Illegal Records

Illegal Records
Illegal Records
Founded 1977
Founder Miles Copeland III, Stewart Copeland, Paul Mulligan
Status defunct since 1988
Genre Alternative rock, Punk rock
Country of origin United States

Illegal Records is a record label founded by Miles Copeland III with his younger brother Stewart Copeland and the manager of The Police, Paul Mulligan[1] in 1977. The label released The Police's debut single, Fall Out.[2]

Copeland went on to sign more artists and start several other indie sublabels including Deptford Fun City Records, Step-Forward Records and Total Noise Records. He also launched the foreign divisions, France & Netherlands, that released some of the same titles with different catalog numbers, and some exclusive titles as well.

In 1979, after Copeland started I.R.S. Records, Illegal became its distributor in UK & Europe. It continued its operations until 1988, when it merged its operations with I.R.S.


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