Baroque (disambiguation)

Baroque (disambiguation)

Baroque may refer to:

*the Baroque period of the 17th century.
** Baroque architecture
** Baroque music
** Baroque painting
** Baroque sculpture
* Baroque pearl, a pearl of an irregular shape

In popular culture:

* Baroque chess, a chess variant
* Baroque Works, a criminal organization in "One Piece" manga and anime
* Colossal Baroque, a composition style from the 17th and 18th centuries
* Grande Baroque, a sterling silver tableware pattern
* New Trinity Baroque, an orchestra based in Atlanta, USA
* "The Baroque Beatles Book", novelty record album by Joshua Rifkin
* "The Baroque Cycle", a series of historical novels written by Neal Stephenson
* Trinity Baroque, a group of musicians
* "Baroque" (manga), a post-apocalyptic survival horror manga
* "Baroque" (video game), a RPG video game for the Sega Saturn, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, and Wii.
* Baroque, a song by Malice Mizer.

ee also

* 17th century
* Early Modern
* Neo-baroque
* Post-Baroque

Visual arts:

* Baroque illusionistic painting
* Contemporary Baroque Art

Baroque architecture
* Baroque Churches of the Philippines
* Edwardian Baroque architecture
* French Baroque architecture
* Petrine Baroque
* Earthquake Baroque

Baroque music:

* Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir
* Back in Baroque... The String Tribute to AC/DC
* Baroque (Japanese band)
* Baroque guitar
* Baroque Hoedown
* Baroque music
* Baroque orchestra
* Baroque pop
* Baroque Records
* Baroque trumpet
* Baroque violin
* English Baroque Soloists
* Grand Prix du Disque for Baroque Music
* Newport Baroque Orchestra
* Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra

Baroque period by region:

* Baroque in Poland
* Chinese Baroque
* Cossack baroque
* Dutch Baroque
* English Baroque
* French Baroque and Classicism
** German literature of the Baroque period
** Upper Swabian Baroque Route
* Naryshkin Baroque
* Sicilian Baroque
* Spanish Baroque
* Stalinist baroque
* Ukrainian Baroque

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