List of characters in Kevin and Kell

List of characters in Kevin and Kell

This is a list of characters from the webcomic Kevin and Kell.

Main Characters

Kevin Dewclaw

An exceptionally tall and fearless rabbit in his late 30s; given that he married Angelique at age 20 and soon afterwards, adopted a 6 month-old Lindesfarne (who is now 18), he is most likely 38 or 39. Originally Kevin Kindle, before he took his wife's name when he re-married; he was the oldest of 38 children. Angelique, his first wife, left him for "User 458" (his father), and he eventually married Kell, being disowned by his family in the process. However, he eventually re-established contact with his parents and one of his younger sisters, Danielle. Formerly a manager at the "herbivore forum", he is now president and co-owner of a local ISP, "Hare-Link".

Kell Dewclaw

Kevin's wife. A wolf in her mid-30s; a recent strip suggests that as she was 10 years old 25 years ago, she is now 35. She is a staff predator for "Herdthinners Inc", a hunting corporation. She has held a variety of positions at that firm, including hunter, webmaven, manager, corporate recruiter, and head of security. In mid-2004 she was fired from Herdthinners, and worked at Aby's Auto Repair as the office manager. She has recently returned to work at "Herdthinners Inc". She was previously married, despite suspecting her fox husband of infidelity, and married Kevin some time after her husband was killed in a hunt in 1991. Her father disapproved and removed her from his will, but came to regret that decision after his death, when he learned that Ralph was trying to sell his antiques, and Kevin humiliated himself as Santa Claus to buy them back.

As a parent, she is loving, yet sometimes strict, and her expert tracking skills keep Rudy well-behaved. While Lindesfarne initially saw her as having difficulties approaching her, she now considers Kell her true mother.

The name of the two characters, Kevin and Kell, is a deliberate rhyme with "heaven and hell," indicating the contrasting nature of the couple. Kell's name was also influenced by the Book of Kells, a Celtic manuscript from the 8th Century AD.

Lindesfarne Dewclaw

A hedgehog, though she was initially presented as a porcupine. Kevin's adopted daughter from his first marriage. Seventeen years old at the start of the strip (18 now), and has recently graduated from high school. She is highly intelligent, and is an amateur scientist, fascinated with genetics, astronomy and spaceflight. An insectivore who was previously a herbivore until she learned that she was an English hedgehog, not a porcupine. In either event, her quills are often a blessing and a curse, as she can throw them with considerable accuracy, but they also make holding her difficult, which was the reason why Angelique chose to adopt her. She thus attaches her clothes, which look like paper doll accessories, to her quills.

Her species was the subject of early strips and series. She initially believed that she had, as a result of assimilation, become an American porcupine, but learned that Angelique had asked that she be classified as one because she could not catch insects. Lindesfarne changed back to her original species so that she could be nocturnal like her boyfriend, Fenton; she wakes up in the late afternoon and goes to sleep in the early morning. This change in schedule has had disadvantages; she initially felt neglected by her diurnal family members, but Chamilla Moodring's counseling session helped her to work through her feelings and not blame her family.

She is now attending Beige University on a triple major, along with her fiancé Fenton and roommates and friends Rhonda and Rachel. She also writes a blog, The Virtual Quill, about her perspective on major events in the comic concerning her, her life, and some information that is not in the comic strip (such as Rhonda's breakup with Edgar; no strips focused on the breakup, but a recent plotline dealt with Edgar's attempts to win Rhonda back).

Named after the island of Lindisfarne, off the coast of England. Lindesfarne's secret ancestry figured significantly in the comic strips of 2004; she is the human doppelganger to the hedgehog princess of England.

Rudy Dewclaw

Kell's son from a previous marriage; a wolf cub, but half-fox. Member of the Caliban High School hunting team, competing in mixed foursomes, and also a talented artist who produced webcomics about humans and an herbivore sheep (which was actually based on Corrie, even though Rudy was only unconsciously aware of this). Initially given as 12 years old, currently most likely fifteen nearing sixteen, as Kevin has begun to give him driving lessons. He is fairly impulsive and often immature, stowing away aboard the shuttle in a bid for fame (which results in him being denounced in the press as an "idiot" and "major bonehead"). However, he is also loyal (as a result of domestication), and despite distaste for herbivores and interspecies relationships, generally supports his friends and family in time of need. He previously held his father in high regard until he found out about his infidelity, but while he still has not quite accepted Kevin as a father figure, his relationship with his stepfather is improving. He has a tracking disability, preventing him from seeing the way prey is going, and, like his mother and uncle, is domesticated. Although he often gets on Lindesfarne's nerves by mocking her nocturnal schedule, diet and boyfriend, there is evidence that he cares for her, such as when he saves her from three cougars (although there are carnivores in Domain, cougars seem to be the only true threat, as the characters have not been attacked by any other type of predator).

Coney Dewclaw

Kevin and Kell's daughter. A carnivorous rabbit, age 2 1/2, who has completed toilet training, has taken her first steps, and is beginning to speak. One of a very few mixed-breeds in their world; some other hybrids include Rudy, Corrie and Francis. As a result of this, she is regarded with suspicion and hope. Her mixed classification is often problematic because, as it is often said, prey daycare centers are afraid that she will devour the children, and the predator daycare centers cannot ensure her safety. She's also one of the most formidable predators in Domain, and generally swallows her prey whole and spits out the bones or some article that her victim has (for example, a reporter's pen and notepad). Because of her skill, Rabbit's Revenge sought to breed carnivorous rabbits like her in order to drive other species to extinction, before their plans were foiled.

Other significant characters

In addition to featuring Kevin, Kell and their children, Kevin and Kell features many of the Dewclaws' friends and relatives, as well as other people.

Fiona Fennec

A half-red, half-Fennec vixen, Fiona is Rudy's girlfriend. She possesses many good traits such as a desire for people to get along, and is more socially skilled than Rudy, but can be sensitive at times; Rudy is afraid to tell her that clothes she is trying on will make her ears look larger. Her father's genes manifested themselves in April 2002 and led to her ears growing; she uses the ears for a variety of purposes (most often for far better hearing). She is the richest person in Domain, having grown wealthy as a result of fixing the Y2K bug for corporate benefactors, and used her wealth to buy Flea-Bay when Angelique planned on using it to sell personal information to telemarketers. She sold Hare-Link to her father when her mother insisted on firing Kevin and promoting Ralph. Her parents are divorced, and she generally lives with her mother in a mansion that she built; her stepfather Ralph and her good friend and stepsister Corrie moved into the mansion after their parents were engaged. She is also on the hunting team, and her role in the "foursome" with her, Rudy, Bruno, and Leona is to catch the prey's scent. She is, according to the coach, the best hunter on the team, and is co-captain with Rudy.

