List of Russian architects

List of Russian architects

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*Aloisio da Milano (16th century)
*Aloisio the New (16th century)


*Gavriil Baranovsky (1860-1920) - Eclecticism (Beaux Arts), Art Nouveau, industrial architecture
*Petr Baranovsky (1892-1984)
*Vasili Bazhenov (1737-1799) Neoclassicism
*Leon Benois (1856-1928)
*Nicholas Benois (1813-1898) Eclecticism, historicism
*Alexander Bernadazzi (1831-1907) Odessa architect
*Brothers Bernardacci, Johann (1782-1842) and Joseph (1788-1840)
*Joseph Bové (1784-1834) Neoclassicism
*Vincenzo Brenna (1745-1820)
*Alexander Brullov (1798-1877) - Neoclassicism, eclecticism


*Charles Cameron (1743-1812) - Neoclassicism
*Yakov Chernikhov (1889-1951) Modernism
*Lev Chrśonowicz (1838-1907) Eclectisicm


*Alexey Dushkin (1904-1977) Stalinist architecture, Art Deco


*Aristotile Fioravanti (ca.1415-1486) Renaissance, Muscovite Renaissance
*Ivan Fomin (1872-1936) Art Nouveau, Neoclassical Revival, early stalinist architecture


*Moisei Ginzburg (1892-1946) Constructivism
*Ilya Golosov (1883-1945) Neoclassical revival, constructivism, postconstructivism
*Panteleimon Golosov (1882-1945) Constructivism
*Afanasy Grigoriev (1782-1868) Neoclassicism
*Alexey Gornostaev (1808-1862) Russian revival
*Fyodor Gornostaev (1867–1915) Russian revival


*Viktor Hartmann (1834-1873) Russian revival
*William Heste (1763-1832)


*Boris Iofan (1891–1976) Stalinist architecture


*Nodar Kancheli (1938-) Structural engineering
*Lev Kekushev (1862-ca.1919) Art Nouveau
*Vasily Kenel (1834-1893)
*Roman Klein (1858-1924) Eclecticism, Neoclassical Revival
*Alexander Kokorinov (1726-1772) Baroque
*Georgy Krutikov (1899–1958) Constructivism
*Ivan Sergei Kuznetsov (1867-1942)Neoclassic Architecture, Russian Revival
*Andrey Kvasov


*Nikolai Ladovsky (1881-1941) Rationalist modernism
*Nikita Lazarev (1866-1932) Art Nouveau, Neoclassical revival
*Ivan Leonidov (1902-1959) Modernism
*Lev Ilyin (1880-1942)
*El Lissitzky (1890-1941) Constructivism
*Berthold Lubetkin (1901-1990) Modernism


*Nikolai Markovnikov (1869-1942)
*Konstantin Melnikov (1890-1974) Modernism
*Maximilian Messmacher (1842-1906) Eclecticism
*Ivan Fyodorovich Michurin (1700–1763) Baroque
*Ippolit Monighetti (1819-1878) Eclecticism, Russian revival
*Auguste de Montferrand (1786-1858) Neoclassicism, eclecticism



* Vyacheslav Oltarzhevsky (1880-1966) Neoclassical Revival, stalinist highrise


*Marian Peretyatkovich (1872-1916) Art Nouveau, renaissance revival, neoclassical revival
*Petrok Maly (16th century)
*Alexander Pomerantsev (1849-1918) Eclecticism, Byzantine revival, Russian revival


*Giacomo Quarenghi (1744-1817) Palladian neoclassicism


*Bartolomeo Rastrelli (1700-1771) Late baroque
*Antonio Rinaldi, late baroque, classicism
*Ivan Ropet (1845–1908) Russian revival
*Carlo Rossi (1775-1849) Neoclassicism, (Alexandrian) Empire
*Lev Rudnev (1885-1956)
*Marco Ruffo (15th century)


*Andrei Stackenschneider (1802-1865) Eclecticism
*Alexey Shchusev (1873-1949) Neoclassical revival, constuctivism, stalinist architecture
*Vladimir Shukhov (1853-1939) Structural engineering
*Pietro Antonio Solari (15th century)
*Ivan Starov (1745–1808) Neoclassicism
*Vasily Stasov (1769–1848) Neoclassicism, early Russian revival
*Joseph Sunlight (1888-1978) Art Deco


*Vladimir Tatlin (1885-1953) Constructivism
*Konstantin Thon (1794-1881) Electecism, Russian revival, neorenaissance
*Domenico Trezzini (1670-1734) Petrine Baroque
*Zurab Tsereteli (1934-)
*Yevgraph Tyurin (1793-1873) Neoclassicism


*Dmitry Ukhtomsky (1719–1774) - Baroque


*Yury Felten (1730-1801) Late baroque, classicism
*Alexander Vesnin (1883-1959) Constructivism, industrial architecture
*Leonid Vesnin (1880-1933) Constructivism
*Victor Vesnin (1881-1950) Constructivism
*Andrey Voronikhin (1759-1814) Neoclassicism


*Postnik Yakovlev (16th century)
*Vasili Yermolin (15th century)


*Mikhail Zemtsov (1688–1743) Petrine baroque
*Ivan Zholtovsky (1867-1959) Renaissance revival, stalinist architecture

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