List of characters in the Halloween film series

List of characters in the Halloween film series

The following are fictional characters in the American "Halloween" film series.


Annie Brackett

Annie Marie Brackett appears in "Halloween" and "Halloween II", played by Nancy Kyes Loomis. In Rob Zombie's 2007 remake, she is portrayed by "Halloween" saga veteran Danielle Harris.

Annie is one of Laurie Strode's best friends. She is known to be wild like her other friend Lynda Van Der Klok. She is perhaps Laurie's closest friend. She falls victim to Michael Myers after babysitting for Lindsey Wallace on Halloween night. Her boyfriend's name is Paul Freedman. She is the daughter of Haddonfield's Sheriff, Leigh Brackett. Her mother is never revealed by name or on-screen. The clues about her mother are that she ends dinner at about 06:00 or 6:30 PM, owns a late-1970's red Monte Carlo, and is a house-wife.

On the night of Tuesday October 31, 1978, Annie was planning on meeting with her boyfriend Paul (who is actually voiced by John Carpenter). However, Michael was planning something different. While Annie was babysitting Lindsey, she spilled popcorn butter all over her shirt and had to take it to the laundry room, which was separate from the rest of the house. In a memorable and suspenseful scene, Michael locks her in the laundry room without her knowing that he is there. However, she is saved when Paul calls, and asks Lindsey to go get Annie, who is in an awkward position with her buttocks sticking out in the air.

Her luck runs out eventually, when after preparing to leave, she finds the door is locked and she realizes she forgot her keys to the car. While she is off getting her keys, Michael breaks into the car. When she comes back, she unintentionally opens the door and gets in. Annie then finds the windows are all fogged up. Michael sits up in the backseat and begins to strangle her, as she gasps for breath he slits her throat, killing her. Her corpse is later seen sprawled out on a bed with the headstone of Judith Myers, Michael's murdered sister.

She is briefly seen at the beginning of "Halloween II", as her corpse is taken out of the house she was last seen in.

In the 2007 remake, where Danielle Harris plays Annie; Annie is Lindsey's babysitter and Laurie's friend. In the remake Annie the difference is that she survives (as far as seen) this movie. What does not happen in the original is that Paul actually appears, but is grabbed from behind by Michael and killed right in the middle of having sex with Annie and Michael then brutally beats her and leaves her as bait for Laurie. Annie is last seen when Laurie and Lindsey walk into her house to see Annie sprawled, half-naked, on the floor, barely alive, with Paul hanging from a rope with a pumpkin carving rammed over his head. Michael goes after Laurie and Lindsey who manage to call the police and run out with Michael right behind them. Sheriff Brackett and some other police officers arrive and take her off. In the DVD of the remake, Danielle Harris mentions that she does not die.

heriff Leigh Brackett

Leigh Grant Brackett was born to Mr. Brackett and Mrs. Brackett in the late 1930s. He appeared to be helping Dr. Samuel J. Loomis in searching for Michael Myers in "Halloween". He also searched for him in "Halloween II" until he saw his daughter's death. He was then excluded from the story, he is once mentioned in "". An officer tells Loomis that Brackett retired in '81 and moved south.

He is played by Brad Dourif in Rob Zombie's remake of "Halloween" where is first name is spelled "Lee".

In the comic book "Halloween II: The Blackest Eyes" (which is a part of a series attempting to bridge the events of ' and ') Sheriff Brackett reappears, having obtained copies of the private journals of Sam Loomis, which reveal large portions of the Myers family history; Brackett is apparently killed by the Cult of Thorn in the comics for knowing too much, with Tommy Doyle being framed for his murder.

Will Brennan

Will Brennan appears in "Halloween H20" and is played by Adam Arkin. A guidance counsellor at Hillcrest Academy, he has a romantic relationship with headmistress Keri Tate, aka Laurie Strode. Although he is aware that Keri has a troubled past, he is surprised when she reveals her true identity and admits that infamous serial killer Michael Myers is her brother. Will helps Keri look for her son John, and is stabbed in the back and killed by Myers.


