Infobox Military Award
name= Sitara-e-Jurat

awarded_by= Pakistan
status= Currently awarded
type= Military Decoration
eligibility=Military only (Conferrable on all ranks)
for="...for gallant and distinguished service performed in combat..." [ [ PAF Combat website on military awards] ]
higher= (1) Nishan-i-Haider
(2) Hilal-i-Jurat
lower= (4) Tamgha-i-Jurat

Sitara-e-Jurat, is the 3rd highest Military medal of Pakistan. It is admissible to all ranks for gallant and distinguished service in combat. It is normally awarded to officers /junior commissioned officers.

List of recipients

Pakistan Army

*PA - Lt.Gen. M. Masood Aslam, SJ, HI
*PA – 882. Major General Muhammad Jamshed SJ, MC
*PA - BA Colonel MAG Osmani SJ
*PA – 959. Brigadier Nisar Ahmed Khan SJ
*PA - Brigadier Tanvir Ahmed Khan(SJ, SI(M))

*PA - 3682 Major Saiyed Naseem Haider Rizvi(Shaheed)SJ,14 Baloch(1965 War Hero)"'

*PA - 12855. Brigader Arshad Zaman (R) SJ
*PA – 4865. Capt Agha Abdul Rehman Ahmedzai Baloch SJ
*PA – 5779. Major General Hidayatullah Khan Niazi SJ
*PA – 6487. Lieutenant General Muhammad Tariq SJ
*PA – 6726. Major Raja Nadir Pervaiz SJ
*PA – 6910. Major Farouk Adam Khan SJ
*PA - 7280. Lieutenant General Muhammad Afzal Janjua HI(M), SJ, SBt
*PA - 8990. Captain Umair Iftikhar Ahmed SJ
*PA - ? Lieutenant Mohammad Qais, SJ (A.M.C)
*PA - ? Major Raza Shah SJ (Armored Corps)
*PA- ? Capt Sagheer Hussain,SJ PA-5274General.Shamim Alam Khan,N.I(M),H.I(M),S.Bt,SJ,Order of Merit (Class1)."...this list is incomplete..."

Pakistan Air Force [ [ Citations of PAF Shaheeds] , Defence Journal] [ [ Citation of PAF Heros] ,]

Gallantry 1948

*Air Commodore Mukhtar Ahmad Dogar SJ

Posthumous 1965

*Squadron Leader Munir-ud-Din Ahmed SJ
*Squadron Leader Alauddin Ahmed SJ
*Squadron Leader Muhammad Iqbal SJ
*Flight Lieutenant Yunus Hussain SJ
*Flight Lieutenant Saifullah Khan Lodhi SJ

Gallantry 1965

*Group Captain Eric G Hall SJ
*Wing Commander M G Tawab SJ
*Wing Commander M. Anwar Shamim SJ
*Wing Commander M A Sikandar SJ
*Wing Commander S Zahid Butt SJ
*Wing Commander Nazir Latif SJ
*Squadron Leader Mervyn L Middlecoat SJ
*Squadron Leader Azim Daudpota SJ
*Squadron Leader Jamal A Khan SJ
*Squadron Leader Rais A Rafi SJ
*Squadron Leader Syed Sajjad Haider SJ
*Squadron Leader Muhammad Mahmood Alam SJ
*Squadron Leader Shabbir H Syed SJ
*Squadron Leader Najeeb A Khan SJ
*Squadron Leader A Masood Khan SJ
*Squadron Leader Mir Abdul Rashid SJ
*Squadron Leader Shuaib Alam Khan SJ
*Flight Lieutenant Cecil Chaudhry SJ
*Flight Lieutenant Yousaf Ali Khan SJ
*Flight Lieutenant Amanullah Khan SJ
*Flight Lieutenant Amjad H Khan SJ
*Flight Lieutenant S S A Hatmi SJ
*Flight Lieutenant Sikander M Khan SJ
*Flight Lieutenant S Shamsuddin Khan SJ
*Flight Lieutenant Yousaf Hasan Alvi SJ
*Flight Lieutenant Arshad Sami Khan SJ
*Flight Lieutenant Dilawar Hussain SJ
*Flight Lieutenant M Akbar SJ
*Flight Lieutenant Ghani Akbar SJ
*Flight Lieutenant Imtiaz A Bhatti SJ
*Flight Lieutenant M Tariq Habib Khan SJ
*Flight Lieutenant William D Harney SJ
*Flight Lieutenant I A K Ghori SJ
*Flight Lieutenant Saadat M Akhtar Khan SJ
*Flight Lieutenant S V A Abidi SJ
*Flight Lieutenant Rizwan Ahmed SJ
*Flight Lieutenant S K H Wasti SJ
*Flight Lieutenant S M H Hashmi SJ
*Flight Lieutenant Saiful Azam SJ
*Flight Lieutenant N A Khan SJ
*Flying Officer Ziauddin Hassan SJ

Posthumous 1971

*Wing Commander Mervyn L Middlecoat SJ (and Bar)
*Wing Commander Syed Muhammad Ahmad SJ
*Squadron LeaderKhusro SJ
*Squadron Leader Ishfaq Hameed Qureshi SJ
*Squadron Leader Muhammad Aslam Choudhry SJ
*Squadron Leader Peter Christy SJ
*Flight Lieutenant Fazal Elahi SJ
*Flight Lieutenant Samad Ali Changazi SJ
*Flight Lieutenant Syed Safi Mustafa SJ
*Flight Lieutenant Saeed Afzal Khan SJ
*Flight Lieutenant Zulfiqar Ahmad SJ

Gallantry 1971

*Wing Commander Hakimullah Khan Durrani SJ
*Wing Commander M Afzal Choudhry SJ
*Squadron Leader G A Khan SJ
*Squadron Leader Farooq Umer SJ
*Squadron Leader Abdul Basit SJ
*Squadron Leader Javed Afzaal Ahmed SJ
*Flight Lieutenant Mir Alam Khan SJ
*Flight Lieutenant A Wajid Saleem SJ
*Flight Lieutenant Israr Ahmad SJ
*Flight Lieutenant Javed Ahmed SJ
*Flying Officer Riffat Jamil SJ
*Flying Officer M Shamsul Haq SJ
*Flying Officer S Shamshad Ahmad

"...this list is incomplete..."

Notes & References

* [ Nishan-e-Haider] , "from Pakistan Television Corp (PTV). Television drama on Captain Raja Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed, Rashid Minhas Shaheed, and Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed"
* [ Edward Haynes webpage on Pakistani awards]
* [ Geocities website on military awards]

ee also

*Awards and decorations of the Pakistan military
* Military of Pakistan

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* []
* [ Pakistan's Medals]

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