Generic citrus sodas

Generic citrus sodas

This article covers various store-brand generic citrus sodas, most of which offer low cost alternatives to Pepsi's Mountain Dew, Coca-Cola's Mello Yello or Dr Pepper Snapple Group's Sun Drop. In deference to Mountain Dew's leading position in the market for citrus sodas, most brands of generic citrus soda have the word "Mountain" in their names.


Citrus Drop/Citrus Drop Xtreme

Big K Citrus Drop is the generic version of Mountain Dew sold at Kroger stores. Its name plays another citrus drink, Sun Drop, which claims that its introduction in 1928[1] makes it the first soft drink marketed in this category, earlier than Mountain Dew. The brand's slogan is "Pop the Drop" which is analogous to Mountain Dew's former "Do the Dew" slogan. The Xtreme version tastes the same, but contains more caffeine and comes in a 'tribal' themed can. The slogan is "Citrus With Attitude".[2]

Citrus Pop

This is the Stewart's Shops equivalent to Mountain Dew available in upstate New York and Vermont.

Heee Haw

Heee Haw is the generic version of Mountain Dew sold at Hy-Vee stores, also available in diet. Name derived by adding an extra "e" in the middle of the words "Hee Haw," the name of a popular Southern television series.

Hillbilly Holler

Hillbilly Holler is a generic version of Mountain Dew sold at Fareway stores under the Fastco brand name. Rather than being a direct play on the name Mountain Dew, this name and some other generics make reference to the song, Good Old Mountain Dew, which praises the moonshine brewed in the Appalachian Mountains. Hillbilly and Holler are words referring to Appalachian Mountain life. The taste falls somewhere between Mello Yello and Mountain Dew.

Kountry Mist

Kountry Mist is the generic version of Mountain Dew sold at Winn-Dixie stores.

Mountain Breeze

Mountain Breeze[3] is the Safeway SELECT generic answer to Mountain Dew. The taste of the soda is much the same as Mountain Dew, with a few noticeable differences. Mountain Dew is a bit tangier than its Safeway SELECT counterpart, which focuses more on sweetness.[citation needed] One 12 oz. can of Mountain Breeze contains 190 calories, 65mg of sodium, 48g total Carbohydrate, 48g of sugar, and the following ingredients: carbonated water, high-fructose corn syrup, citric acid, sodium benzoate, orange juice concentrate, sodium citrate, caffeine, natural flavors, artificial flavors, ester gum and Yellow 5. The design of a Mountain Breeze soda can also bears a great resemblance to an older Mountain Dew can, more so than many of the generic citrus sodas. Safeway Select has replaced the brand name with Refreshe

12-pack of Mountain Explosion.

Mountain Drops

The Our Family version of Mountain Dew.

Has 20 more calories, one more gram Carbohydrates, and one more gram Sugar than Mountain Dew. This Generic Soda doesn't contain any Orange Juice.

Mountain Explosion

This is the Clover Valley brand sold at Dollar General.

Mountain Frost

Sold exclusively at Aldi stores.

Similar ingredients. Mountain Frost actually has 2 grams more sugar (per 12 oz.) at 49 grams. Mountain Dew has 47 grams.

Mountain Fury

Mountain Fury is a Mountain Dew taste-alike produced and distributed by Roundy's, Inc., a Milwaukee-based food retailer. Mountain Fury can be found at Pick n' Save, Rainbow, and Copps supermarkets. Diet Mountain Fury is also available. Mountain Fury has a caffeine content of 41.8 mg per 12 oz. can.

Mountain Holler

A bottle of Mountain Holler.

Mountain Holler is a generic brand soft drink similar to Mountain Dew and is sold exclusively at Save-A-Lot grocery stores. It is also touted as a "radical citrus thirst blaster" and has a small, but cult-like group following around the U.S. An example of this a group of fans called the Carnes Crazies, which come from Poneto,IN at Southern Wells High School. They are pure bad asses... nuff said.(as evidenced by such Facebook fan pages as Its taste is closer to Surge than Mountain Dew.

Ingredients of Mountain Holler are: Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, sodium benzoate, natural flavor, concentrated orange juice, caffeine, gum arabic, sodium citrate, EDTA, brominated vegetable oil, yellow 5.

Mountain Lightning

Mountain Lightning is a Wal-Mart soft drink brand that resembles Mountain Dew. On the can there is a picture of two mountains and lightning surrounding it and the color scheme exactly resembles that of Mountain Dew's. It's a less expensive alternative to Mountain Dew with less caffeine.[4] One can presume that its name was chosen due to both brand names being alternative for moonshine.

Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion is the Food Lion equivalent to Mountain Dew. It is available in cans and PET bottles. Like all Food Lion diet drinks, Diet Mountain Lion is no longer sweetened with Splenda, and they now use aspartame. Mountain Lion tastes very similar to Mountain Dew and Mello Yello. Diet Mountain Lion is sweeter than Diet Mountain Dew. Mountain Lion contains about the same amount of caffeine as Mountain Dew.

Mountain Lion ingredients : carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid.

Mountain Maze

Mountain Maze is the Mountain Dew-like soda sold exclusively at Albertson's stores.

Mountain Mellow

Mountain Mellow (a cross between the titles of "Mountain Dew" and "Mello Yello") is the Western Family and Shurfine brand Mountain Dew knockoff, sold in some areas with the subtitle "citrus soda." "Mountain Mellow" is sold (under the Western Family banner) in Mega Foods and other stores in the northwest of the U.S.A., and under the Shurfine banner in many areas of the Northeast. [2]

Mountain Mist

Mountain Mist. Has made some cameo appearances in Malcolm in the Middle.

Mountain Moondrops

Mountain Moondrops is an Ingles brand of soft drink that resembles Mountain Dew.

Mountain Roar

Mountain Roar is the Harris Teeter equivalent to Mountain Dew. This soda tastes basically the same as Mountain Dew, except for the higher sugar content. Mountain Roar is no longer available at most Harris Teeters, but you can sometimes find Diet Mountain Roar.

Mountain Rush

Mountain Rush is Shasta's version of Mountain Dew, formerly known as Moon Mist.

Mountain Splash

Mountain Splash is the Publix Super Markets brand of generic Mountain Dew. Formerly known as Citrus Hit.

Mountain W

Mountain W is the Wegmans stores version of a Mountain Dew style soda.

Mountain Yeller

Mountain Yeller is the Piggly Wiggly version of a Mountain Dew style soda. It is also where the South Carolina/Florida folk band The Mountain Yellers got their name.

Mountain Rush

A 3-liter bottle of Faygo Moon Mist

Mountain Rush (formally called Moon Mist) is manufactured by Shasta and designed to compete with Mountain Dew and Mello Yello.

Faygo also manufactures a soft drink called Moon Mist that is similar to Mountain Dew

Mt. Chill

Mt. Chill 12 pack

Super Chill Mt. Chill is manufactured by SuperValu and can be found at Sentry Foods and Cub Foods. Contains 48g of sugar, 180 calories.


Ramp is a Giant-Landover soft drink brand designed to compete with Mountain Dew.

Rocky Mist

Rocky Mist is a Meijer soft drink brand that also resembles Mountain Dew.


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