Rachel Carruthers

Rachel Carruthers appears in "Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers" and "Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers", played by actress Ellie Cornell. Rachel Carruthers is the only child of Richard and Darlene Carruthers. Little else is known about her life before late October 1988. However, through her own admission, Laurie Strode- Jamie's mother- did baby-sit her when she was younger. Because Rachel was about age eight in 1978, it is possible she was a classmate to both Tommy Doyle and Lindsey Wallace.

In November 1987, Jamie's parents Laurie Strode and Jimmy Lloyd were (apparently) killed in an automobile accident. Laurie's friends Richard and Darlene became Jamie's foster parents. Rachel is older than Jamie by nine years and became a surrogate sister to her.

At 4:00 AM on Monday October 31, 1988, Rachel sees Jamie is again wide awake in the living room. This is the fourth night the young girl has had difficulty sleeping. Rachel insists that Jamie return to bed. Jamie questions if Rachel loves her. Rachel answers that she does indeed love her. But Jamie wonders if her adoptive sister loves her as a real sibling. Rachel admits that she and Jamie are not real sisters, but that she does not love her any less because of that.

At first, she sees Jamie as a problem to her plans with her boyfriend Brady. Throughout the movie, Rachel takes Jamie out to pick an outfit to go trick-or-treating in (which happens to be a clown costume which looks very much like the one her uncle wore), flirts with Brady, and eventually protects Jamie from her uncle and seeming assists in killing him.

The character of Rachel only makes a quick appearance in "" before being killed off and having her role as Jamie's protector taken over by her friend Tina. At the beginning of the movie, Michael stalks Rachel around her house after she gets out of the shower and eventually kills her by stabbing her in the chest with a pair of scissors. Near the end of the movie, Rachel's body makes one final appearance in the attic that Michael chases Jamie into. Ellie Cornell did not initially plan on returning as Rachel in Halloween 5 but agreed to with the understanding that her character would be killed off early in the film. She requested that the writers change her form of death. Originally, Michael was to shove scissors down her throat, but Miss Cornell felt that ending her character in this way would have been too gruesome. In the finished film, she is instead stabbed in her left breast just below her shoulder.

Dr. Dan Challis

Dr. Daniel "Dan" Challis appears in "" and is played by Tom Atkins. Challis is a hardworking doctor struggling with relationships with his ex-wife and two kids. On October 23rd, a man named Harry Grimbridge was brought into the hospital that Challis works at trembling with fear and clutching a popular Halloween mask. Grimbridge was killed that night in his sleep by an unidentified man who blows himself up in a car. Challis is confronted the next day in a bar by Harry Grimbridge's daughter, Ellie. He tells her about the strange events of the previous night and shows her the exact mask he was holding.

Working with Ellie, Dr. Challis traces the mask back to Silver Shamrock novelties in Santa Mira. While in Santa Mira, Ellie mysteriously disappears and Challis is captured by Cochran's androids while on the run. Challis discovers Cochran's plan to kill millions of children on Halloween Night using his masks. He finds out that the Silver Shamrock trademarks on every mask contain a computer chip and a small fragment of Stonehenge. On Halloween night, a commercial will air activating the computer chip causing the mask wearer's head to dissolve and spew with insects and snakes. Cochran shows this to Challis in his demonstration in which he kills the Kupfer family.

Challis escapes captivity in Cochran's factory and rescues someone he believes to be Ellie. He destroys Cochran and the factory by dumping the Silver Shamrock trademarks everywhere and airing the commercial that will activate the computer chips inside. However, when Challis is returning home, he is attacked by the android that he thought was Ellie. He escapes the android after a grueling battle and runs to a nearby gas station where he tries to convince the station managers not to air the Silver Shamrock commercial. He persuades them to take it off channels one and two, but not the third. Challis is last seen yelling, "Turn it off! Stop it! Stop it!"

