Amahuaca language

Amahuaca language

states=Perú, Brazil
speakers=220-250 (2,000 SIL)

Amahuaca is an indigenous American Panoan-family language spoken by several dozen people in the Amazon Basin in Perú but up to 130 and also in Brazil by 220 people. It is also known as Amawaka, Amaguaco, Ameuhaque, Ipitineri, and Sayaco. The most closely related languages are Cashinahua and Shipibo. It is an official language. There are 20 monolinguals. 30% are literate and 50% are literate in Spanish. Amahuaca uses a Latin based script. Schools are bilingual, but the language has a negative connotation. A dictionary has been developed along with grammar rules and bible portions.

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