President of Azerbaijan

President of Azerbaijan

The country of Azerbaijan is a presidential republic, with the President of Azerbaijan as the head of state, and the Prime Minister of Azerbaijan as head of government. The current President of Azerbaijan is İlham Aliyev.

The Constitution states that the president will be the embodiment of executive power, commander-in-chief, " [representative of Azerbaijan] in home and foreign policies", and that he "shall have the right of immunity [from prosecution] ." The president rules through his office (the Office of the President), consisting of a group of secretaries and departmental ministers. Additionally, there is a Cabinet of Ministers (regarding economic and social policy) and a Security Council (regarding foreign, military, and judicial matters). İlham Aliyev was elected President in 2003. He succeeded his father, Heydar Aliyev who became president in 1993 after the overthrow of Abülfaz Elçibay.

Leaders of Azerbaijan since 1918

Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (1918-1920)

Chairman of the National Council

*Memmed Emin Aga ogly Resulzade (28 May - 7 December 1918)

Chairman of Parliament

*Alimardanbey Topchubashov (7 December 1918 - 27 April 1920)

Transcaucasian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (1922-1936) and Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic (1936-1991)

First secretaries of the Azerbaijani Communist Party

*Mirza Davud Bagir ogly Husseynov (12 February - 23 October 1920)
*Grigory Naumovich Kaminsky (23 October 1920 - June 1921)
*Sergey Mironovich Kirov (June 1921 - 1925)
*Aliheydar Kerim ogly Karayev (January 1926 - 4 August 1929)
*Nikolay Fyodorovich Gikalo (5 August 1929 - 5 August 1930)
*Vladimir Ivanovich Polonsky (5 August 1930 - February 1933)
*Ruben Gukasovich Rubenov (February - December 1933)
*Mir Dzhafar Abas ogly Bagirov (December 1933 - April 1953)
*Mir Teimur Mir Alekper ogly Yakubov (April 1953 - 12 February 1954)
*Imam Dashdemir ogly Mustafayev (17 February 1954 - 6 June 1959)
*Veli Yusif ogly Akhundov (6 July 1959 - 14 July 1969)
*Heydar Alirza ogly Aliyev (14 July 1969 - 3 December 1982)
*Kyamran Mamed ogly Bagirov (3 December 1982 - 21 May 1988)
*Abdul Rahman Khalil ogly Vezirov (21 May 1988 - 20 January 1990)
*Ayaz Niyazi ogly Mutalibov (24 January 1990 - 14 September 1991)

Republic of Azerbaijan (1991-Present)


*Ayaz Niyazi ogly Mutalibov (18 May 1990 - 6 March 1992) (1st time)
*Yagub Kavad ogly Mamedov (6 March - 14 May 1992) (acting)
*Ayaz Niyazi ogly Mutalibov (14 May - 18 May 1992) (2nd time)
*Isa Yunis ogly Gambarov (19 May - 16 June 1992 (acting)
*Abulfez Kadyrgula ogly Elchibey (16 June 1992 - 1 September 1993)
*Heydar Alirza ogly Aliyev (24 June 1993 - 31 October 2003) (acting to 10 October 1993 (for Elcibey to 1 September 1993))
*Ilham Heydar ogly Aliyev (31 October 2003 - Present)

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