Tombo Ati

Tombo Ati

Tombo Ati is a traditional Javanese song composed by Sunan Bonangcite web|url= | accessdate=2007-01-10 | title=Berdakwah dengan Tembang 'Tombo Ati' | publisher=Republika ] , one of Wali Sanga . This song is based one of famous hadith of prophet MuhammadFact|date=April 2007. The song is about a Muslim's ways of gaining spiritual peace and tranquility, through tahajjud, reciting the Qu'ran, fasting, gathering with pious people, and in constant remembrance of Allah Most High, all of which are considered to be "Remedies for the Heart".

This song is still being taught at pesantrens, and has been sung, recorded and released by several Indonesian singers.


The lyric of this song was written in vernacular Javanese languages. There are several modern adaptations, but a common version is:

Javanese text

:Tombo Ati iku limo perkorone:Kaping pisan moco Kuran lan maknane:Kaping pindo sholat wengi lakonono:Kaping telu wong kang soleh kumpulono:Kaping papat kudu weteng ingkang luwe:Kaping limo dzikir wengi ingkang suwe::Salah sawijine sopo iso ngelakoni:Mugi-mugi Gusti Allah nyembadani

English Translation

:Remedies of heart, there are five of it:the First, read Quran and understand its meaning:the Second, prayer at night, do it:the Third, make your companion a pious person:the Fourth, keep your stomach hungry (i.e fasting regularly):the Fifth, remember your Lord at night constantly::One of it, anyone who can do it:may Allah almighty fulfill his wish

One of the key messages in this song is that in order to gain spiritual peace, someone must follow the guidance of God.


Five centuries after its composition, this song is still one of the most popular traditional Javanese songs. Its popularity also spread to mostly Muslim Indonesian region such as Sumatracite web|url=
title=130 Ribu Siswa Ikut Pesantren Ramadhan
publisher=Cahaya Ramadhan
] . Islamic song contests, in Indonesia often use it as mandatory song. cite web|url=
title=Alunan Nada Islami
publisher=Pikiran Rakyat
] Due to its spiritual contents, pesantrens often teach it, particularly in traditional inland parts of Java. cite web|url=
title=Kiyai, Anekdot, Sastra dan Puisi

Indonesian singer has many times re-released it as modern religious song, often accomopanied with Indonesian translation. One of the latest adaptations, on the album 'Istighfar' by Opick, has sold at least 180,000 copies.cite web|url=
title="Tombo Ati" Meledak
publisher=Suara merdeka
] Another adaptation, by Emha Ainun Nadjib, is also famous. This song is especially popular during the holy month of Ramadan. cite web|url=
title=Dari Musik Rock ke Tombo Ati


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