George Fennec

A Fennec Fox and Fiona's father. In the early years of the strip, he was somewhat one-dimensional, arrogantly feeling superior to the Dewclaws, considering his and Martha's lineages superior, and hating rabbits. He has developed since then, and is generally civil towards Kevin (although he initially only kept him as President and CEO of Hare-Link because Candace was loyal to him), but was initially desperate to shorten his ears to avoid being mistaken for a rabbit. He is now portrayed as somewhat clueless, especially with regard to parenting, but less unfriendly. However, according to Fenton, he has no friends. He previously lived in half of Fiona's mansion, after almost demolishing the other half, but purchased Hare-Link from Fiona with the equity from his mansion and moved out. He works at the office as owner, but is considered a figurehead, and is somewhat useless and distracting- Kevin gave him the responsibility of hunting down spammers when he became co-owner, in contrast to his taking control of management decisions. His management of the company is relatively pragmatic compared to now co-owner Kevin, and has stricter profit targets.

He is often mistaken for a rabbit, and attempted to convince Fiona to pay for an ear-shortening operation for some time. His ear size proved advantageous when he posed as Kevin when going to finalize a business deal with Steve Lops, of Carrots Computer (a parody of Steve Jobs). During the deal, he met Zerda Zenith, and, posing as a rabbit, had a brief relationship with her before she left him for a Fennec fox. Shortly thereafter, he discovered his "spark" with Danielle, and their relationship began. He married Danielle Kendall after discovering that he had a spark with her as well. George and Danielle had a son, Francis, on Election Day of 2006. while George was absent from Fiona's birth, he made it to Francis' in time, running from the hospital to Fran Caudal's house. He is especially determined not to miss a relationship with Francis; although Fiona loves him, he was often traveling during her childhood, and she generally stays with her mother.

Martha Dewclaw (Fennec before remarriage, maiden name Redfox)

Fiona's mother, a red vixen, who typically has custody of her, possibly because she was present more often during her daughter's childhood. Her initial personality and development were largely similar to that of her ex-husband; although she was fairly elitist and self-centered at first, she has since become more sympathetic, possibly to a greater degree than her ex-husband. She genuinely cares for Ralph and the rest of her family, and has a better view of Kevin's family than she did before (as shown when she once has tea with Kell, despite looking down upon her and Kevin when they first meet), but is sometimes regarded as self-centered. She attempted to convince Fiona, owner of Hare-Link, to fire Kevin and promote her then fiancé Ralph, but the plan backfired when Fiona, balancing her family's feelings with her concern for Hare-Link, sold it to George.

During her honeymoon, she and Ralph accidentally traveled through the portal to the human world, becoming humans in the process. She remained human when she hid in a lead-lined barrel, preventing the portal from transforming her back into a fox. Her human nature altered her personality, causing her to briefly plan on developing "the wild" before she realized that her family was losing their instincts because of her. She attempted to leave for the human world, but a trash bag knocked her back through the portal, and changed her back into a fox. No one outside her immediate family knew of her change before Lindesfarne, investigating her dreams about being a human baby, learned about it from Fiona and heard the story from Martha. She is currently "unlikely friends" with Danielle, partly because, according to Lindesfarne, both know what it is like to be human. She and Kell threw a baby shower for Danielle, and hosted it at the Fennec Mansion, despite Danielle being her ex-husband's current wife.

Fenton Fuscus

A bat who is Lindesfarne's fiancé. He works at "Hare-Link", now as Director of Security, and lives in a sentient tree that he saved from the lumber company. As a bat, he is able to fly, often taking Lindesfarne with him on his flight. He is also able to use sonar, which, while helping him navigate, is extremely painful to canines, and possibly others who can hear high frequencies. His vision is extremely poor, and he is virtually blind when he is unable to use his sonar, or when it is ineffective (he has difficulty reading writing on paper, and did poorly on the SATs). He attends Beige University with Lindesfarne, sharing a room with Bob Shrike, and is an excellent student, and occasionally commutes back to Domain to work at Hare-Link. He has repeatedly announced his desire to marry Lindesfarne, but she insisted on waiting until after college, partly because she wants to experience life before doing so, and partly because she believes she is not yet ready to have children. After an unknown number of proposals, Lindesfarne and Fenton are now finally engaged to be married, but still plan to wait until after they have both graduated from Beige University to get married.

His family, consisting of him, his parents, and at least one sister (who is apparently older than he is; he implies that she is married and has moved out of his house), has been mentioned but never shown; Lindesfarne celebrates his return with his parents off-panel as Fiona and Rudy watch from a distance. However, he seems quite close with them, as he lives at home until he acquires Tree (He, however, once notes that "At 18 it was time for me to leave home anyway", when he goes to work for Microtalon).

Ralph Dewclaw

A wolf and Kell's younger brother, around 31 or 32 years old. He was the "black sheep" of the Dewclaw family who formerly leeched off his father. While initially a villain of sorts, due to his attempts to kill Kevin and vices such as greed, he is currently portrayed in a more sympathetic fashion, especially since his reason for trying to kill Kevin was to spare Kell the pain he suffered when Wanda Woolstone, his herbivore girlfriend when he was 16, died giving birth to Corrie (however, if he had succeeded, Kell would have suffered similarly). Since then, he became a totally inept hunter, and he is unable to kill even a goat that was tied to the ground. He originally tried to kill Kevin to keep Kell out of her interspecies relationship; his failure was partly due to his sheep girlfriend's death in childbirth. Now he's vice-president of Hare-Link; he initially chafed at working for Kevin, but became more submissive and loyal after receiving paychecks, and after gaining weight from his sedentary work and fed by Elanor. He married Martha Fennec (Fiona's mother) in June 2002 after meeting her online about a year before. He was in charge of Hare-Link during the autumn of 2006, with the other employees being either preoccupied or unsuited to lead the company.

