Gloss (paint)

Gloss (paint)

Paint comes in a variety of finish gloss levels. These are not standardized, but normally run:

* flat
* matte
* eggshell
* satin
* semi-gloss
* high gloss

Different manufacturers group these differently, so some consider flat and matte to be synonymous, and so on.

Manufacturers describe finish by percent gloss, where 0% gloss is a dull unreflective surface and %100 gloss is mirror-like.

Values for percent gloss vary, as do the terms. For example, one manufacturer lists the values as such:

Flat (1-9% gloss)Low Sheen (10-25% gloss)Eggshell (26-40% gloss)Semi Gloss (41-69% gloss)Gloss (70-89% gloss) []

Relative durability of finishes:

Since the material they use to create gloss is dense and glassy, a gloss paint will be more resistant to damage than a flat paint.

Ease of cleaning:

Glossy surfaces do not trap dirt like flat finishes, and generally are easier to clean. High-gloss paint is also more resistant to staining.

Ease of repair/touchup:

Flat can be touched up locally without repainting the entire surface.

Other considerations:

Prep time for high gloss surfaces is considerably more than for flat. The gloss finish will reveal surface imperfections such as sanding marks and fingerprints. In the automotive and marine industry, this is a major consideration.

In traditional household interiors, walls are usually painted in flat or eggshell gloss, wooden trim (including doors and window sash) in high gloss, and ceilings almost invariably in flat. Similarly, exterior trim is usually painted with a gloss paint, while the body of the house is painted in a lower gloss.

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