Marion Chambers

Marion Chambers was born in 1945. She makes her first appearance in "Halloween" as she drives Sam Loomis to Smith's Grove. As Dr. Loomis walks out, Michael Myers attacks her and planned to kill her but was unsuccessful as she ran into the rain. Nothing more is known about her in the first film. She does appear in "Halloween II". She escorts Dr. Loomis to a Marshall's car and tells him that Laurie Strode is related to Myers. They turn around and head to the hospital. As Dr. Loomis finds Laurie and shoots Myers, he tells Marion to go get the police while he and the Marshall try to help Laurie. After Myers kills the Marshall and the explosion, Marion escorts Laurie to an ambulance. She next appears in "Halloween H20" as Michael kills her in the film's first act.

Conal Cochran

Conal Cochran appears as the main antagonist in "" played by Dan O'Herlihy. He is the owner of Silver Shamrock Novelties and devises a plan to kill children using his popular Halloween masks. At the end of the film he was apparently vaporized by his own magic. However, because of the Ellie android and that only one commercial is left on the air, it is possible that Cochran survived and the magic instead tranport him to an uncertain location. Professor Nicholas Rogers describes Cochran as "the ultimate Halloween sadist, the malevolent predator on the lives of innocent children, transforming their masks into deadly weapons of destruction." [Nicholas Rogers, "Halloween: From Pagan Ritual to Party Night" (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002), 122.]


Tommy Doyle

Tommy Doyle is a recurring character in the "Halloween" series. In the original "Halloween" film, he is an eight year old boy (Brian Andrews) being babysat by Laurie Strode alongside Lindsay Wallace. Tommy is afraid of the "boogeyman" and constantly asks questions about him to Laurie, who claims he does not exist. When he sees Michael Myers across the street at the Wallace house, Tommy believes him to be the boogeyman, but Laurie continually dismisses his concerns. Laurie eventually goes over to the Wallace house to check on Anne and Lynda and is attacked by Michael. Running back to the Doyle house, Laurie screams at Tommy to wake up and unlock the door, and he does so just in time. Laurie eventually sends Tommy and Lindsay to find help, and their screams alert Dr. Loomis to Michael's location.cite video|people=Carpenter, John (Writer/Director) and Debra Hill (Writer)|title=Halloween|medium=DVD|location=United States|publisher=Compass International Pictures|year=1978] "Halloween II" briefly features Tommy in footage from the first film,cite video|people=Rosenthal, Rick (Director), John Carpenter, and Debra Hill (Writers)|title=Halloween II|medium=DVD|location=United States|publisher=Universal Pictures|year=1981] but the character does not reappear fully until the sixth film. In "Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers", a twenty-five year old Tommy (Paul Stephen Rudd) is a disturbed individual who is obsessed with Michael Myers. He theorises that Michael's obsession with killing his family members stems from the Curse of Thorn, and vows to protect Jamie Lloyd's baby, the latest in the Myers bloodline. This leads him to the Smith's Grove Sanitarium, where he and Dr. Loomis uncover the Cult of Thorn. Tommy battles Michael Myers, beating him with a pipe, and escapes with baby Stephen, Kara, and Danny Strode.cite video|people= Chappelle, Joe (Director) and Daniel Farrands (Writer)|title=|medium=DVD|location=United States|publisher=Miramax Films|year=1995] Skyler Gisondo plays Tommy in Rob Zombie's remake of "Halloween", in which he plays a similar role as he does in the original, questioning Laurie about the boogeyman.cite video|people= Zombie, Rob (Writer/Director)|title=Halloween|medium=DVD|location=United States|publisher=Dimension Films|year=2007]

