LocalTalk-to-Ethernet bridge

LocalTalk-to-Ethernet bridge

A LocalTalk-to-Ethernet Bridge is a network bridge that joins the physical layer of the AppleTalk networking used by previous generations of Apple Computer products to an Ethernet network.

Some LocalTalk-to-Ethernet Bridges only performed Appletalk bridging. Others were also able to bridge other protocols. For example: TCP/IP in the form of MacIP


Hardware devices:
* Asante AsanteTalk
* Cayman Systems GatorBox
* Farallon EtherPrint
* Farallon StarRouter
* Kinetics FastPath - in later years, available from Shiva Networks
* Transware EtherWay
* Webster Computer Corporation MultiGate
* Webster Computer Corporation MultiPort/LT

Software in MacTCP era (<1995):
* Apple IP Gateway from Apple Computer [ [http://hyperarchive.lcs.mit.edu/HyperArchive/Archive/info/sft/apple-ip-gateway.txt Apple IP Gateway press release] ]
* SuperBridge/TCP from Sonic SystemsSoftware in Open Transport era (>1995):
* Internet Gateway from Vicomsoft
* IPNetRouter from Sustainable Softworks
* LocalTalk Bridge from Apple Computer


External links

* [http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=17476 Apple Knowledge Base article on LocalTalk Bridge v2.1]
* [http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macos/353 LocalTalk Bridge v2.1 download]
* [http://www.sustworks.com/site/prod_ipr_overview.html Sustainable Softworks IPNetRouter]
* [http://www.webstercomputer.com/products/MLTGuide01.html Webster MultiPort/LT guide]
* [http://www.asante.com/products/CardsAdapters/AsanteTalk.asp Asante AsanteTalk]
* [http://groups.google.com/group/comp.sys.apple2/browse_frm/thread/1c748fa1032249be/dc11d96f28872330?hl=en#dc11d96f28872330 Usenet post regarding successful use of the AsanteTalk bridge with an Apple IIgs]

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