Elanor Dewclaw (née Fangore)

A wolf and Kell's mother. Although she previously insulted Kevin as "common," she is relatively accepting of Kell's marriage to Kevin, helping him with his campaigns and looking after Coney, and is the closest to the family, having moved in following the loss of her savings day-trading; Kevin was initially unhappy because he was not asked, but he came to appreciate Elanor. She provides daycare to Coney, and there was some tension between her and Dorothy Kindle over Coney's diet. However, she often visits Dorothy after she moved out of the Dewclaw treehouse. She also chats with Dorothy's ex-husband and Kevin's father online (ironically, having failed to catch and eat him decades ago- a fact both are aware of).

Elanor also serves as a campaign manager to Kevin, both in the 2000 Recreation Administrator and 2006 School Board elections. She is fairly pragmatic; she suggests that Kevin put his principles away until her "Change" slogan, designed to counteract the lack thereof in Sheldon Dome's century-long administration, fails, and also proposed that Kevin use negative ads in the School board.

Franklin Dewclaw

A wolf and Kell's father. Passed away after a struggle with Alzheimer's, and lives on in Kell's memory. He initially disapproved of Kevin, but came to regret that when, because he had written Kell out of his will to coerce her into divorcing Kevin, Ralph tried to sell his heirlooms and Kevin saved them. The part of him that lives on in Kell and Elanor's memory provides them with advice.

It is implied that Franklin and/or Elanor have siblings; Kell's family tree notes that they are omitted, and Kell says that she has a cousin, Sheila.

Pop Kindle

The original White Rabbit, Kevin's father, generally unsupportive of him and his marriage to Kell ("Now marrying a wolf, that's treason"). A con-artist who supposedly invented every "get rich quick" scheme, he worked for Herd Thinners as a security consultant because of his expertise in criminal methods. He was also "User 458," whose online affair with Angelique ended her marriage to Kevin. He is currently serving a life sentence in prison, having taken the blame for murdering Sid at Herd Thinners, and is communicating online with Elanor Dewclaw — his role is currently minimal, although Kevin and Danielle occasionally visit him.

His first name is unknown, and "Pop Kindle" is an unofficial name; he is often referred to as "Kevin's Dad," and Kell calls him "Mr. Kindle."

Interestingly, he is not completey without scruples: before being convinced by the police to wiretap the Bovine herd, he decided he'd rather die than hand Kevin over to them, he took the blame for the murder Danielle committed (by accident), and he gets on very well with his ex-wife's new boyfriend, Douglas Squirrel, who is his current cellmate, although both are trying for early release.

Dorothy Kindle

Kevin's mother, who lived in The Wild for years until Kevin and Kell found her in late 2005. However, if Danielle Kendall is correct, Dorothy left the Wild to visit her less than three years prior to her first Christmas with the Dewclaws. She is an extremely short rabbit who had Kevin via a C-section. She has a somewhat obnoxious personality, and is fairly creative at tormenting people. She too is less than pleased with Kevin's marriage, but apparently did not think highly of the "awful" Angelique, either. She initially got along poorly with Elanor, but rescued her when she broke her hip. Despite that, she imitated the howls of predators to show her what it means to be prey- Elanor feared being eaten as an injured predator. She then used her skills as a retired physical therapist to aid Elanor's recovery, albeit with threats and psychological torture. She has re-entered society and now lives with George and Danielle.

She gets along well with her grandchildren, regretting not being close to Lindesfarne during her childhood, and makes an attempt to establish a relationship with her after her engagement with Fenton. She helps Rudy with his tracking disability, partly motivated to do so because she is also unable to follow tracks, and when she was younger, was forced to find her own grazing spots. She volunteered to be conditioning coach for the hunting team, despite her initial protests about helping a team that hunts herbivores. Dorothy said she would coach until Danielle gave birth, but recent strips have shown her continuing to help condition the team.

When she learned about Coney's protective nature, she thought that she would stop being a carnivore, but when Coney saved her life, she promised to stop trying to change her diet. However, it remands to be seen if she will keep her promise.

Danielle Kindle

Kevin's sister, who is 25 at the time of her death, is an accountant who often describes situations in terms of percentage values, generally probability (when threatening to report Kell, she says that there is an 85% chance she will tell the authorities). She was mortally wounded saving George from an automatic stake launcher and died after helping to destroy Rabbit's Revenge's computers, but her interdimensional counterpart (originally from a human universe) Danielle Kendall, remains in the strip. Danielle Kindle supposedly acts through Danielle Kendall, such as when Danielle knows her way through the Rabbit Warren despite never being there before, and Danielle Kendall sees her purpose in Domain as living Danielle Kindle's life.

Danielle's death sparked some controversy on the Mailing List, according to the Unofficial FAQ.

Danielle Fennec (née Kendall)

Danielle Kindle's human counterpart, who was thrown through the Bermuda portal while investigating the garbage dump as an IRS auditor. The two have almost identical lives, from their clothing (although Danielle Kendall usually wears blue rather than light green and pink) to interests in numbers to the fact that both their fathers are in prison. However, Danielle Kendall possesses insight on the human world, yet somehow knows the way through the Rabbit warren on her first time there, as her counterpart is acting through her. She married George Fennec (Fiona's father) in February 2004, and is somewhat naïve about his flaws (she is hopeful that he will guide her through the process of raising her son, even though he was detached when Fiona was born), possibly because she is ignorant of some past events (she selects Martha as a bridesmaid, not knowing of the Fennecs' acrimonious divorce). She initially planned on leaving to counter the instinct loss, but Ms. Aura and Nigel did so instead.

Although her immediate family knows that she is only a parallel of the Danielle Kindle whom they have known, the family treats her the same, with Kevin referring to her as "Sis" on occasion, and with her mother apparently only pretending to believe her claims of being human. Danielle does periodically slip in her cover, such as when she eats meat or refers to eyebrows, slippers, or other human items and customs foreign to her new world, but no one outside of those who already know of her species have indicated that they know. She is Francis' mother, and was very insistent that she wouldn't label her son as a fox, rabbit, human, or other.

During her pregnancy, Danielle took to wearing her hair in a long braid down her back, rather than letting it flow to just below her shoulder — the first instance of her doing so is when she sees Dr. Caduceus after the debate. When asked why, Holbrook responded that it was based on something his wife had done when she was pregnant. After Francis was born, she was seen regularly with her hair down again. She also wears a blue shirt and pants, rather than a blue version of Danielle Kindle's jacket and skirt combination.

