Doug Thompson

Doug Thompson

Doug Thompson is a councillor in the city of Ottawa for the Osgoode Ward. Thompson is also the former mayor of Osgoode Township prior to the amalgamation with the new City of Ottawa, and he is a Councillor with the amalgamated City of Ottawa Council for Osgoode Ward. Prior to being Mayor of Osgoode Township, Mr Thompson was a councillor for the municipality. In the first election for Councillor of Ottawa, he had several contenders, but won by a large margin. During the second election, he was acclaimed. Mr Thompson has also held the occupation of teacher for 35 years before retiring. He lives in Greely, Ontario where he has lived since 1967.

He graduated from Carleton University, with a degree in History and Political Science.

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Of all the winning candidates of the 2006 municipal elections, Mr. Thompson had the highest percentage of donations coming from corporations (81.9%).[1] He has been nominated for city Councillor in the Ottawa municipal election, 2010.[2] He will be contested by Mark Scharfe & Bob Masaro.

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