Tommy also appears in the Chaos Comics comic book "Halloween", which puts him in the role of protagonist. Following on from "The Curse of Michael Myers", Tommy vows to kill Michael Myers once and for all after receiving the journals of Dr. Loomis. The sequel, "Halloween II: The Blackest Eyes", sees him team up with Sheriff Brackett to battle Michael and the Cult of Thorn. In the conclusion, "Halloween III: The Devil's Eyes", Tommy escapes Smith's Grove after being blamed for Michael's killings, and finds Lindsay Wallace, who is now a reporter in Chicago. Together, they go through the journals of Dr. Loomis and find out more about the history of the Myers family. Michael eventually attacks Tommy and Lindsay, but they fight back and remove his mask to reveal Laurie Strode. Laurie, having gone mad following the events of "Halloween H20", murders Tommy with a shard of glass before being committed to Smith's Grove herself. [cite web|url=|title=Halloween — Michael Myers comic book titles|publisher=Movie Maniacs Comic Books|accessdate=2008-05-22]

Daniel Farrands, writer of "The Curse of Michael Myers", compares Tommy's arc in that film to Laurie Strode's in "Halloween H20": that of a traumatised victim who must stop running and face their worst fear. He claims that this was supposed to be more obvious, with flashbacks to the original film, but the development of the film resulted in many of those scenes being lost. Farrands says that he brought Tommy back as a way of bridging the gap between the sequels and the first film. His intent was for Tommy to be the successor to Dr. Loomis, to act as a "voice of sanity ... a kind of modern Van Helsing, the fearless Michael hunter!", a role he believed was missing from the later films "H20" and "Resurrection".cite web|url=|title=Daniel Farrands interview|publisher=Icons of Fright|date=2005|accessdate=2008-06-01]


Ellie Grimbridge

Ellie Grimbridge is a character from "" who works with Dr. Dan Challis after the mysterious death of her father, Harry Grimbridge. Towards the end of the film, Ellie disappears and Challis steals a cyborg which he mistakes for Ellie. It is unclear what the real Ellie's fate is. She was played by Stacey Nelkin.


Freddie Harris

Freddie Harris is a character in "Halloween Resurrection", played by Busta Rhymes. In the film, Freddie is the co-creator of a web based reality horror series entitled "Dangertainment," in which teens are fitted with video cameras and challenged to spend the night in a frightening or "haunted" location in exchange for a cash prize. A cutting edge program, Freddie hopes that he will become rich off of his ventures.

Despite facing seemingly-certain death at several points throughout the film, Freddie is in fact one of only two characters in the film to survive Myers' killing spree. Early in the film, while dressed as Myers, Freddie confronts the real killer, who appears ready to dispatch of him. However, Freddie mistakes Myers for another crew member, and verbally berates him for ruining the prank (if two Myers' are visible, the contestants will obviously know that it's a gag perpetrated by the crew members).In the process, Freddie tells Myers that he should be in the garage with Nora and that the door leading there was left unlocked. Myers then simply walks away from Freddie without killing him, going after Nora instead.

Towards the end of the film, Freddie and Sara are the last ones alive. Here Freddie shows a more heroic side of his personality when his first reaction to seeing Michael is to attack him and protect Sara. As before he seemed to be a man who was looking for fame and fortune in Dangertainment; while also conning Sara into staying on the show. After he successfully hung Michael from a camera wire, he was surprised and stabbed in the shoulder, which he apparently froze up from and looked like he was killed. When Sara is locked in a shed with Myers advancing on her, Freddie bursts through the door and attacks the killer with a shovel. While ultimately unsuccessful in this effort, he does buy them some time. Myers confronts Freddie and raises his knife; however, Freddie, thinking quickly, unplugs wires from a nearby circuit breaker and electrocutes Michael Myers.

After Freddie taunts Michael as he burns alive, he and Sara escape the shed. And Freddie announces that Dangertainment is finished. His future ventures remain unknown.