Francis Fennec

The newborn son of Danielle Kendall and George Fennec and half-brother of Fiona Fennec. Biologically, he isn't a hybrid or a chimera as much as a mess. The child of a fennec and a formerly human rabbit, he's a docile long-eared ball of fur that's unidentifiable anything more specific than a mammal. Cross-species offspring have previously been clearly identifiable as one species or as a distinct mix. Francis has so far been healthy, but Danielle is worried about the long-term consequences of his ancestry, and suggests that her being a former human is a cause of this. According to Lindesfarne's blog, however, the DNA of even Danielle's eggs was also changed by passing through the portal, and Lindesfarne found no similarities between Martha's human DNA and Francis'. It has been revealed that the closest definition of the babys species, based on teeth, is Primate.


Kevin's first wife; completely conniving, selfish, and unethical, and also very pragmatic. Currently married to R.L. Lost her rabbit credentials when she turned their defense secrets over to R.L., and now lives (courtesy of cosmetic surgery) as a rat (a "pleasant mental image" to Kevin). According to Lindesfarne's blog, she is sterile, which is why they decided to adopt a child, and according to Angelique, she wanted a "prickly species" in order to have an excuse to keep her distance. She has 20 adopted children skunks from her second marriage. She married R.L. on a "Flea-Bay" appointment when they found out their personalities matched. When R.L. vanished, Angelique took over the company, and planned on ruling the world with it, but R.L. returned and convinced her to use Herd Thinners to make a lot of money. She used to battle with Kevin over Lindesfarne, going so far as to make Lindesfarne allergic to Kell, apparently out of spite. She surrendered custody of Lindesfarne when she graduated. Kevin, Kell and Kevin's parents generally have low opinions of her, and Lindesfarne, who remembers feeling neglected by Angelique, is quite conflicted about her, but considers Kell her mother.

Although Angelique has some desire to reconcile with Lindesfarne, she is perhaps the only recurring character who has not become more likable or sympathetic with the passage of time.


One of Angelique's children from a brief marriage to a skunk, who often talks with Lindesfarne when the latter is babysitting her. She receives little attention from Angelique during the holidays, but Lindesfarne helps the situation by sending "applications of Christmas" to the laptop she left with Angelique. She seems to be the only one with any significant role, although another skunk is named "Bosworth."

Randy Foxglove

A fox who was Kell's first husband and Rudy's father. He was killed during a hunt while trying to prove himself, and appears in Rudy, Kell and even Kevin's (as a result of living with Kell) memories. He had an affair with a female fox named Gladys Burrows, who gave birth to Vin Vulpen. Kell suspected this during her marriage, but only became sure after Lindesfarne did genetic profiling to identify Vin Vulpen's biological father. Rudy, who formerly idolized his father, was shocked at this revelation. The memory of Randy apparently holds Kevin in high esteem, and does not see it as a problem that he is a prey species ("Another predator would have devoured me").


A wolf, the chief of Herd Thinners, Inc. (his name stands for "Real Life"), who is only visible from his mouth forwards unless his face is covered; on his date with Angelique, he wears a paper bag on his head. He has a voracious appetite, sometimes eating disfavored subordinates or potential rivals. The Purchasing Manager was devoured for taking bribes, and it is suggested that Kell might have been eaten as well for being "domesticated," had Lindesfarne not exposed his own domestication. R.L. has married Angelique, whom he had planned to eat during a Flea-Bay date, when he found out that she is "as greedy, conniving, and unethical” as he was. She took advantage of his domestication, and even temporarily took over the company when he was presumed dead, before stepping down when he returned. R.L. is also almost completely ignorant about computers, and needs Kell's help to understand them. He seems to respect Kell's skills and integrity (particularly her keeping his rabbit wife and domestication secret), and despite firing her, came to regret it during the rabies shot shortage and when the rabbits set up a fake insurance company to force them to rehire her. R.L. uses Kell as an unofficial aide, partly for the purpose of having her as a good public face.


R.L.'s predecessor (his name is apparently "Lethal Dose"), also visible only from his mouth forward. His personality is very similar to R.L.'s. He drowned in his own drool upon seeing Coney.

Aby Eyeshine

A domestic cat, runs "Aby's Auto Repair" where Kell worked from November 30, 2004 to July 2005. She helped Kell to learn the language of cats; Kell used this knowledge to help Aby move in to the Ursals' former house by persuading the cat homeowner board that felines and canines could live together, having learned how to speak like a cat. Aby tried to find a boyfriend, but had little success, partly because she gets extremely dirty in the course of her job. Eventually, Aby decides that she is "married to her work", and has a wedding to make it official. Although they became friends recently, Aby was chased up a tree by Kell when they were both 10 years old, but does not bear a grudge against her for this.

Candace Canid

A border collie, Hare-Link's customer support and Kell's friend. A former airline traffic controller before her boss tormented, and eventually fired her, for Domestication. Currently works out of New Zealand and still occasionally appears in the strip. She and her husband adopted a baby sheep that was, in fact, Corrie's clone. Corrie had lived with her for some time before replacing her with her clone, after becoming tired of a rigid lifestyle that even dictated what steps to take on the way to bed. When her clone began rapidly aging, she convinced the clone to pose as her birth mother and take her away. The clone happened to find the GBC's time machine while working as a cleaning lady, and turned herself into an infant by accident, taking on the name "Mary." Candace has strong maternal feelings towards Mary. Her husband Buster, who now works for a "Mr. Jackson" in New Zealand (possibly a reference to Peter Jackson, who directed The Lord of the Rings movies) sometimes appears, but has little character development. She has, fundamentally, been written out of the series, but is still employed by Hare-Link, and made a few appearances after the move.

Bruno Lupulin

Bruno is Rudy's best friend, despite his unease about Rudy's initial negative opinion on interspecies relationships, which forced him to keep his relationship with Corrie a secret. He is on the school's hunting team; he and Rudy chase down the prey to exhaust it. A wolf who turned herbivore in an operation that changed his digestive system to that of a ruminant; Corrie paid for it and his parents signed a permission form without realizing or caring about what it was. When Rudy fought him (supposedly over his herbivorism, but Kevin realizes that it was over him as a father figure), his canine teeth were knocked out and replaced by those of a herbivore. He is officially "trans-diet," and experiences some prejudice; he was nearly banned from the hunting team until he tricked the school board into thinking that he could eat meat by eating his sheepskin rug instead of Mary, who had been captured as the animal to be eaten. His diet has earned him the hatred of some carnivores, particularly one pack of coyotes. He typically wears a sheepskin rug made from Corrie's wool since Corrie disguised herself as "Dale", and has been wearing the horns Corrie gave him for his birthday in 2003, so that he will not be confused for a female again.

