Quay (disambiguation)

Quay (disambiguation)

Quay is a term for a type of wharf, used in Britain and (as can be seen from the spedific examples below) in many other places.

Quay may refer to:
*Boat Quay, a historical quay in Singapore
*Circular Quay (horse), a Kentucky thoroughbred race horse foaled in February 2004
*Circular Quay, New South Wales, a locality in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
**Circular Quay ferry wharf, Sydney, the main commuter wharves in Sydney, Australia
**Circular Quay railway station, Sydney, a CityRail station located in Sydney, Australia
*Clarke Quay, a historical riverside quay in Singapore
*Lambton Quay, Wellington, the heart of the CBD of Wellington, New Zealand
*Lonsdale Quay, a major transit hub for Vancouver's North Shore
*North Quay, a proposed office development, on the north side of Canary Wharf in London
*North Quay 1 & 2 Ferry Wharf, Brisbane, on the Brisbane River in Brisbane, Australia
*South Quay DLR station, a Docklands Light Railway station on the Isle of Dogs, in London
*One Raffles Quay, an office building complex located in the CBD of Singapore
*Warrington Bank Quay railway station, a mainline railway station serving the UK town of Warrington
*West Quay, a shopping centre in Southampton, England
*Wood Quay, a riverside area of Dublin


*Jan de Quay (1901-1985), Dutch political figure
*Matthew Quay, a Pennsylvania senator.
*Steven and Timothy Quay, known as the Quay Brothers


*Connah's Quay, the largest town in Flintshire, north Wales
*New Quay (disambiguation)
**New Quay, a seaside town in Ceredigion, Wales
**New Quay, a residential development in Melbourne, Australia
**Newquay, a town and civil parish in Cornwall, England
*Quay County, New Mexico, a county located in the U.S. state of New Mexico
**Quay, New Mexico, a small town in Quay County
*Quay, Oklahoma, a town in Oklahoma, United States

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