Jimmy was born in 1958. He has one younger brother named Ziggy who was a classmate of Laurie Strode. He first and only appears in "Halloween II" as an EMT at Haddonfield Hospital. He also takes an interest in Laurie. As Mr. Garret, Budd Jones, Nurse Karen Bailey, Dr. Mixter, and Nurse Janet Marshall are dead, he and Nurse Jill Franco try to find Laurie in the hospital as Michael Myers searches the halls for Laurie also. As Jimmy sees Mrs. Alves dead body, he slips on her blood and falls unconscious. When Jill is dead and Laurie hiding after being chased from Myers, he sees and tries to help Laurie but falls unconscious. It is not officially confirmed onscreen if he lived or died, though the television version does reveal him to be still alive. Jimmy is set to appear in the Halloween comic, "The First Death of Laurie Strode," though he's not the father of John Tate or Jamie Lloyd.

Ronnie Jones

"Ronnie" Jones is a character in the movie, "Halloween H2O." He is a protagonist in the film, being one of the few survivors. He is seen trying to save Laurie from Michael Myers, but is unsuccessful as Michael Myers pins him to a wall with a barbecue fork. While in this act, Laurie cries, but leaves, thus trying to escape from Michael Myers. Shockingly, Ronnie Jones survives the stab to the stomach and is later seen at the end of the movie, after Michael Myers is dead. Ronnie Jones is portrayed by LL Cool J


heriff Ben Meeker

Ben Meeker appears as Sheriff in "" as he replaces Sheriff Leigh Brackett. He was the father of Kelly Meeker. He tried to help Dr. Loomis find Michael Myers and protect Jamie Lloyd. After Myers invaded his home and killed two officers, his daughter, and her boyfriend. He was a part of the shotdown of Myers. He later tries to help Loomis and Jamie again in "Halloween 5". After the explosion, he is thought dead, as he is never seen again in the series.

ara Moyer

The survivor in "Halloween: Resurrection" along with Freddie Harris. She is best friends with Jen and Rudy.

Deborah Myers

Deborah Myers appears in the 2007 "Halloween" remake and is played by Sheri Moon Zombie. She is the mother of Judith and Michael Myers as well as the real mother of Laurie Strode. She does not know that her son is mentally unstable, nor that Michael kills animals as a habit. While working at a strip club, she misses seeing Michael killing her abusive boyfriend, Ronnie, Judith, and Judith's boyfriend, Steve. After this, Michael is put in custody; Deborah later witnesses her son attacking a nurse and killing her. When she returns home, Deborah commits suicide by shooting herself while watching old home videos of Michael.

In the original "Halloween" film, Deborah is named "Edith" and instead of committing suicide, she, along with Michael's real father, have died in an automobile incident.

Judith Margaret Myers

Judith Myers is the older teenage sister of Michael and Laurie; she is briefly seen in "Halloween" 1978 where after she has sex with her boyfriend, she is attacked by a young Michael and is stabbed numerous times and dies.

She can also be seen in Rob Zombie's 2007 remake. In this version, they go more into the Myers' past showing them as a dysfunctional family. She isn't a very good sister, and doesn't really seem to care for Laurie or Michael, but more worried about herself and boyfriend, Steven "Steve" Haley. On Halloween night, she blows off taking Michael trick or treating to be with Steve. After having sex, Steve goes downstairs to eat where he is beaten to death with a baseball bat by Michael. Then, Michael proceeds to go after Judith, who is sleeping and has her headphones on. Michael begins to touch her leg. She thinks its her boyfriend, not knowing he is dead already. She gets up, and realizes it is Michael after slapping him and asking "what the fuck are you doing?". She gets stabbed in the stomach. Surprised by the attack, she tries to escape, leaving the room and walking down the hall. He catches up to her, and stabs her again and again. She eventually falls down on the floor, and slowly dies drenched in blood.

In the novelization of the original "Halloween", Judith appears in a scene exclusive to the book; hours before murdering Judith, Michael goes trick-or-treating with a group of other children and stops at his own house. Answering the door when Michael knocks, Judith jokingly refuses to give him candy, asking what he and his friends will do to get some; Michael answers by stating "We'll kill you", shocking Judith and prompting her to ask "Who said that? Michael Myers--was that you?". Michael responds by saying "I'm not Michael Myers. I'm a clown".

