:"For the musical term, see Roulade (music)":"For the parkour movement, see Parkour"The word Roulade originates from the French "rouler" meaning "to roll". [ [ roulade - Definitions from ] ] Typically , a roulade is a European dish consisting of a slice of meat rolled around a filling, such as cheese, vegetables, or other meats. A roulade, like a braised dish, is often browned then covered with wine or stock and cooked. Such a roulade is commonly secured with a toothpick or metal skewer, piece of string or spinach. [ [ roulade Definition in the Food Dictionary at ] ] The roulade is then sliced into rounds and served. Of this common form, there are several notable dishes:
*Braciole, Italian roulade consisting of beef, pork or chicken usually filled with Parmesan cheese, bread crumbs and eggs

*Paupiette, French veal roulade filled with vegetables, fruits or sweetmeats

*Rouladen, German and Hungarian beef roulade filled with onions, bacon and pickles.

The second most common form of roulade consists of a souffle-type mixture baked in a flat pan rolled around a filling. Appropriate to the meaning of the word however, a roulade may refer to any such "rolled" dish, such as sushi, and is not limited strictly to the European dishes.


Roulades can be sweet as well as savoury. The second most common form of roulade consists of sponge cake or cake baked in a flat pan rolled around a filling. Cake rolled around jelly, chocolate buttercream, nuts or other fillings, is an example of a sweet roulade like the cake Bejgli or the Swiss roll.

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