Canadian Forces base

Canadian Forces base

A Canadian Forces Base or CFB (French Base des forces canadiennes or BFC) refers to a military installation of the Canadian Forces. For a facility to qualify as a Canadian Forces Base, it must station one or more major units (eg. army regiments, navy ships, air force wings).

Minor installations are named Canadian Forces Station or CFS (French Station des forces canadiennes or SFC). A Canadian Forces Station could host a single minor unit (eg. an early warning radar station). Many of these facilities are now decommissioned for administrative purposes and function as detachments of a larger Canadian Forces Base nearby.



* CFB Borden, Ontario
* CFB Edmonton, Alberta
* CFB Gagetown, New Brunswick
* CFB Kingston, Ontario
* CFB Montreal, Quebec
* CFB Petawawa, Ontario
* CFB Suffield, Alberta
* CFB Shilo, Manitoba
* CFB Valcartier, Quebec
* CFB Wainwright, Alberta


* CFB Esquimalt, British Columbia
* CFB Halifax, Nova Scotia
* CFS St. John's, Newfoundland

Air force

Note: Primary lodger units at air force bases are wings.

* CFB Bagotville (3 Wing), Quebec
* CFB Borden (16 Wing), Ontario
* CFB Comox (19 Wing), British Columbia
* CFB Cold Lake (4 Wing), Alberta
* CFB Dundurn/Det Dundurn (Detachment of 17 Wing), Saskatchewan
* CFB Gander (9 Wing), Newfoundland
* CFB Goose Bay (5 Wing), Labrador
* CFB Greenwood (14 Wing), Nova Scotia
* CFB Kingston (1 Wing), Ontario
* CFB Moose Jaw (15 Wing), Saskatchewan
* CFB North Bay (22 Wing), Ontario
* CFB Shearwater (12 Wing), Nova Scotia
* CFB Trenton (8 Wing), Ontario
* CFB Winnipeg (17 Wing), Manitoba

Air Command and CF Northern Area also maintain a chain of Forward Operating Locations at various points across northern Canada, capable of supporting fighter operations. Elements of CF-18 squadrons periodically deploy to these FOLs for short training exercises or Arctic sovereignty patrols.

All services

* Department of National Defence Headquarters, Ottawa, Ontario
* CFS Alert, Nunavut
* CFS Leitrim, Ontario
* CFNA HQ Whitehorse, Yukon Territory
* CFNA HQ Yellowknife, Northwest Territories


Former active bases

* CFB Calgary, Alberta
* CFB Griesbach, Alberta
* CFB Namao, Alberta
* CFB Chilliwack, British Columbia (Redesignated as ASU Chilliwack)
* CFB Winnipeg (Kapyong Barracks), Manitoba
* CFB Chatham, New Brunswick
* CFB Moncton, New Brunswick
* CFB Cornwallis, Nova Scotia
* CFB Clinton, Ontario
* CFB Downsview, Ontario (Redesignated as ASU Toronto or Denison Armoury, Houses 32 CBG HQ and other 32 CBG units)
* CFB London (Wolseley Barracks), Ontario
* CFB Mountainview, Ontario
* CFB Picton, Ontario
* CFB Rockcliffe, Ontario
* CFB Toronto, Ontario
* CFB Uplands, Ontario
* CFB Summerside, Prince Edward Island
* CFB St. Hubert, Quebec
* CFB St. Jean, Quebec
* CFB Baden-Soellingen, Germany
* CFB Lahr, Germany
* CFB Portage la Prairie, Manitoba
* CFB Rivers, Manitoba

Former active stations

* CFS Beaverlodge, Alberta
* CFS Penhold, Alberta
* CFS Aldergrove, British Columbia
* CFS Baldy Hughes, British Columbia
* CFS Holberg, British Columbia
* CFS Kamloops, British Columbia
* CFS Ladner, British Columbia
* CFS Masset, British Columbia
* CFS Beausejour, Manitoba
* CFS Churchill, Manitoba
* CFS Flin Flon, Manitoba
* CFS Gypsumville, Manitoba
* CFS Coverdale, New Brunswick
* CFS St. Margarets, New Brunswick
* CFS Barrington, Nova Scotia
* CFS Debert, Nova Scotia
* CFS Mill Cove, Nova Scotia
* CFS Newport Corner, Nova Scotia
* CFS Shelburne, Nova Scotia
* CFS Sydney, Nova Scotia
* CFS Gander, Newfoundland
* CFS Goose Bay, Labrador
* CFS Frobisher Bay, Nunavut
* CFS Armstrong, Ontario
* CFS Carp, Ontario
* CFS Cobourg, Ontario
* CFS Falconbridge, Ontario
* CFS Foymount, Ontario
* CFS Gloucester, Ontario
* CFS Lowther, Ontario
* CFS Moosonee, Ontario
* CFS Ramore, Ontario
* CFS Sioux Lookout, Ontario
* CFS Chibougamau, Quebec
* CFS Moisie, Quebec
* CFS Mont Apica, Quebec
* CFS Lac St. Denis, Quebec
* CFS Senneterre, Quebec
* CFS Alsask, Saskatchewan
* CFS Dana, Saskatchewan
* CFS Yorkton, Saskatchewan
* CFS Whitehorse, Yukon
* CFS Bermuda, Bermuda at Daniel's Head, 1963-1993
*Royal Canadian Naval Base, HMCS Somers Isles, Bermuda, 1944-1945

The Canadian Forces were reduced during the 1990s from a high of 90,000 personnel in the late 1980s to the present force levels. Coinciding with personnel and equipment reductions was the politically-controversial decision to close a number of bases and stations which were obsolete or created duplication.

A small number of these "closed" facilities have actually continued operating as before; however for reasons of cost and administrative efficiency (or in the case of radio and radar facilities - automation) they have been absorbed into other nearby bases and therefore do not qualify for a separate designation. For example, the CF Leadership and Recruit School at St. Jean, Quebec, is now a lodger unit of CFB Montreal, and the former CFS Masset is a detachment of CFS Leitrim. Other facilities are now used as training grounds for reserve/militia units.

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