In the one-shot comic book "Halloween" by Chaos! Comics, Judith appears in a flashback Michael has after finding a crime scene photo depicting her corpse. In the sequel to the comic, "Halloween II: The Blackest Eyes", Sheriff Brackett reveals to Tommy Doyle that he had once dated Judith, also stating that she was physically and possibly sexually abused by her father. In the four-issue comic miniseries "Halloween: Nightdance" by Devil's Due Publishing, Michael suffers a hallucination of Judith in the second issue of the miniseries ("The Silent Clown"); while in a carnival funhouse, Michael sees Judith in one the warped mirrors and, enraged at the sight of her, proceeds to shatter the mirror by punching it.

Michael Myers

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Bob Simms

Robert David Simms appears in John Carpenter's "Halloween" and Rob Zombie's 2007 remake both times as the boyfriend of Lynda Van Der Klok. In both versions, he is killed after having sex with Lynda and going to get her a beer when Michael attacks him and lifts him up against a wall and stabs him pinning him to the wall. He is portrayed by John Michael Graham in John Carpenter's "Halloween" and Nick Mennell in Rob Zombie's.

Danny Strode

Danny Strode appears in "Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers" and is played by Devin Gardner. Danny is the six year old second cousin of Laurie Strode and is living in the old Myers house with his mother, uncle, and grandparents. It is implied that his father is not in his life. He is befriended by Tommy Doyle, who lives across the street from him. Just like Michael, Danny begins to hear voices, and throughout the movie helps his mother and Tommy protect Jamie Lloyds newborn son Stephen from his great-uncle, Michael Myers.

Kara Strode

Kara Strode appears in "" and is played by Marianne Hagan. A cousin to Laurie Strode, she lives in the Myers house with her parents John and Debra Strode, and her son Danny. Kara meets Tommy Doyle, who warns her about Michael Myers, before finding her family murdered. She is kidnapped by the Thorn cult, but is rescued by Tommy.

Laurie Strode

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John Tate

John Tate is the son of Laurie Strode, nephew of Judith and Michael Myers, and also a younger brother to his deceased sister, Jamie Lloyd. He appears in . Michael came after him and his mother in 1998 when he was 17 years old, the same age Laurie was when Michael first attacked her. Michael came after him first and tried to kill John's girlfriend first before him. John was stabbed in the thigh, but survived. It is found out that Laurie has hid him somewhere safe where Michael won't find him. He is portrayed by Josh Hartnett.

amantha Thomas

Samantha 'Sammy' Thomas is best friends with Tina Williams, and is girlfriend to Spitz. She appears in Halloween 5. Whilst her and Spitz are trying to have sex in the abandoned barn, Michael stabs Spitz with a pitchfork, causing Samantha to scream, and attack Michael. As she attacks Michael with the pitchfork, he throws her in to the wall, and slices her with a scythe. Her corpse is later found by Tina.


Lynda Van Der Klok

Lynda Van Der Klok appears in both the original "Halloween" and the Rob Zombie remake in 2007. She appears in "Halloween" as Laurie Strode's best friend. She and her boyfriend, Bob Simms had planned to go with Annie Brackett and Paul Freedman to the Wallace house for an evening of sex and goofing off. She was strangled with a phone cord after Annie was killed and Bob was pinned to the wall with a large butcher knife by Michael Myers. She was played by P.J. Soles. She is played by Kristina Klebe in Rob Zombie's remake.

