(pronounced "Smile D-K") is a Swedish Bubblegum Dance group with Veronica Larsson and Hanna Stockzell as the current members. The band is well-known around the world partly due to their many songs in "Dance Dance Revolution", including "Butterfly", "Golden Sky", Boys, Mr. Wonderful, Petite Love, and Dancing All Alone.

The members are as follows:
*Veronica Larsson (Original member)
*Hanna Stockzell (New member in 2008)
*Malin Kernby (Joined during 2nd album, left in 2008 though still doing vocals for Doki Doki and a few other songs)
*Nina Boquist (Left group after 1st Album)

Malin, Veronica and former member Nina are not Danish; they are all from Sweden. They marketed their album in Denmark, hence the ".dk" tag.


Veronica and Nina first formed their band as Smile and published their first album "Smile" in 1998. It received wide attention, especially in Japan. The popular song "Butterfly" was licensed by Konami and featured in the first release of Dance Dance Revolution--a popular dance video game.

After the first album, Nina left Smile and started a solo career and Malin replaced Nina in Smile. The band name was also changed from Smile to

The single "Kissy Kissy" from their second album is also a popular track in the dance game EZ2Dancer.

The group's songs, particularly "Butterfly", are often mistaken as being by the similar artists Toy-Box and, on occasion, Aqua.

On many online sources, the song "Butterfly" is wrongly attributed to Japanese pop singer, Ayumi Hamasaki - more than likely due to its "oriental" themes, and more-than-passing similarity to contemporary Japanese pop music. In fact, as at September 2008, Hamasaki has not released any song with all-English lyrics.

The video for "Boys" pays homage to Sabrina Salerno's hit 'Boys Boys Boys (Summertime Love)' in that Veronica is seen performing in a crystal-clear swimming pool, as did Salerno in her own video


In 2005, according to their manager, had begun a hiatus due to both Veronica and Malin having become married; one with a child on the way. However, he did not believe that would become defunct, which proved correct with their return.


In early 2008 producer Jay Thomson announced at the Forums that would be returning in 2008 with a worldwide single ("Doki Doki"), and a soon to be released album (Party Around The World).

They performed live at San Japan, an anime convention located in San Antonio, Texas, USA, on August 9th, 2008. This was the first time they have ever performed in North America. [ [ News: Article ] ]

They will also be performing live at Sakura-Con 2009, an anime/manga convention located in Seattle, Washington, USA, on April 10-12, 2009. [ [ Sakura-Con 2008 ] ]

Their new hit single "Doki Doki" is featured in DDR X.But as the Panik mix, except they prefer to say Speed mix so Its really called DOKI DOKI SPEED MIX.

imilar artists

* Aqua (Danish band famous for their hit "Barbie Girl")
* Bambee (famous for her hit "Bumble Bee")
* Toy-Box (famous for their hit "Tarzan & Jane")
* Hit'n'Hide (famous for their hit "Space Invaders")
* Daze (famous for their hit "Superhero")
* Vengaboys (famous for their hits "We're going to Ibiza", "Boom Boom Boom Boom" & "We Like to Party")
* Me & My (famous for their hit "Dub I Dub" & "So Many Men")
* Creamy (famous for their hit "I do I do I do" & "A Neverending Story")



*"Mr. Wonderful"
*"Doo Be Di Boy"
*"Dancing All Alone"
*"Kissy Kissy"
*"Domo Domo Domo"
*"Doki Doki"


*"Smile" (1998)
*"Future Girls" (26 July 2000)
*"Smile Paradise" (31 January 2001)
*"Golden Sky" (4 December 2002)
*"Party Around The World" (13 October 2008)

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