Douglas Leahey

Douglas Leahey

Douglas Leahey is a meteorologist and air-quality consultant based in Calgary, Alberta [] . His main scientific specialization involves the air quality effects of natural-gas flaring.

Leahey is president of Friends of Science, a Canadian non-profit organization that presents itself as undertaking "a proactive grassroots campaign to counter the Kyoto Protocol and other greenhouse gas reduction schemes while promoting sensible climate change policy." His name was included in [ a list of 61 signatories] to an anti-climate-change petition sent in April, 2006 to Canada's Prime Minister.

Leahey has been criticized for Astroturfing on the behalf of the oil and gas industriesWho|date=December 2007.

Leahey has published studies involving climate modeling, the urban heat island effect, and ozone depletion [ [ A Model for Predicting the Depth of the Mixing Layer Over an Urban Heat Island with Applications to New York City] ] [ [ bservational evidence of ozone depletion by nitric oxide at 40 km downwind of a medium size city] ] .


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