On the night of October 31, 1978, Lynda originally planned to meet up with Annie and Paul at the Wallace house for a night of fooling around and sex. Lynda doesn't know that Annie was killed by Michael Myers. After Lynda has sex with Bob, he goes downstairs to get beer. He is attacked by Michael, then pinned up against the wall by a knife. Michael then disguises himself as a ghost with a sheet over his head and Bob's glasses on. Lynda thinks it is Bob, but after teasing him and flashing him her breasts, he remains quiet. She gets up to call Laurie to see if she knows where Annie or Paul are. Michael walks to Lynda while she is still on the phone, and just when Laurie answers, Michael grabs the phone cord and wraps it around Lynda's neck, strangling her. Laurie can hear Lynda squealing for help, but thinks its another prank call. Lynda falls to the floor and dies. Laurie later discoves her body along with those of Annie and Bob.

In the 2007 remake, Lynda, an ex-cheerleader, is a wild, foul-mouthed teenage girl. She is best friends with Laurie and Annie. She comes across as cheerleader-esque, and is "all about opportunity" and has a big ego. She thinks of herself as the hottest cheerleader Haddonfield had before she got kicked off. On Halloween night she and her boyfriend Bob Simms go off to the now vacant Myers house for a fun wild night of sex, not knowing Michael is on the balcony watching them. After sex, Bob goes outside to his van to get more beer for her. He comes back inside dressed up as a ghost to surprise Lynda, but he is ambushed by Michael, pushed up against the wall and stabbed. Lynda, who couldn't hear a thing because she had music on, gets her cell phone and decides to call Laurie. After she talks to Laurie, Michael enters the room disguised as Bob, ghost costume and all. Lynda asks him for her beer, but he ignores her. Lynda keeps asking him, not knowing Bob is really Michael, but he finally puts his hand out with the beer. She is annoyed and gets up, fully nude, grabs the beer and begins to curse at 'Bob', still going on about how he is bad in bed. Michael takes off the ghost costume and begins to walk towards Lynda, who has her back to him and doesn't see him coming. He quickly grabs ahold of her neck, choking her until she falls down dead. Michael then carries her out. Later that night, Laurie discovers Lynda's naked corpse set up in front of Judith Myers' head stone and a jack o' lantern. She tries to help her and wake her up, not realizing she is dead.


Lindsey Wallace

Lindsey Wallace was born on April 4, 1970 to Mr. and Mrs. Wallace. She first appears in "Halloween" babysat by Annie Brackett, where she sits and watches "The Thing from Another World". After Annie leaves the Wallaces' house to go and pick up her boyfriend, Paul, she leaves Lindsey in the care of Laurie Strode, who is babysitting Tommy Doyle at his house. Before leaving to pick up her boyfriend, Annie is killed by Michael Myers. Lindsey is then seen asleep with Tommy while Laurie goes and checks on Annie, Paul, and her friends, Lynda and Bob. Lindsey and Tommy later open the door for Laurie as she is chased back into the house by the Shape. After locking themselves in the bathroom, Laurie being attacked twice, Laurie tells them to go to the Mackenzies' house. She appears in "Halloween II" in a recap of the first film's final moments.She had a small role in "" as a freind of Rachel Coruthers. She also appeared in Rob Zombie's remake. She was played by Kyle Richards in the first and second films, Leslie L. Rohland in the fourth film, and by Jenny Gregg Stewart in the remake.

Tina Williams

Tina Williams was born sometime in the seventies. She was best friends with Rachel Carruthers, Samantha Thomas, and Lindsey Wallace. Her boyfriend was Mike Gonland. As Jamie had thoughts and dreams of Michael Myers, Tina ignored her and went to a party with Samantha and Spitz looking for Mike. Mike had been murdered earlier by Michael Myers. She then went to the tower farm where Jamie and Billy Hill followed. After Samantha and Spitz were murdered, Tina saw Michael in the farm. She ran outside and saw two officers, dead. Michael went in his car and chased Jamie, Billy, and Tina in the woods. After they thought he died, he stabbed Tina, killing her.

