Makedoniya (newspaper)

Makedoniya (newspaper)

"Makedoniya" ( _bg. Македония) was a Bulgarian newspaper edited and published by Petko Slaveykov in Istambul with aim to help the foundation of an independent Bulgarian Church. Started in 1866, "Makedoniya" was one of the first Bulgarian newspapers and among the most popular at the time; it published news items, articles and discussion papers in the Bulgarian language and sometimes in the Greek language. It was stopped from printing in 1872 after the creation of the Bulgarian Exarchate. In 1990 another newspaper was started in Bulgaria under the same name by the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (IMRO) party and this latest incarnation is still published today.

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* Makedonia (newspaper), newspaper in Greece.
* Nova Makedonija (newspaper), newspaper in the Republic of Macedonia.

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