware Carol into giving him information, by having a sexual relationship with her. Armed with this info, the Gardaí raided one of Garrigan's booze runs. They also found drugs which Lorcan was piggybacking on the booze run. Meanwhile Lorcan discovered that Rory was passing information to the police but thought he was a police tout and not a Garda himself. Garrigan was furious that Lorcan implicated him in drug-dealing and he ordered Lorcan to kill the undercover Garda. As the two men confronted each other, Lorcan fired the first shot, but Rory struck back with another, wounding them both in the process. When Carol arrived on the scene, she called for an ambulance and they were taken to hospital. Rory survived his ordeal, but Lorcan's days were numbered. When Carol and Ali convinced him to do the right thing, Lorcan made a complete death-bed confession to the Gardaí before he died in hospital.

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