HIV Superinfection

HIV Superinfection

HIV Superinfection is a condition in which a person with established human immunodeficiency virus infection acquires a second strain of the virus.cite journal |author=Smith DM, Richman DD, Little SJ |title=HIV superinfection |journal=J. Infect. Dis. |volume=192 |issue=3 |pages=438–44 |year=2005 |month=August |pmid=15995957 |doi=10.1086/431682 |url= |accessdate=2008-06-20] The second strain may cause more rapid disease progression or carry resistance to medicines. As of 2005 there were 16 cases reported in the worldwide literature.cite journal |author=Smith DM, Richman DD, Little SJ |title=HIV superinfection |journal=J. Infect. Dis. |volume=192 |issue=3 |pages=438–44 |year=2005 |month=August |pmid=15995957 |doi=10.1086/431682 |url= |accessdate=2008-06-20] People who have HIV are at risk for superinfection if they continue to share needles (if they are injecting drug users) or do not use condoms with other HIV-positive sexual partners.Fact|date=August 2007

In popular culture

*Has been parodied on "Saturday Night Live" as being called "¡SIDA Fantástico!" (Fantastic AIDS) in Spanish.


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