Corrie/Dale Dewclaw (previously Corrie Dale/Dale Corrie)

A sheep/wolf, Bruno's girlfriend and Ralph's daughter from his teenage relationship with Wanda Woolstone; she is also Fiona's stepsister, and is friends with her cousin Rudy. After her mother died in childbirth and Ralph put her up for adoption, some scientists got hold of her and cloned Dolly/Mary from her. Corrie escaped into the wild where she met Bruno, who was on his first hunt — he made the mistake of talking with his prey, and became friends with her, eventually falling in love with her. She is another mixed-breed, who appears and lives as a sheep, although she is half-wolf. Used to ride on Bruno's back, disguised as a sheepskin, for protection against predators, but once she was revealed as a sheep, she mostly stopped doing that. However, she often does so in order to conceal her presence, such as when she listens to Fiona talk about her with Bruno, or when she sneaks into the school board building to help Bruno "prove" that he is still a carnivore. She sometimes uses Ralph's wolfskin to disguise as a wolf, which resulted in her being registered as a wolf-cub, and people thinking that she was Ralph's daughter, although they did not know that. She gave her name as "Dale Corrie" during this time period, and was presented as "Dale Dewclaw" after learning of her relationship with Ralph. During this time, she got a job at Herd Thinners as web maven, and when she was revealed when protecting Fiona from a cougar attack, she was allowed to keep it due to her notoriety. She is a web designer, who is web maven for the Interspecies Relationship website, as well as for Herd Thinners. She has graduated from Caliban with a GED, presumably because while she only briefly attended school, she may have learned alongside Bruno.


Corrie's clone. She replaced Corrie when Corrie tired of living under strict guidelines at the Canids. She showed signs of age during the creation of Flea-Bay, as clones age more rapidly than non-clones, and posed as Corrie's birth mother to take her away. She got a job as a cleaning lady for Ms. Aura, and accidentally turned herself into an infant, taking on the name "Mary," and becoming a playmate for Coney. She now lives in New Zealand with the Canids; as Corrie says, she may be a clone, but she has her own life. She, like her adoptive parents, has been fundamentally written out of the series.

Catherine Aura

A buzzard, teacher, then Assistant Coach at Caliban. She was once the High Priestess of the Great Bird Conspiracy (GBC) until the Y2K crisis, a cover to make the world self-sufficient and free it of the secret GBC domination. She returned when Rudy made his "humans" comic, and became assistant coach of the hunting team, increasing the practice hours to prevent Rudy from drawing the strip. In March 2004, she and her son Nigel departed for the human dimension and became dolphins, which they considered the "most superior species." She has been written out of the series — her returning would possibly once again offset the balance.

Nigel Aura

Catherine's son. He is quite intelligent for a bird his age, possibly because he inherited it from his mother. His conversations with his mother reveal more about the Great Bird Conspiracy. However, he sometimes is prone to accidents, such as when he shot Ray and Tree with the "intelligence ray" and is sometimes impatient and impulsive. He now lives in the human world as a dolphin and was also written out of the strip.

Gino Aura

Catherine's cousin and Fiona's stalkerazzi mentor. He typically communicates in grunts and is often seen smoking a cigarette. He moves into Catherine's tree after she leaves for the human world, and gives Rudy and Fiona the idea to spread rumors to keep people away from the Bermuda Triangle portal. He drops off eggs for Kevin on Easter.

Vin Vulpen

Rudy's half-brother as a result of Rudy's father's affair with a fox named Gladys Burrows (who died when Vin was young; his surname most likely comes from his stepfather), and his nemesis. A former hunting team champion who resented the success the foursome of Rudy, Bruno, Fiona and Rhonda. Unlike stereotypical Jocks, he is very intelligent, especially in science. He previously worked in Herd Thinners' labs despite most of his work on domesticity being stolen from Lindesfarne; however, he managed to make a concoction that made Lindesfarne allergic to Kell. He was fired when Rudy's DNA caused him to make an explosion that destroyed Angelique's cosmetic ears. He fled into The Wild after his attempt to frame R.L. and Angelique for fraud and gain revenge on Angelique failed; only Rudy and Fiona, who helped him escape by falsely reporting his death, know about this. In the Wild, he has a mate and has adopted her cubs. He has even forgotten his own name, which he does not use in the Wild. He has been written out of the series.

Rhonda Panthera

A tigress; for a time she was Vin's hunting partner and girlfriend, and currently Lindesfarne's roommate and friend. She is somewhat heavyset, which she is fairly sensitive about, and which hinders her stalking in low grass. She was formerly on the hunting team's foursome, and supposedly the team's captain at one point, until she started hunting alone to get an academic scholarship to Beige University. She now attends college with Lindesfarne and attempts to get used to a college schedule. She taught Coney how to pounce, helping improve Kell's perception of felines. She is in a relationship with Edgar, a lion from the school. However, they broke up in February of 2006 after Edgar showed little desire to improve his hunting skills or to hunt independently of females. They recently reconciled after Edgar, in attempting to hunt, proved how much he cared for Rhonda. Despite this, Rhonda is currently seeing Quinn Rabelai on Ninth Life, having again become frustrated with Edgar's inability to hunt. She has married him, at least temporarily, in order to save Lindesfarne from her own arranged marriage.

Rhonda's last name is only mentioned in the "Sergeant Pepper" strip. It is possible that she is the daughter of Min Panthera, one of the best hunters at Herd Thinners.


Rhonda's boyfriend. An extremely lazy male lion who, similar to real lions, uses females to do his hunting for him — his father supposedly watches TV all day while his mother works as an ad executive. Rhonda broke up with him over that, but he attempted to learn to hunt by taking lessons from Rudy. He did not improve, but Rhonda, seeing him embarrass himself for her, resumed her relationship with him. She broke up with him again, however, when she married Quinn. In a futile attempt to win her back, he tried out for the hunting team, shaving his mane off as a disguise. In the process, however, he discovered Leona's crush on him, and the two are now dating.

