Gorakh Hill

Gorakh Hill


Gorakh Hill is a Hill Station of Sindh, Pakistan on the elevation of 6000 Ft. The Gorakh Hill is a developing hill station 93-Km away in the north west of Dadu District along with (Khuzdar) Balochistan border, it is highest point of Kirthar Mountains Range in Sindh and a unique adventure point for nature lovers. Gorakh is a gateway for local villagers of Khuzdar Balochistan, which travel for purchasing food and other life Utilities from Wahipandi, a small town at the foot of the mountain range.

Origin of Name

It is said that Great Indian Saint from medieval periods; Sri Gorakhnath ji had extensively wandered in these regions. That is why, many places are named after him. He wielded tremndous influence on people across all sects, castes, professions, classes. Such was his Yogic Power. Further discussion:-There are confusions about the name and historical background of Gorakh. It needs discussion in the light of different traditions and opinions. Locally it is stated that Gorakh is derived from Balochi word “Gurkh”. Actually Balochi word “Gurkh” is perversion of Persian word “Gurg” which means wolf. Regarding to this, it is said that Gorakh hill and its surroundings were abode of wolves. So, first it was called Gurkh and afterwards its pronunciation was changed as Gorakh. When we consider over this opinion, we can understand that, in the past wolves were not only in the area of Gorakh hill but those were also in the whole kheerthar range and its neighboring deserted area of Kachho. Therefore, it is not considerable and justified opinion for the name of Gorakh hill. Taj Sahrae, a renowned researcher and historian writes in his book “Lake Manchhar” that “Gorakh peak derives its name from one of the twenty four Tirathkarans of Jainism, Sri or Guru Gorakh Nath. According to Hindu mythology he is popularly known “Being an incarnation of Shiva and historically he is a yogi, who founded shiviate cult in 11th century A.D”. Further he writes that “before partition Hindu yogis generally used to visit this peak. On a way to it there is yet an other place of worship called tirath kumb. There was a small temple on the top of hill standing over that kumb (spring). Hindus generally visited the temple and kumb and performed their religious rituals”. (Page no: 149-50). Taj Sahrae has stated without any reference or quotation of any certified book. There are no remains or signs of any temple except the destroyed tomb of Miandad Fakir. Neither there was a temple nor history tells about the visit of yogis in this area. On other hand Tirath Kumb is far from Gorakh hill in its north-east on the bank of river Gaj. It is possible that before partition local Hindus might have visited and performed rituals just like tirath, but there is also no any historical confirmation about it. We think that most of our historians have followed the opinion of Taj Sahrae who, linked the nane of Gorakh with Sri or Guru Gorakh Nath. In this connection we should think over the origin and actual meaning of Sindhi word “Gorakh”. In Jam-e-Sindhi lughaat volume five by Dr: NA Baloch, published by Sindhi Adabi Board Jamshoro, the given meanings of word Gorakh are: a difficult, a labyrinth, a tangled, unsolvable problem, highest, biggest etc (page no: 2356). Meanwhile Sindhi to English dictionary by Permanand Mevaram published by Institute of Sindhology, Jamshoro has used English words: “intricate and difficult” for the meaning of word Gorakh. (Page no: 473). In the light of the above basic meaning of Sindhi word Gorakh;it is hypothesized that in origin the name of Gorakh hill is derived from Sindhi word gorakh. Having difficult tracks, curvy and dangerous ways, labyrinth ascents or inclines and intricate passes like Khawal, it is too difficult to reach or cross the Gorakh hill. The local people might have named it in the background of meaning of Sindhi word gorakh. So we think that Gorakh hill was named in the background of basic meaning of Sindhi word Gorakh.(Added by Aziz Kingrani, Johi,Dadu.)

How To Get There

Dadu city is the base camp for outside travelers, they can reach Dadu from two different sides one from Indus highway and other from National highway. They can stay in Dadu in local hotels offering only local cuisine. From Dadu travelers can hire a 4wd jeep for traveling to Gorakh Hill.

Where To Stay

At Gorakh Hill, there's a small Rest House open for travelers. And they can also camp at Gorakh Hills.


The Gorakh Hill is a rocky area similar to Gilgit areas. In the summer season temperature ranges between a maximum of 25C in day time to 5C at night. Temperatures during winters are well bellow zero with occasional snow fall.

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