The J. Peterman Company

The J. Peterman Company

company_name = The J. Peterman Company
company_type =
company_slogan = People want things that are hard to find. Things that have romance, but a factual romance, about them.
foundation = 1987, Lexington, Kentucky
location = Lexington, Kentucky
= key_people = John Peterman, Founders
industry = Retail & Interactive Media
products = Clothing and Home accessories
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The J. Peterman Company is a lifestyle brand that has been dedicated to delivering interesting and factual entertainment and products to its customers around the globe for more than 20 years through catalogs, retail and the Internet. The company's recently launched [ Peterman's Eye] is the company's first advertising-supported content site, dedicated to delivering a daily brief to curious minds around the world.


The J. Peterman Company was founded in 1987 by John H. Peterman. The company’s first product was an original horseman’s duster, promoted with a small ad in "The New Yorker". The company grew by offering distinctive lifestyle merchandise within catalogs that differed from other direct marketing at the time. The catalogs used long copy to explain the products, and illustrated these products with artwork as opposed to photographs. Pop culture became fascinated by this brand, its founder and the unique merchandise it offered.

In 1995, one of the most popular television series at the time, "Seinfeld", began to parody the owner, John Peterman, and the company by creating a fictitious humorous persona named Jacopo Peterman (i.e. J. Peterman). This character was played by John O'Hurley.

In 1997, the company raised private equity to execute a national retail expansion. In a period of less than a year, the company opened up retail stores in 8 major markets, including New York, Detroit, and San Francisco. The stores were successful but the growth was too fast for the company’s small operations. In 1999, the company was forced into bankruptcy. The company was purchased by Paul Harris Stores in 1999, without the future participation of its owner, John Peterman.

In 2000, John Peterman published a retrospective book, entitled, [ Peterman Rides Again] . The company that purchased The J. Peterman Company went bankrupt in 2000. In 2001, John Peterman purchased back his name, and restarted The J. Peterman Company. John O’Hurley became an investor when John Peterman restarted the company.

In 2008, one of the founder’s sons, Tim Peterman, left the interactive media world (EW Scripps Company, SSP) to become the new president of the company. John Peterman has moved to the role of Chairman (but still active).

References in Popular Culture

* In 1987, "The New Yorker" ad
* In 1992, Oprah claims catalog as "One of her favorites"
* In 1992, Recognized by Tom Peters for "Excellence and Passion"
* In 1995, "Seinfeld" introduces Jacopo Peterman (aka J. Peterman) to the series.
* In 1996, John Peterman awarded "Direct Marketer of the Year" by "Target Marketing" magazine
* In 1998, "Playboy" magazine featured, [ "20 Questions with John Peterman"] by Warren Kalbacker
* In 2000, John Peterman publishes book, " [ Peterman Rides Again] "
* In 2001, featured in "Time" magazine, [,9171,170816,00.html "Peterman Reboots"]
* In 2008, "Peterman's" Eye is launched
* In 2008, Tim Peterman becomes president of Company - [ Press Release]
* In 2008, book " [ Accidental Branding] " by [ David Vinjamuri] features The J. Peterman Company

External links

* [ The J. Peterman Company] · Official Website.
* [ Peterman's Eye] · A daily brief for curious minds.
* [ Accidental Branding] · Author - David Vinjamuri

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