Rachel Einhorn

A lesbian rhinoceros that initially fell for Bruno before realizing that he was not female, because his sheepskin smelled like one, and her poor eyesight did not allow her to see that she was dealing with a male. She reflexively charges at unfamiliar things, which also extends to unfamiliar concepts such as Bruno's diet and Kevin and Kell's family- she thus attempts to familiarize herself with other cultures in order to avoid incidents. She is Rhonda's replacement on the hunting team; while Fiona had reservations about a true herbivore being on the team, Rachel finished off a deer by knocking a tree onto it, winning her trust. She went to the prom with Joan Hoof, a female giraffe; same-sex relationships are not as much of an issue in Domain as they are in the human world — according to Danielle Kendall, a society can only have one "pointless, arbitrary division" at a time.

She has also graduated, and is roomates with Lindesfarne- her instinctive charging meant that she could not be roommates with anyone new. She received an F in her botanical categorization exam, as she'd only eaten leaves she had trampled into a pulp before. Thanks to Lindesfarne, she managed to pass.


A semi-intelligent daisy found by Kevin and kept as a pet.


A tree that became sentient after being hit by the misfired intelligence ray that also worked on Ray Flambeau, and Fenton's house after he purchased the tree from the lumber company. While sentient, Tree has plant instincts, and when corrupted by connection to the internet, siphoned funds from Hare-Link, and almost got Fenton in trouble. Additionally, diseased branches caused Tree to behave erratically — it IMs Lindesfarne and e-mails Hare-Link while impersonating Fenton to prevent suspicion, and battles Lindesfarne with its diseased branches when she attempts to remove them. Kevin now uses the tree to hold some of Hare-Link's hardware. He was initially suspicious of the tree, supposedly because it is "prey" to him, and possibly because of past incidents, but his relationship with it seems to be improving, especially after a long conversation during a power outage that disabled the electric lock controls and prevented him from leaving the tree.

Although Tree technically has no defined gender, it is referred to as a female. It has maternal feelings for Fenton, resulting in him becoming a thrill-seeker to rebel against them.

Ray Flambeau

A large, simple-minded but good-natured firefly (who attempted to "e-mail" Lindesfarne by throwing a badly spelled hand-written note, attached to computer through her window) who was Tammy's boyfriend; he dated her to be close to Lindesfarne, whom he truly loved. He was hit by the GBC's intelligence ray, becoming as smart as Stephen Hawking, and worked for Microtalon until New Year's Day 2000. During this time, he realized that Tammy had been using him for his light. He used the intelligence ray on himself and reverted to his normal, low, intelligence; he did not want to come between Lindesfarne and Fenton. He eventually truly fell for Tammy, married her, and had a bright moth child with her. He works at a lighthouse.

Tammy Tussock

A moth who was once in love with Fenton before Lindesfarne became nocturnal and spoke with her about him. She dated Ray, but because he was a powerful source of light, he temporarily blinded her after his return from Microtalon. She truly fell in love with him and has since married Ray. She takes college courses online at the lighthouse while caring for baby Angstrom. Insects in Domain are either the same size as other sapient species, or as small as they are in the real world; Tammy is the former, as she is about as tall as Lindesfarne. Although her and Ray's roles have significantly declined since their wedding and the birth of their son, they occasionally appear in the strip.


Tammy and Ray's son, who was born in 2002. A hybrid of a moth and a firefly, he is a very powerful light source.

Chet Cheetah

A former boyfriend of Kell; their breakup was quite acrimonious, as Kell reportedly broke his jaw in the course of doing so, under unknown circumstances. He sees Kell's dumping him for a prey species as a personal insult. After losing to Kevin one night at the health club after Christmas of 1998, an unknown cheetah stole his wallet and his identity cards. Chet killed the cheetah and took over his identity theft business, but Kell, investigating his alleged death, tracked him down and turned him over to the police. Since he is presumably serving a prison sentence for his crimes, it is unlikely that he will appear again.

The Coyote Pack

A gang of six coyote thugs that hates herbivores, particularly those who were formerly carnivores. Three of them attacked Rudy for being friends with Bruno (supposedly because Bruno was a better fighter), and the whole pack later attacked Bruno as well, before a team effort by Rachel, Lindesfarne and Corrie trapped them in the Rabbit Warren and forced at least one member to live as a rabbit for decades.

Dr. Caduceus

Kell and Elanor's doctor, a sidewinder snake. He provides medical humor for the comic (such as dealing with the "cost containment administrators" for Kell's HMO, which are leeches), and is one of the few who knows about Martha's transformation into a human. His role in the plot expanded recently, as he checks in on Danielle's pregnancy. He was a "local tough" when Kevin was arranged to marry Fran, and decided to become a doctor after reviving his fellow tough Carl with C.P.R.; as he was a teenager, this indicates that he is considerably older than Kevin and is presumably in his fifties. His name probably a reference to the caduceus, the traditional symbol of physicians and healers.This was shown in visual pun, in a strip where he was seen with a "pole dancer", forming the symbol.

Chamilla Moodring

A chameleon psychiatrist who changes color as she senses moods changing. After a Social Services mole sees Elanor supposedly playing with her prey (actually pushing her granddaughter Coney in the swing), the Dewclaws attend counseling in order to keep custody of Coney. While they initially believe that the session will be easy, they learn that Kevin resents Elanor living with them without his being consulted, and that Lindesfarne feels left out as a result of her nocturnal schedule. An intense argument erupts, and the conflicting emotions send Chamilla Moodring into a state of shock. After they resolve their differences, the Dewclaws collectively feel relief, allowing Chamilla Moodring to recover. She allows them to keep Coney if no more incidents occur- it is unlikely that any will, as Coney eats the mole.

Coach Sam Pardus (formerly Eyeshine)

A house cat who disguised himself as a leopard; he is Caliban Academy's hunting coach and Aby's brother, whose role has expanded in recent years. As coach, he accepts "unconventional" kids such as Rudy (who has a tracking disability), Bruno (who is trans-diet), and Rachel (who is not a carnivore). He feared that if he were replaced, his successors would not do the same. That fear caused him to hide his domestication, until when during the course of being named Coach of the Year, the Gatorade drenching ceremony washes off his leopard makeup. Public outcry ensues, but Kell and the team stand up for him, and the headmaster keeps him on the technicality that he didn't lie outright. His leg has been broken as a result of a moose charging him while he was sitting on his bench during a game — his absence while he was taken to the hospital required Dorothy Kindle to fill in, but he has since recovered.

