Motorway Patrol

Motorway Patrol
Motorway Patrol
Motorway Patrol logo.jpg
Genre Observational Documentary Television Series
Written by Bill Kerton
Narrated by Derek Judge
Composer(s) Liquid Studios
Country of origin New Zealand
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 12
Producer(s) Kate Fraser
Location(s) Auckland, New Zealand
Camera setup OPC, multi single-camera crews
Running time 22 minutes (approx)
Production company(s) Greenstone TV Ltd -
Distributor TVNZ
Original channel TV2
Picture format 576i
Audio format Stereo
Original run circa 1999 – present
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Motorway Patrol is a New Zealand observational documentary show created by Greenstone Pictures. The show follows the daily lives of police officers patrolling the motorways in and around Auckland, New Zealand's largest urban area.


About the show

Police pull over suspects on the motorways of Auckland for all sorts of suspected infractions of the law, including dangerous driving, speeding and when vehicles are 'unroadworthy'. There are major road accidents, suspects caught with illegal substances and much more, thus offering a certain type of drama and action for the viewer. In 2009, Australia launched its own version of the New Zealand series, titled Highway Patrol.

International airings

Motorway Patrol is filmed on the motorways around and in Auckland, New Zealand. Each show is approximately 22mins (excluding ads) as per TVNZ transmission guidelines and fills a 30 minute TV slot.

The table below represents the television show's international screenings, as well as its usual timeslot in the past:

Country Channel Timeslot
Nine Network
Crime & Investigation Network (Australia)
8:00pm on Fridays
6:30pm on Tuesdays
New Zealand
TV2 (NZ)
8:00pm on Thursdays
United Kingdom
9:00pm on Tuesdays
10:00am weekdays


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