Dr. Terence Wynn

Dr. Terence Wynn a.k.a. The Man in Black or Nurse Wynn (January 26, 1926 – October 31, 1995) is a fictional character in the "Halloween" film series. He was portrayed by Robert Phalen in "Halloween", Don Shanks in ', Mitchell Ryan in ' and by Sybil Danning in "Rob Zombie's Halloween"

Despite being the administrator of Smith's Grove - Warren County Sanitarium, Dr. Wynn only makes a short appearance in the first "Halloween" movie. In it, he is seen walking with Dr. Loomis towards his car. During the scene, Dr. Loomis expresses his anger that Michael Myers was able to escape from the facility the previous night. Dr. Wynn says that Michael couldn't have gotten far because he can't drive. Ironically, Dr. Loomis says " He was doing very well last night! Maybe, someone around here gave him lessons." This is a humorous exchange for fans that have watched the sixth movie in the series because it is revealed that Dr. Wynn has been watching over Michael since his incarceration and is probably the person who did teach Michael how to drive.

Although fans did not know it at the time, Dr. Wynn made his next appearance in the "Halloween" franchise in "Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers". In his role as Michael's guardian, Dr. Wynn leaves Smith's Grove for Haddonfield. In the climax of the movie, Dr. Wynn, as the Man in Black, blows away the entire Haddonfield police force with a machine gun and takes Michael and Jamie Lloyd back to the Smith's Grove sanitarium.

While hinted at in the previous film, the Cult of Thorn is greatly expanded upon in the sixth movie in the series. In this film, fans find out that Dr. Wynn is the head of a cult that cursed Michael into killing his whole family, thus explaining why he is in constant pursuit of his sister and niece. Also, it is shown that Wynn and Michael share the same Thorn tattoo. What happens to Dr. Wynn at the end depends on which version of the movie a person watches. In the theatrical cut, Michael beheads him in an operating room with other doctors from Smith's Grove. In the producer's cut, Tommy Doyle paralyzes Michael with rune stones. Later, Dr. Loomis approaches who he thinks is Michael Myers. Much to Loomis's surprise, Michael has switched clothes with Wynn and left him lying there while he (Michael) escapes. Loomis takes the mask off Wynn, a dying Wynn grabs Loomis's arm and says, "It's your game now, Dr. Loomis." Loomis then looks at his wrist and sees that the Thorn tattoo is now on his arm, symbolizing his new role as Michael's protector. Dr. Wynn is not featured in the subsequent films, which retcon the previous three films out of continuity and thus the Wynn/Thorn plotline.

In Rob Zombie's remake of the original film, Wynn also appears briefly, but is a female nurse not a male doctor. In the film, she is asked to watch a young Michael Myers while Dr. Loomis walks Mrs. Myers to her car. Wynn is not paying proper attention to Michael when he pulls a fork from his food tray and stabs her in the neck.

Dr. Wynn makes a cameo appearance in the comic "Halloween III: The Devil's Eyes", the final issue of Chaos! Comics's "Halloween" line of comics, which attempt to bridge "Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers" and "". Here, Dr. Wynn is shown running Smith's Grove, where Tommy Doyle is being held, after being framed for Sheriff Leigh Brackett's murder by the Cult of Thorn and deemed insane. Stating that Tommy has outlived his usefulness, Dr. Wynn and an orderly at the institute prepare to kill him and make the murder resemble suicide. As Dr. Wynn and his associate close in on Tommy in his cell, preparing to sedate him, Tommy fights back and beats the orderly unconscious and knocks Dr. Wynn aside, escaping afterwards. Dr. Wynn later kills the orderly, framing Tommy for the crime and also appears at the end of the comic, visiting Laurie Strode, who has gone insane, in Smith's Grove. No explanation is offered in the comic as to how Dr. Wynn survived his apparent death at the end of "Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers". Cite comic
Writer = Phil Nutman
Penciller = Justiniano
Inker = Walden Wong
Story = The Devil's Eyes
Title = Halloween
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Date = November, 2001
Publisher = Chaos! Comics


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