The Ursals(Manny, Majorie, Minora, Bob, Harcourt)

A three-generation family of bears. Majorie and Manny are a retired couple that lived across the street from the Dewclaws and were friends with them, in order to make up for throwing their daughter, Minora, and her husband, Bob out of the house for being vegetarians. Minora and Bob lived in the Wild, and had a son, Harcourt, until Kell found them and reunited the family. Majorie and Manny have accepted their vegetarianism, and eventually became vegetarians themselves because of their inability to eat solid meat. They currently live in Florida, after selling their house to Aby, and have been written out of the strip.

Professor Antlerhead

A geneticist at Beige University who recruited Lindesfarne to work on cloning with him, until she found out that he faked his results. She decided to undertake and prove his research "for real" herself, and now continues to work for him, despite her perspective on him being changed and her supposedly being isolated from the others.

heldon Dome

A turtle who is at least 120 years old (while most species in Domain have human lifespans, there are exceptions such as mayflies). He has held the position of Recreations Administrator for 120 years, but almost lost it to Kevin, who is campaigning to allow Coney to join the Youth League, carnivore division. His claim that Kell ate his campaign manager (and, as it is later revealed, second wife), dooms Kevin's campaign, but Lindesfarne finds his campaign manager just at the end of the election, and he allows Coney to join the Youth League. He despises technology and anything related to it, due to the fact that his first wife left him a century ago for an abacus repairman, but Rudy tricks him into looking at a PDA to prove that he is old enough to be on the hunting team. Despite his differences with the Dewclaws, he testifies before the senate about the herbivore/carnivore marriage ban, to oppose the bill.

enator Angus Steerage

A bull senator, who authored a bill banning marriages between herbivores and carnivores in order to gain media attention for himself. The bill was set to pass unanimously, as the senate was entirely controlled by herbivores (who make up a greater portion of the electorate than carnivores) but when Kevin and Kell learned that they were not legally married, they raced to the marriage office and their working together to save the marriage convinced everyone except Senator Steerage to vote against it.

Mr. Castrato

A cow disguised as a bull, which runs the Bovine Herd out of the Badda Bing Badda Bull club, a parody of The Sopranos. Mr. Castrato has several illegal operations, such as gambling and illegal meat selling, and demanded that Pop Kindle turn Kevin over to the mob so that they could sell him as meat. When the police's attempt to wiretap the Bovine herd failed, Kevin defended himself against the attacking bovines that were sent after him, and saved his father from the others, but Mr. Castrato escaped, and it was revealed that Mr. Castrato was a cow in disguise all along.

Pastor Worchestershire

Pastor of the Carnivore church, Kell's former, and Elanor's current church. He, like his fellow clergymen, disapproves of Kell's marriage, but does not openly admit it to her (he asks, "How is the, uh, marriage going?", indicating that he is thinking of a term for Kevin and Kell's relationship that will not betray his true feelings). Despite this, he is willing to give Kell spiritual advice, such as when she feels as though she is not a predator in any of her roles in life.

Wanda Woolstone

A sheep who became Ralph Dewclaw's girlfriend when he violated one of the primary rules of hunting and started talking with his prey. Wanda became pregnant with Corrie and died in childbirth, forever scarring Ralph, who has not been able to hunt successfully since. Ralph often visits her grave, and Corrie does so on Mother's Day.

Although her age is not explicitly stated, she was born in 1968, and as Corrie is 14 when she visits her grave in 2002, Wanda presumably was 20 when she died.

Lab Mice

Two mice that Lindesfarne originally adopted for a research paper on the Internet. They have also served as test subjects for a domestication cure and assistant astronomers for Lindesfarne, as well as individuals with whom she can talk about the ramifications of her experiments. Lindesfarne promoted them to her assistants when studying Vin and Rudy's DNA, and also used them to study marriage. They planned on going through the portal to the human world to restore the balance between the worlds, but Catherine Aura told Lindesfarne that they were too small, and went through with Nigel instead.

The Squirrel

A nameless squirrel investor whom Rudy caught during the tiebreaker of the hunting championship finals. He was prepared to eat the squirrel, but hearing that Fiona was in potential financial trouble caused him to accidentally drop the squirrel and give it amnesia. He put the squirrel in with Lindesfarne’s mice and looked into the matter himself. When he recovered his memory the squirrel warned Lindesfarne about the unstable foundations of Fiona’s mansion, helping her to save Rudy, Fiona, and Corrie. The squirrel now lives with the mice in order to stay safe from Coney.

Chertsey Ealing

Lindesfarne's doppelganger in this world, the hedgehog Princess of England. Her ears are far larger than Lindesfarne's, because they were not bobbed as hers were. She became homeless when she ran away after her parents' divorce, until Lindesfarne's revealing her being the princess allowed her to live at the palace. Lindesfarne sees her as the ultimate test of nature vs. nurture; similarly, her learning about Chertsey's life story after adoption caused her to appreciate her foster father Kevin.

Fran Caudal

A rabbit from a well-respected family; Dorothy Kindle and her mother attempted to arrange a marriage between her and Kevin, but when Kevin showed no fear against a threatening rattlesnake, the Caudals broke off the marriage. She is currently running against Kevin for school board, and knows who he is. She attempted to seize the advantage by claiming to have killed the rattlesnake (despite the story conflicting with both the actual events and what she was told had happened), but failed when Dr. Caduceus revealed the truth. She helped to deliver Danielle's baby on election night; she was formerly a midwife. She seems to be gracefully accepting her defeat in the election, and Kevin has nominated her to head Caliban Academy. According to Lindesfarne's blog, she has accepted.

Carl Crotalus

The snake who wanted to attack Kevin and Fran in their infancy. He accidentally knocked himself unconscious and Dr. Caduceus revived him. He is currently alive, and Dr. Caduceus reached him to confirm his story.

