Ping (disambiguation)

Ping (disambiguation)

Ping is a computer network tool used to test whether a particular host is reachable across an IP network.

Ping may also refer to:


*Ping (blogging), used for blogs, RSS, and related web services
*Ping, a pulse of sound in active sonar
*Ping, one of the official pronunciations of PNG (Portable Network Graphics), a lossless bitmap image format

Fictional characters

*Ping, the title character in the children's book "The Story about Ping", by Marjorie Flack and Kurt Wiese
*Ping, a minor character in the NBC sitcom "Seinfeld"
*Ping, a character in the webcomic "Megatokyo"
*Ping, the character Fa Mulan takes on in the animated film "Mulan"
*Ping the Elastic Man, a comic strip character who first appeared in 1938


*Ping (video games), the network latency seen between a game player's computer and the game server (or another player)
*Ping, a slang term in sports for getting penalised in rugby or caught by the umpire and paid a free-kick in Australian rules football
*Ping or Pinging (noun, verb and adjective): The noise indicative of improper combustion in internal combustion engines
*Ping (verb), a slang term, derived from the network tool, meaning to check on or check with another person (used particularly in computer and other tech industries). Example: "Let me ping John to see why he hasn't dialed in to the meeting."

Other uses

*Ping, a traditional Chinese unit of area equal to about 3.305 square meters, roughly convert|36|sqft|m2. Its use is limited to real estate in Japan, Taiwan and Korea.
*Ping, an ability in the trading card game ""
*Ping project, an European Molecular Biology network (EMBnet) mean to evaluate network efficiency
*Ping River, a river in Thailand
*Ping (golf), a brand of golf club
*Guan Ping, the famous son of Guan Yu

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