Sapan Desai

Sapan Desai

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birth_date = Birth date and age|1979|4|6|mf=y
birth_place = Evanston, Illinois
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residence = Illinois, North Carolina
citizenship = United States of America
occupation = Chief Executive Officer, Apex Testing, LLC
occupation = Surgery Resident, Duke University Medical Center
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Sapan Sharankishor Desai (born April 6 1979) is an American doctor, scientist, lawyer, Chief Executive Officer of Apex Testing, LLC, and Director of the New India Charity Endeavor (NICE). Desai is the former President of Computer Consulting Service, Inc. and Digital Renditions, LLC. He is married to Niketa Desai. The Desais have one son, age 2.

Early life

Desai was born and raised in the affluent North Shore (Chicago) region of Illinois by Indian parents. He is a graduate of Adlai E. Stevenson High School (Lincolnshire, Illinois). With a score of 1,600 on the SAT exam, Desai attended the University of Illinois as part of the Guaranteed Professional Program Admissions in Medicine, which he entered as a senior due to the amount of Advanced Placement credit he had earned in high school. After completing college in less than one year, Desai joined the combined MD/PhD program at the University of Illinois College of Medicine. During this time, Desai completed his PhD degree in Anatomy and Cell Biology, JD degree, and MD degree. During this time, Desai met and married Niketa Shirke. Desai graduated from UIC-COM in 2006.

Desai has one son.


Argonne National Laboratory

Desai started his research career at the Argonne National Laboratory while in high school, where he conducted supervised research on the biochemical properties of various bioreactive compounds. He was there during the summer of 1996.

Hektoen Institute for Medical Institute

Desai conducted independent biomedical research in the laboratory of Sandra Garber at the Hektoen Institute from 1997-1998. During this time, he published two papers in medical journals on the role of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACE-I) in reducing kidney damage. []

University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology

After completing this research. Desai joined the laboratory of Dr. Anna Lysakowski in 1998. During this time, Desai earned two National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Research Service Awards (NRSA). This grant money, along with awards obtained from NASA and the university, were used to pursue an independent research project in biomedical research. Through a series of experiments, Desai elucidated the precise anatomy and neurochemistry of the vestibular system, creating a functional model of how this system works and the effects of various disease processes. [] [] This research was published on the cover of the Journal of Neurophysiology. [] Several additional papers on related projects were also published during this time, including a patent for chemically separating various types of tissues. [] [] [] [] His Ph.D. dissertation was entitled "Comparative Morphology of the Rodent Vestibular Periphery". []

University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery

While in medical school, Desai also published several papers on cardiovascular drugs and their effects on coagulation, deep vein thrombosis, and healing following cardiothoracic surgery. [;jsessionid=7gr42ajj6lnee.alice] []


Computer Consulting Service, Inc.

Desai was the founder of Computer Consulting Service, Inc. Founded in 1993, the purpose of this company was to assist high schools, colleges, and universities with integrating technologies to permit students and educators to access the Internet. This company was sold in 1998 when Desai graduated from high school.

Digital Renditions, LLC

While in the early years of his Ph.D. research, Desai founded Digital Renditions, LLC, a graphic design studio and consulting firm. With approximately a dozen employees, Digital Renditions, LLC filled a niche market in scientific illustration and publishing. Through this process, Digital Renditions, LLC created a workflow environment from illustration to proofing to press / presentation that is still in use in research environments around the country.

Apex Testing, LLC

company_name = Apex Testing, LLC
company_type = Limited Liability Company
foundation = 2005
location_city = Chicago, Illinois
location_country = USA
key_people = Dr. Sapan Desai, CEO Mark Lee CIO Tom Koenigsberger, Senior Editor | industry = Medical Education, Medicine, Medical Consulting
products = Textbooks, Review software
num_employees = 13 (2006)Fact|date=June 2008
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Desai is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Apex Testing, a Limited Liability Company in Illinois. With more than a dozen full- and part-time employees, Apex Testing, LLC provides educational and consulting services to students and professionals around the world. Through Apex Testing, LLC, Desai is the publisher of fifteen textbooks on various medical subjects. [] He has made presentations on medical education at medical universities around the United States. [] Apex Testing, LLC has been recognized by medical professionals around the world as offering high-quality exam preparation materials to medical students preparing for professional licensing exams. []


Desai is the founder and Director of the New India Charity Endeavor (NICE), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization funded through the Desai Foundation and dedicated to improving the lives of the impoverished in the state of Gujarat, India. [] Through this charity, Desai has worked with scientists, engineers, physicians, and politicians in India to improve the quality of life of the most under-represented groups of people in India. The construction of an irrigation system, shared water supply, and shelters for more than 300 people was completed in 2002. The construction of a modern library with computer and satellite access was completed in 2005. There are currently plans to build a modern hospital serving the most needy.


Desai obtained his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2006. He is presently a categorical general surgery resident at Duke University Medical Center.


External links

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Biographies and profiles

* [] - Daily Herald, Sept 1, 1998

Scientific Publications

* Desai, SS., Ali, H., Lysakowski, A. Comparative morphology of rodent vestibular periphery. II. Cristae ampullares. J. Neurophysiol. 2005 Jan; 93(1): 267-80. Epub 2004 Jul 7.


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