Bob Shrike

Fenton's roommate, a shrike. While he eats small mammals as well as insects, he did not eat many mammals while growing up, as his family could not afford them. However, the fact that his species eats small mammals caused Lindesfarne to become concerned for Fenton's safety, until she realized that her father had no natural defenses, yet trusted his predator wife and stepson. Lindesfarne has begun to trust Bob.

The School Board Members

Kevin and four others comprise the Domain School Board after the recent elections, with Kevin having been elected to replace the old members, predators who were eaten during the high stakes test. Kevin seems to be the only one who opposes high-stakes testing at this point, and the other members doubt his capability to enact change.

Chairman Flyeater is the leader of the school board, and the only one with a given name. He agreed to take credit for saving the school money in exchange for voting with Kevin. The other members consist of a praying mantis, a bird and an ostrich named Camille who is the only female member of the board and used to be Rudy's teacher.

Quinn Rabelai

A porcupine who was adopted by a rabbit couple, and was arranged to marry Lindesfarne. He does not wish to go through with the arrangement, instead wanting to make his own decisions about his life. In order to help break the contract, he agreed to marry Rhonda, whom he had met on Ninth life, and then soon divorce her. However he and Rhonda fell in love and chose to remain married.

Frank and Leona Mangle

Frank Mangle is a staff predator at Herdthinners. A male lion who hunts, he works in the same capacity as Kell, and they are often rivals for the same bonuses and rewards. When his wife became ill, he secretly learned to take down prey to feed his family. It was supposed to be a temporary arrangement, but his wife died. Because he hunted, he was ostracized from his pride.

Leona is Frank's daughter. She joined tryouts for the hunting team in order to impress Edgar, whom she had a crush on. She didn't think much of the "lioness" who couldn't hunt (whom, unbeknownst to her, was Edgar in disguise) but when she discovered the truth, she was very supportive, explaining about her father. She and Edgar are now dating.She has taken Rachael's place on the team.

The Rabbit Council

As the name suggests, a council of rabbits, the members of which are only shown in shadow. They seem to be the most powerful force in Domain, next to the Great Bird Conspiracy,as they once created a phony insurance company in order to get Kell to work at Herdthinners again, and it is implied that they organize arranged marriages (in the form of chance meetings) via the Internet. They have made Rudy the new Easter Bunny in exchange for a scholarship to art school.

Real People in Domain

As the world of Kevin and Kell is a parallel of the human world, some real people have been featured in the strip, some with an impact on the storyline.
*Jerry Springer Spaniel: He offers Kevin and Kell $2,000 each to appear on the show, hoping to convince Kell to eat Kevin on air by revealing his online interactions with "Deathpaw". However, it is revealed that "Deathpaw" was Kell, and when he attempts to provoke Kell by suggesting that Kevin made her look stupid, she eats him.
*Steve Irwin: A koala, he was hired by R.L. to put the Herd Thinners staff on video surveillance to make sure they are really hunting, instead of claiming naturally deceaced carcasses as kills. Though he has little natural defenses, he survives close proxmity to predators as his wife Terri, a tiger, works the cameras.
*Steve Lops: A lop-eared rabbit, head of Carrot Computers, a computer company with mostly rabbits (except for Zerda Zenith, a Fennec who, due to being mistaken for a rabbit, identifies herself as one) and a parallel to Steve Jobs. George makes a deal with him to have Hare-Link as Carrot Computer's area network after disguising himself as a rabbit; Kevin was supposed to go, but had a fever on the day of the meeting.
*Butterfly Ballot Bush: A butterfly and the parallel of George W. Bush. He is portrayed as fairly stupid, needing a lifeline to call his father during the inauguration and not realizing that a fence along the border would be ineffective against flying and burrowing species. Kevin seems to oppose him, as he reluctantly watches the inauguration, and Lindesfarne and Rudy infer that he was a Kerry supporter based on his considering Election Day a very long day.
*Douglas Squirrel: A retired banker and widower (his wife was eaten by a Herd Thinners employee). He fell in love with Dorothy, and convinced her to go out with him. Unfortunately, she found out, via Pop Kindle, that he'd done time for stealing birdseed, and broke up with him. She regretted what she'd done, however, and asked Lindesfarne to check and see if he DID have a criminal record. The result was surprising: he was actually D.B. Cooper, a hijacker. He'd hijacked a plane for a ransom, but when he bailed out, he landed in a birdfeeder and lost the ransom (Unbeknownst to anyone, the money was found by a young wolf (possibly L.D.), who used it to start Herd Thinners). He served time for stealing birdseed, but not for the hijack. Despite this knowledge, however, Dorothy went on another date with him, as he'd served time, and it was a one-off, unlike her ex-husband's criminal career. Unfortunately, after he saved a kitten, a journalist discovered his identity, and he was arrested. He is currently sharing a cell with Dorothy's ex-husband (whom he gets along with surprisingly well), although both are trying to get time off for good behaviour.

Minor Recurring Characters

*Cousin Sheila: Kell's cousin, the daughter of her mother's deceased sister. She was briefly considered as Coney's guardian, due to experimenting with alternative lifestyles, but became a "born-again meat eater". She does a lot of travelling, and never married, thus she is jealous of Kell for settling down with a nice family and a perfect job. She is an identical duplicate of Kell, allowing the two to change places and argue their problems out with each other.
*Mr. Reynolds: A bear who sometimes helps Kevin with his business. Kevin interviewed him, but was unable to hire him due to Hare-Link's status.
*Cynthia: A cat who is in the military helping with technology services. She was also briefly considered for employment at Hare Link.
*The headmaster of Caliban Academy: A larger than normal fly. Although he only appears twice, he makes the relatively significant decision to keep Coach Pardus despite his domestication and his covering it up. He is killed when a windshield falls on him, and Fran Caudal has been chosen to replace him. She has taken the post, and may be important in Kevin's efforts to end high-stakes testing.
*Zerda Zenith: A fennec fox who, due to being mistaken for a rabbit, identifies herself as one. She works for Carrot Computers. George fell in love with her, but didn't tell her he was a fennec diguised as a rabbit, partly because she said she'd never be attracted to a fennec, and partly because she'd seen him on tv with Fiona, and thought he was "a self-centered schmoe." Ironically, she dumped George for a real fennec, and gave him a black eye when he revealed that he was also a fennec ( because he'd lied to her).


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* [ Kevin and Kell]
* [ Lindesfarne's blog]
* [ The Unofficial FAQ] by John Reynolds

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