Marginal Revolution

Marginal Revolution

Marginal Revolution” may refer to:

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  • Marginal Revolution (blog) — This article is about a blog about economics. For the economics term regarding marginal utility, see Marginal utility. Tyler Cowen, co founder and most prolific contributor to the blog Marginal Revolution is a blog focused on economics run by… …   Wikipedia

  • Marginal utility — In economics, the marginal utility of a good or service is the utility gained (or lost) from an increase (or decrease) in the consumption of that good or service. Economists sometimes speak of a law of diminishing marginal utility, meaning that… …   Wikipedia

  • Marginal product of labor — In economics, the marginal product of labor also known as MPL or MPN is the change in output from hiring one additional unit of labor. It is the increase in output added by the last unit of labor.[1] Ceteris paribus that no other inputs to… …   Wikipedia

  • Broad spectrum revolution — The Broad Spectrum Revolution (BSR) hypothesis, proposed by Kent Flannery in a 1968 paper presented to a London University symposium, [Kent Flannery, Origins and Ecological Effects of Early Domestication in Iran and the Near East, The… …   Wikipedia

  • American Revolution — The American Revolution refers to the political upheaval during the last half of the 18th century in which the Thirteen Colonies of North America overthrew the governance of the British Empire and collectively became the nation of the United… …   Wikipedia

  • Französische Revolution von 1789: Vom dritten Stand zur Nation —   Die Erstürmung der Bastille am 14. Juli 1789 durch das Volk von Paris war ein spektakuläres, weil publikumswirksames Ereignis, dessen Nachricht sich in Windeseile in Frankreich und anschließend in ganz Europa verbreitete. Aber man würde aus… …   Universal-Lexikon

  • Ursachen der Industriellen Revolution — Über die Ursachen der Industriellen Revolution ist sich die Wissenschaft nicht einig. Die Frage wird meist als aus zwei Teilfragen bestehend behandelt. Die erste Frage lautet, warum die industrielle Revolution in Großbritannien begann, anstatt in …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Common Sense Revolution — The phrase Common Sense Revolution (CSR) has been used as a political slogan to describe common sense conservative platforms in Australia and the U.S. state of New Jersey in the 1990s. Based on the Singapore Model of economics,[1] its main goal… …   Wikipedia

  • Secondary products revolution — Andrew Sherratt s (1981) model of a secondary products revolution involved a widespread and broadly contemporaneous set of innovations in Old World farming: early use of domestic animals for primary carcass products (meat) was broadened from the… …   Wikipedia

  • La Revolution Biologique — La Révolution Biologique La biologie, qui est de manière très simpliste la « science du vivant » à connu des modifications conceptuelles et dogmatiques profondes au cours des derniers siècles. Passant des théories créationnistes aux… …   Wikipédia en Français

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