Topeka Public Schools

Topeka Public Schools

Topeka Public Schools (officially Kansas Unified school district 501 and known locally as '5-O-1' and 'TPS') is an Inner city School District serving the City of Topeka. It is one of four school districts that serve the city of Topeka, the capital city of Kansas. Serving 13,505 students in the 2006-2007 school year, the district comprises 4 high schools, 7 middle schools, 21 elementary schools, and 4 other schools for students outside mainstream K-12 levels. It has the highest enrollment of all school districts in Shawnee County.

Topeka Public Schools is widely known for its role in the landmark Brown v. Board of Education school desegregation case.

Current Schools

High Schools

* Highland Park High School
* Hope Street Academy
* Topeka High School
* Topeka West High School

Middle Schools

* Chase Middle School
* Eisenhower Middle School
* French Middle School
* Hope Street Middle School
* Jardine Middle School
* Landon Middle School
* Robinson Middle School

Elementary Schools

* Avondale East Elementary School
* Avondale West Elementary School
* Bishop Elementary School
* Highland Park Central Elementary School
* Linn Elementary School
* Lowman Hill Elementary School
* Lundgren Elementary School
* McCarter Elementary School
* McClure Elementary School
* McEachron Elementary School
* Meadows Elementary School
* Quincy Elementary School
* Quinton Heights Elementary School
* Randolph Elementary School
* Ross Elementary School
* Scott Computer & Technology Magnet School
* Shaner Elementary School
* State Street Elementary School
* Stout Elementary School
* Whitson Elementary School
* Williams Science & Fine Arts Magnet School

Other Schools

* Adult Education Center at Kaw Area Technical School
* Capital City School
* Parkdale Preschool
* Sheldon Head Start

Current Facilities

Several buildings and facilities are operated by Topeka Public Schools in support of learning, including:
* McKinley L. Burnett Administrative Center
* Chandler Field, adjacent to former school building, used as a practice field
* Erickson Suite, a suite of 5 buildings on the former Kansas State Hospital grounds, hosting the USD 501 Campus Police, Hummer Sports Park management, and several program offices
* Holland Student Service Center
* Hummer Sports Park, a six-sport facility available for outside use as well as by TPS athletic programs
* Information Technology
* TPS Service Center

See also

* List of unified school districts in Kansas

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