Bordetella parapertussis

Bordetella parapertussis

color = red
name = "Bordetella parapertussis"
regnum = Bacteria
phylum = Proteobacteria
classis = Beta Proteobacteria
ordo = Burkholderiales
familia = Alcaligenaceae
genus = "Bordetella"
species = "B. parapertussis"
binomial = "Bordetella parapertussis"
binomial_authority = (Eldering and Kendrick 1938)
Moreno-López 1952

"Bordetella parapertussis" is a small Gram-negative bacterium of the genus "Bordetella" which is adapted to colonise the mammalian respiratory tract.cite book | author = Ryan KJ; Ray CG (editors) | title = Sherris Medical Microbiology | edition = 4th ed. | publisher = McGraw Hill | year = 2004 | id = ISBN 0838585299 ] Pertussis caused by "B. parapertussis" manifests with similar symptoms to "B. pertussis"-derived disease but tends to be generally less severe.cite journal |author=Heininger U, Stehr K, Schmitt-Grohé S, Lorenz C, Rost R, Christenson P, Uberall M, Cherry J |title=Clinical characteristics of illness caused by Bordetella parapertussis compared with illness caused by Bordetella pertussis |journal=Pediatr Infect Dis J |volume=13 |issue=4 |pages=306–9 |year=1994 |pmid=8036048]

Two lineages of "B. parapertussis" have been described. The first infects humans and is responsible for a minority of cases of the disease pertussis (also known as whooping cough).cite journal |author=Cherry J |title=Historical review of pertussis and the classical vaccine |journal=J Infect Dis |volume=174 Suppl 3 |issue= |pages=S259–63 |year=1996 |pmid=8896526] The second, ovine, lineage causes chronic non-progressive pneumonia in sheep.cite journal |author=Porter J, Connor K, Donachie W |title=Isolation and characterization of Bordetella parapertussis-like bacteria from ovine lungs |journal=Microbiology |volume=140 ( Pt 2) |issue= |pages=255–61 |year= 1994 |pmid=8180690] Both lineages are thought to have evolved from a "B. bronchiseptica"-like ancestor.cite journal |author=van der Zee A, Mooi F, Van Embden J, Musser J |title=Molecular evolution and host adaptation of Bordetella spp.: phylogenetic analysis using multilocus enzyme electrophoresis and typing with three insertion sequences |journal=J Bacteriol |volume=179 |issue=21 |pages=6609–17 |year=1997 |pmid=9352907] This disease can be symptomatic or asymptomatic and may predispose hosts to secondary infection.cite journal |author=Porter J, Connor K, Krueger N, Hodgson J, Donachie W |title=Predisposition of specific pathogen-free lambs to Pasteurella haemolytica pneumonia by Bordetella parapertussis infection |journal=J Comp Pathol |volume=112 |issue=4 |pages=381–9 |year=1995 |pmid=7593760 |doi=10.1016/S0021-9975(05)80019-2]


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